My BIGGEST Closet Declutter & Reorganisation EVER! ~ Freddy My Love

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    Freddy My Love
      My BIGGEST Closet Declutter & Reorganisation EVER! ~ Freddy My Love

      Today I have a HUGE summer wardrobe/closet clear out and reorganisation! Hope you enjoy, don’t forget to subscribe LA VLOG- …

      Amber Hessels

        No one:

        Freddy: THIS is my favourite dress

        Kate Whiteside

          “look at all this pink don’t you just love it” ME HAHA

          Emma Pihlwret

            This video really helped me to get inspired to do a massive claerout in my wordrobe to❤️❤️

            Fashionista In pink

              Freddy’s videos are getting longer and longer and at first I was like do I have time for this, but then I realised, of course, the more Freddy, the better

              Fashionista In pink

                Omg this was my request! Best content ever I will never get bored

                Vivian Lucia

                  you’re always be my inspo🥰 hugs n kiss from mee😝


                    Please make a 60's inspired lookbook with those gorgeous clothes 😍😍

                    Jillian Dunne

                      Hey Freddy!

                      Where is that fleece you got in LA from? 🙂

                      Carys Morgan

                        3:16 – when that pink tutu came on the pile! 😂😉

                        Sophie Charlotte Art

                          Omg I also had that Primark faux fur jacket😆💕It was in stores like 5 years ago

                          Jemima Dinning

                            Where’s her top from😍!!


                              I find it painful for you to Chuck things that are soooo cute 🤩😩

                              Makeup byAbby


                                Teah Burden

                                  I love the shorts she's wearing in the video! Does anyone know where she got them?

                                  אורית המרשטיין

                                    Omg Freddy I like soo much your taste soo cute and elegant and u soo soo pretty and lovely ,love u

                                    farnaz fer

                                      Yes been waiting for an occasion wear clear out forever!

                                      Crystal Bejarano

                                        I love watching your videos!! You have helped me change my style and i love it so much!!

                                        Veronica Kreiman

                                          You got rid of 51 clothes!

                                          Jane Bockman

                                            Freddy literally reminds me of a freaking barbie!! love you girl <333

                                            Antonio Gomes

                                              We will never grow tired of these declutter/organization videos and by all means post whatever excites you – Passion is a treasure meant to be shared. Just some friendly encouragement.

                                              Jane Bockman

                                                any small youtubers looking to support each other? :))


                                                  I love this short/skirt you are wearing! Where did you get it?


                                                    Omg finally I found someone else who have the same bloating problems as me. I seriously thought I was the only one who bloat when they’re hungry. Everyone thought I was weird or they thought it just wasn’t possible because for most people it’s the opposite. Wow that’s crazy…

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