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      FREE STUFF BEAUTY GURUS GET | Unboxing PR Packages ... Episode 18

      WELCOME to another Episode of PR UNBOXING Madness! Hit the like button AND CHECK OUT GIVEAWAY DETAILS BELOW. xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before …


        Hey Guys … just found out about the next giveaway scam. If you receive an email inviting you to a "Google Hangout" with me, do not click the link, it's not me. xo's

        Jes Nizeti

          Because I absolutely LOVE you & I watch literally as many videos as I can between university and work. You are my break from study and I’d love to be glam!!

          Valérie Gauvin

            Wow so many stuff!!! Never had the chance to try any hi end product 🤪 Really happy to see James again 👍🏻 luv you guys 🥰

            Venla eerika

              I would like to win the giveaway becouse i love makeup and skincare but i don’t have that mutch makeup to play and have fun with💄


                Love your PR unboxing videos. I always laugh so much with you and James. I would so love to win the giveaway.. I can't really afford the high end brands, sticking only to drugstore, and I would really like to have a chance to try them out. Hope I win, but if I don't, congrats to who does.

                Maisie Perrin

                  I would love to win the giveaway because I always follow your channel and love your videos😘❤️

                  Mair Paris

                    I would love to win these products,I'm just starting to properly get into makeup,I already am obsessed with skincare and these products would be my dream 😍😍😍

                    Bodeen Jackson

                      Your videos have taught me so much about being confident when wearing make up. I never had the confidence to explore makeup but thanks to you, I was able to do my sisters make up for her wedding and it was a success. Can not thank you enough x


                        I would like to win because Iwould like to test new products and alot of those you can't find in Finland. 😊

                        Sarah Faye

                          Absolutely love watching these videos. It has gotten to where my fiancé has the notifications on too so he can watch to make sure he knows what I’m talking about!


                            I just cant get over how sweet You are Tati❤️ sending all my love

                            Barbara Hrast

                              So much fun! I'd like to win because I just can't get the products that you Americans can get. 🙂

                              Sidsel Nikolajsen

                                I would like to win because im an makeup addict aaaannnd loads of this isn 't avallible i Denmark ❤😊

                                Zainab Khan

                                  Hey tati love your channel i would like to win this giveaway because i have 3 little ones so i cant spend much on makeup xoxo

                                  Molly Evans

                                    Would love to build my kit using this! 💕


                                      Pixi has always been so thoughtful and generous! Also, Tati looks amazing as always

                                      Whogwddamm m

                                        Everything looks amazing 😍😍

                                        M Hurley886

                                          I love your videos and I really love the videos with James! You two have such an inspiring love!! I get such a good vibe from you guys, your love emanates off of you 💕 lol when Tati tries to swatch the shadow on James’ hand and he’s like noooo do yours! 😂 when it comes to the giveaway, I’d love to win because well, because I love
                                          Makeup!! I know I could and would be all this makeup to good use!!! Love yasss xoxo!

                                          Madhvi Sharma

                                            IMPORTANT QUESTION! Are your giveaways international?


                                              I would love to win! I’m a college student who can’t afford to get anything anymore and I wanna feel pretty again but I can’t afford anything anymore it seems like. My twitter and instagram are @totoafrica88

                                              Please please please pick me!!❤️

                                              Kerry Chuang

                                                I’d love to win the giveaway because I just moved to China and can’t buy many of those brands anymore. I’ve always had so much fun playing with makeup I feel like it’s art. I love skincare and makeup and I know I would really use those products.

                                                Wasted Babe

                                                  Tati you is fine asf


                                                    i would love to win the giveaway because !!!! it would be exciting! and also i've been suffering from a pretty bad bout of rosacea lately and everyone (literally everyone! even airport security!) has been commenting on how red and inflamed by skin looks and i just feel a lil bit not very cute atm but also can't afford any skincare or makeup (except coconut oil, RIP my pores)!! i just think it would be a nice wee pick-me-up! ahhh LOVE to you and anyone who reads this xoxoxo

                                                    Maite Palmerin

                                                      These are my favourites videos by far!!! I would love to win because of my mom. She spends all money in me and my sisters and give to her these amazings products would be awasome :))

                                                      Martina Berardi

                                                        I LOVE the pr videos! I'd love to step up my makeup game with some good products I can't find in Italy! Thanks for the opportunity Tati, have a good one!

                                                        K. E. Ruff

                                                          Holy cheese, I have so much respect for you. Keeping to your guns as an influencer, knowing and making so much of the makeup scene, freely living your own life within all this… you're my go-to for makeup knowledge. So glad you're Tati and no one else 💚

                                                          Emily C

                                                            I discovered your channel a couple of months back and have been on a MAJOR Tati binge ever since! I've got a bit of an addiction to your channel now, so I'm glad you have such a huge amount of videos for me to get through 😅 I'm a huuuge makeup fan, and I love seeing you use/unbox things that I haven't seen before – you give me ideas of things to try out for myself and sometimes show me different ways to use things that I already own. This giveaway looks absolutely incredible. I would love to get my hands on some of these products, especially when they're not all easy to get hold of in the UK! 😍

                                                            Jana Piherová

                                                              I would love to make myself a little hotter mama 🙂

                                                              Alie Vls

                                                                Tati I love you so much 😻😻 I never win giveaway but anyway I love your video so much 💜💜🤩

                                                                Monnie Liu

                                                                  I’d love to win to be able to try new products. Been stuck in the same makeup routine and skincare routine. Also been stuck with the makeup and skincare for quite a while. It’s be amazing to be able to finally cycle out my expired makeup and skincare 😅


                                                                    I'd like to win the giveaway because I love experimenting with new makeup and skincare, but can't afford to buy nice, new things with my finances


                                                                      oh it would be so cool to win somethin, but it is probabbely never going to happen :'D

                                                                      Ashley Louzado

                                                                        You are still one of the few beauty gurus that i still watch . Love your content tati ❤️ keep on spreading the love


                                                                          Hi Tati I hope you’re doing well!! I love your videos soo much and admire how you’re so dedicated to your channel and in turn your subscribers! I would love the opportunity to win this giveaway as I want to start my own beauty blog and I think that winning would allow me to start off my blog with a bang!

                                                                          P.S Ican’t wait for James review! Ha ha please do more videos with him Y’all are so cute!! 🥰

                                                                          Crina Ro97

                                                                            Hey Tati ❤️ i ll really love to win the giveway cuz i wanted for so long to try more New make up but i can t afford it. Thank you for being you and always inspiring me and other People! Lots of love from Romania. 😍😍

                                                                            Monisha Mani

                                                                              Ummm giveaway..Yes please!!! 💕 love your vids


                                                                                Love the PR videos! I love all your videos but the PR makes you feel the excitement like you are opening the packages yourself!
                                                                                As for the giveaway, well I think that anyone will feel extremely happy with either one, myself included :X
                                                                                If you read this, I wish you and everybody here a great day! 🙂

                                                                                Tess Pokorny

                                                                                  I would like to win as you have inspired me to want become a makeup artist and this makeup would give me a good head start and help with starting to be a makeup artist.

                                                                                  Shelbie Calaman

                                                                                    I love your videos and your recommendations have really helped me found makeup that works!

                                                                                    Rúna á Steinamørk

                                                                                      I'd like to win because I've been going through some stuff lately and I think it would really cheer me up ❤️

                                                                                      Alexandra Nicoleta Nastase

                                                                                        you are such a beautiful couple. I like these videos with you two. Kisses :*:*:*

                                                                                        Luna Sekhantsho

                                                                                          My favorite videos… these are just fun, James always makes it the best ❤️

                                                                                          gebrilia indra

                                                                                            I'd love to win the giveaway because I have been wanting to dive into make up world but being a college student, I can't buy a lot of make up. I didn't even own a eyeshadow palette and I'd like to get one♡♡

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