MY CURRENT EVERY DAY GLAM + new releases!!!

Main MY CURRENT EVERY DAY GLAM + new releases!!!

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      MY CURRENT EVERY DAY GLAM + new releases!!!

      Hey, guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is a video where I show you my current go to every day glam! I hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo! Products I …


        your chatty GRWMs will forever be my favorite beauty videos to watch

        Isabella Victorian

          Morning and night routines, day in my life and empties will always be my favourite types of videos !!! 💕

          Britta Daczyk

            Favorite beautuber topics!
            – favorite brands/brands that excite me and why
            – full face of one brand, especially drug store
            – question from instagram (or just one platform) while getting ready, esp about a specific topic
            – when a beautuber has a friend from their “real” life on and they talk about childhood memories or stupid stuff like what you order when you go out to eat or your favorite drinks when you have a girls night (or like when SimplyNailogical had her boss on from her day job and they answered questions from IG)
            – literally any decluttering or organization video


              I love to watch when you do makeup looks with old but good products

              Christina Olivant

                My favourite videos are declutters xx

                Xu Shwu

                  favorites & skincare

                  chanelle gutierrez

                    Wait is the new season of Jane the Virgin on netflix?!!!

                    Theresa Deleon

                      Its usually the person for me and I always want to watch your videos! 🥰

                      Mar SuBo

                        Eye makeup tutorial from you

                        Alice Beautyyy

                          Ok sorry to comment again lol please try the milk makeup lash primer! Is it as good as the Marc Jacobs??? I have to know

                          Wendy Near

                            Firstly, what happened with the postmates?

                            Dimples 123

                              I like to see make up challenges but ones where they don't show the results in the beginning or the thumbnail

                              Alice Beautyyy

                                My favorite videos to watch are chatty grwm, empties videos, best and worst, and ZODIAC STUFF!

                                Anna Graf

                                  My most favorite videos are showing multiple looks with one eyeshadow palette. Love this look and will be doing that eye look tomorrow! Yay!

                                  Nicole Ranete

                                    your kat chats of boy stories and the ones where you get drunk with jessie are the best videos to watch. beauty related videos, i'd say anything drugstore(hauls, full face, etc)

                                    Alice Beautyyy

                                      If you need to drop down to 2 videos a week, that’s okay! We don’t want you to burn out

                                      kelsey huff

                                        I really enjoy watching one brand videos, drugstore videos, and challenge videos 🥰


                                          Declutter. Definitely Declutter videos

                                          Madison Byrom

                                            Also chit chat get ready with mes where you just discuss random things in life and hobbies you enjoy and not even explain what you’re doing just to it and chat while you get ready

                                            onelastjulie julie

                                              i would love you to make a vid about your fav bronzers!! glowy and matte ones as the weather is getting warmer and warmer WE WANNA HAVE THAT J LO BRONZY NATURAL DEWY GLOWY SKIN ps i love u so much i would watch a video of u just sitting on the toalet tbh. 💗💗

                                              Diana Lara

                                                •One brand makeup looks!!
                                                • Wear tests where you check in throughout the day
                                                • GRWM

                                                Madison Byrom

                                                  Favorites videos, I click on ALL of them 😍😍😍 ps I miss lip swatch videos 😭

                                                  Fatima Bibi Hoosen

                                                    Any video from u makes me click on it immediately ❤️❤️❤️

                                                    Jocelynne P

                                                      Anything drugstore is an instant click.
                                                      One brand tutorials.
                                                      Monochromatic looks! Which you’re bomb at! Do more ✨

                                                      Guadalupe Salazar

                                                        Get ready with me, favorites, using older favorites! Definitely my favorite to watch 💓

                                                        constantina jennings, RN

                                                          I honestly love watching "first impressions" videos because I'm always looking for new and innovative makeup even tho my bank account dont love it😥

                                                          Ayesha Aziz

                                                            makeup tutorials ,<3


                                                              Collection videos and declutter videos are my faaavorites 🥰

                                                              Shalini R

                                                                My favourite beauty videos are still GRWMs, first impressions, monthly favourites talk thru make up, hauls, VIB sale recommendations .

                                                                Sabrina Bowen

                                                                  Honesty, chatty GRWM vids are my favorite 🤷🏻‍♀️ Also, you’re always super pretty, but this is the prettiest makeup look on you, I swear!! @kathleenlights

                                                                  JadeofAllTrades .

                                                                    I love watching the makeup challenge videos!

                                                                    Nujhath Tasnim

                                                                      Trust me ,you loo…ooo….k gorgeous trust me on this one(tho u always look so pretty😭😭)

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