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    Alex Centomo

      This was my story with bullying. Eugenia’s video: Opening Up About Our Relationship… …

      Lexie J

        “You’re not gonna kill a child” 😂😂


          Out of the guys who bullied me, one died of cancer at 21, one is in a band that noone knows of and never went to uni/probably still lives with his parents and the other 2 are the typical mildly racist, always talking about cars and protein type of guys

          Alina K

            the ,,funny” thing is, that no one looking at you now would think that this happened to you! I wonder how these girls that bullied you are doing now in life… or id they remember and feel sorry

            Chiara Vaccarelli

              Wow… you don't even know what you made me realize with this video, THANK YOU!


                Thank you for sharing your story! <3 <3

                Julie Jigsaw

                  lol middle school was hell for me the bullying I went through definitely left some permanent damage on me mentally BUT also gave me the toughest skin that I am so proud of having and am happy it shaped me into the badass I am today


                    Great video Alex! Thank you for sharing, I related a lot!

                    Lilith Stewart

                      This is so inspirational ❤️❤️ I was bullied for my whole school life, about 13 years by different people on and off. Thank you so much for sharing your story, you are incredibly brave to speak out ❤️ love you !

                      Eilidh Bridgeman

                        You're so cute! This story makes me so sad.
                        I'm so glad it got better and it's very cool that you've got this platform to hopefully help others that might need it xx


                          This makes my heart hurt. I am so sorry you had to go through these experiences, but your kindness, resilience, and honesty are such admirable characteristics and comprise only a few of the many awesome qualities that make you a fabulous individual today.

                          Jadhurshana Shangar

                            Love listening to your stories and it’s interesting that you talk about many different things that happened in your life and there’s people who we can relate to and understand. I also had cyber bullied in middle school when my friends betrayed with harassment ❤️

                            Julie D’hossche

                              Thanks so much for opening up about this, and I'm so sorry you had to go through that 💕 I was bullied as well when I was 13 for exactly the opposite reason as you, I was the only one who had boobs while being skinny and I guess they were just jealous. It did have a huge effect on me because I loved school and that year I hated every second of it. They even follow me back home to insult me, it was such a hard time! Glad I got through it & glad you got through it! For everyone reading this that's being bullied, talk to someone about it, it will get better 💕💕

                              The Leasphere

                                Love the part at the end in which you basically say we don't know what people who bullies others go through. Personally, I am struggling with some problems I got because I have been bullied when I was in high school and so it has always been hard to forgive them. Thank you for the reminder that we have to feel sorry for them instead of expressing anger towards those people.

                                Zuza Mal

                                  I love how you transferred your Instagram stories content to youtube ❤️❤️ I love this kind of content from you cause you’re genuine and I like listening to you x

                                  Vanessa Nguyen

                                    Dude I wish people will stop the mentality "Oh they are just kids they meant well." Like if a kid sat on someone and slapped their face, and that kid needs to be disciplined ASAP, no questions asked. Some parents consider their children to be pretty little angels who can do no wrong, so laughable >_<


                                      The world needs more people like you! Thank you for this video.

                                      Emma Dera

                                        I'm so sorry this happend to you Alex, i know how it feels.


                                          I hope you’re doing amazing 😇

                                          Bethany Bartel

                                            I got bullied by other girls for talking with guys and giving them hugs and being really friendly. It honestly hurt a lot cause I just wanted to be everybody friend whether they were a boy or girl and I was just a touchy-feely kinda person! We all go through some kinda bullying! You’re not alone! Keep being you though no matter what other people say! You were given the gifts you have for a reason. Don’t let someone else’s misunderstanding of you get it the way of completing your purpose in life! You’re so loved!❤️. Big thank you to Alex for this video! You’re amazing!💕


                                              Hey Alex, I hope you know that you're making a difference with all these videos. My high school self would have really appreciated these videos. I know that this will help so many young girls going through bullying in high school. I'm proud of the growth your channel has gone through in the last couple weeks.Thank you, xxx

                                              Bethany MQ

                                                💙💙💙 we need more YouTubers like this #spreadthepositivity

                                                Ciara Larae

                                                  I love how you're doing these Mental Health Monday videos, I know sometimes it can be hard but relieving to open up on topics like these. I struggle with anxiety & depression and sometimes it'd complicate things in my relationship. My man watched the video with you and Dan and I really think videos like this are great eye openers not just for him to understand how I'm feeling but the other way around as well. Things are going amazing between us and I just love watching your videos Alex, I seriously consider you & Tess long distant friends though we've never met. Much love girly <3 Idaho


                                                    I actually love these new sit down & talking to the camera videos you've been doing lately. I'm the same age as you, so I feel like I can relate to the throw backs. Also, I have similar financial goals of saving for a house, saving for a baby etc., and I find I'm no longer seeking out content focused on material items; i.e. hauls, makeup tutorials, etc. Keep it up Alex! I like putting these videos of yours on in the background while I work on my computer. It makes me feel less alone.

                                                    Maria Gallagher

                                                      I can relate with you on what you were saying about kids in the 7th grade. People can argue that you weren't mature enough in the 7th grade for still playing with barbies, but I honestly dont see anything wrong with it. I cant say I played with barbies at that age, because I never really liked playing with them at any age, but I was still playing with games and toys also. Honestly I think behind closed doors the other kids were probably doing the same thing, but in school they gave the fasade that they were too cool for toys. I honestly admire you for staying true to who you where at that age, and you still went home and enjoyed playing. To any young girl out there right now reading this. You are only a kid once, why do you have to rush life? Enjoy the moment and dont be influenced by the rest of the world. Who cares what the rest of the world thinks, they are only living their lives to copy and fit in anyways. Its ok to be different, and those people will not matter in the years to come.



                                                        Bruna Rodrigues

                                                          I have been following you for some time now and I never thought you suffered such things, you were very brave to be able to handle these years all alone and I must tell you that I still feel more empathy for you for being a brave human being. You are beautiful with such beautiful eyes yet you have gone through so much, no doubt you proved to be a strong-willed woman and showed other women that a phase may not be the best but we have to have the inner strength to win, thank you Alex for this video from a Portuguese fan 😘😘

                                                          Rebekah philip

                                                            fuck im crying

                                                            Maiara Pereira

                                                              hey alex, I know you has been receiving a lot of this kind comments but I need to say that i’m so into those real life videos, you’re such a amazing person, youtube really need true people talking about real stuff. Hugs from Brazil 🇧🇷 Love your channel! ❤️


                                                                I was bullied by boys and still get uncomfortable when passing by a group of boys that are the same age like my bullies back then. It's so annoying that bullying leaves consequences you can't do nothing about.
                                                                And I wasn't acting different nor I was showing I was insecure. I still don't understand what was in their bully head.
                                                                Actually, one of my girlfriends was also kinda mean to me and was laughing when boys were teasing mea at the time. And till recently I was still friend with her. But I just got sick of her behaviour and broke the friendship. She'd never admit that she is being mean because people often diminish the act of bullying and act like there's nothing going on.
                                                                Bullying is definitely the most horrible and yet neglected thing when growing up.

                                                                Paulina B

                                                                  Alex thanks so much for sharing. This whole series has been super helpful and reassuring to me that there are other people who have experienced similar things! I love you girl!! <3 I read this great quote yesterday: "If someone treats you like sh*t, just remember that there is something wrong with them, not you. Normal people don't go around destroying other human beings." So. True.

                                                                  Maggie Corcoran

                                                                    Love these new videos Alex.💗

                                                                    Un Chat Sur Les Toits

                                                                      Such an honest, eye-opening and genuine video
                                                                      I’ve bullied a lot throughout my school years, it feels so good to hear someone talk about it, especially cause I admire you and think you are so beautiful, it doesn’t make sense to me that you would have bullied
                                                                      But that just proves it’s not really about how you look or behave, it’s more about how confident you feel inside. I feel like bullies have a tendency to sense it when you’re lacking confidence and that’s what makes them pick on you

                                                                      Emily Brazeau

                                                                        I can totally relate to this story in a lot ways! Honestly look at you now tho! Everything made you grow into the beautiful person that you are today!!! ❤️

                                                                        Katie Williams

                                                                          It's so nice to hear stories like these because it's shocking how much we can relate. I've never been physically bullied but I have had people stearing at me provoking me all that stuff. I will admit yh it does get to me I try to forget about it. But by you making videos like these it makes me feel like I'm not the only one who has suffered and it really does help so thank you for sharing your story with all of us 💓😊


                                                                            Absolutely love these videos! ♡♡♡

                                                                            Ally Bnvt

                                                                              I love when youtubers talk abt real stuff instead of beauty all the time

                                                                              Paula Lucas

                                                                                Thank you Alex for sharing this, I love that you want to do that. It's really amazing that you wanna use your platform for this kind of videos, for helping people and giving them advice. I admire you for that. I am proud of you and I think that you should be too. Loved this video😍👏

                                                                                Klaudia Megger

                                                                                  I remember a story from my elementary school. Kids from my class was bullying this boy and at first I was okay with that, maybe even laughing and stuff. But one day I saw how much this boy its hurting I even got scared that he hurt himself. So I tell everything to our teacher, about all the bullying. After this situation everybody knows that it was me who tell and a lot od kids from my class stops talking to me, play with me. I was hurt and sad at the time, but now I know I did a good thing. 🙏

                                                                                  Rainy Midnight

                                                                                    Dear Alex, thank you for posting this. It was brave of you. I’ve been following your channel for years and we are the same age. Whilst I was never bullied, I can still relate to aspects of your story (especially feeling different, alone and insecure because of shyness). I was always the ‘quiet’ and ‘shy’ person throughout primary and high school. I can’t even count the number of times other people (including teachers) said to me: “why are you so quiet!?” or “why don’t you just talk more!?” I HATED when this was said this to me because of how others made it seem like being a quiet person was a bad, weird thing. As I’m now in my mid-twenties, I’ve learnt to love my personality for what it is. I am so much more confident and happy. I’m glad you feel the same way now, and that you’ve become stronger as a result of your experiences. Keep your chin up.

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