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      My Current Skincare Routine: Spring 2020

      Skincare reviews: Hi everyone, here’s my current skincare routine – I talk a LOT so I’ve detailed …

      LucyLoves_ Skincare

        I like a waffle 😂💓

        Foteini Armstrong

          Thanks for sharing your routine lovely products !

          Vanessa Lowe

            Hi there, enjoying the video as I always do.. So thank you. Please share your makeup ( eyes for sure) 😊

            Gail Spear

              No 7 have just bought out a retinol so here’s hoping !

              Leigha01 Lane

                Such a helpful video Ruth! When you use a retinol serum such as the murad would you always follow that with a moisturiser? Or would that dilute the effects?


                  PS fyi Japonesque brushes are lovely! Emma x


                    Please brave the cheap retinol for us, Ruth 🤣🤣🤣❤. Emma x

                    Lisa Hide

                      Love this video… thank you Ruth. I also love the Dermalogica multivitamin power recovery mask… been using that for years too. Amazing xx


                        What is on your eyes?? The shadow just makes you look fresh!

                        Ag S

                          You should try Pai sunscreen, it's absolutely amazing ❤

                          Rebecca Bell

                            I also remember using the Dermalogica mask years ago, it has a very nostalgic feel and I recall it was quite good. Makes me want to revisit and buy another tube!

                            Joshua F

                              The clarity of your skin is remarkable! Love hearing your recommendations. xx


                                Keep waffling 😊

                                kipper pingsman

                                  Always a treat. I had a superb find the other day at Aldi (don't judge, that counts as a day out nowadays). It is a little jute bag with four mini make up brushes. You get a foundation brush, a blusher brush, an eye shadow brush and a liner/brow brush. They are really good quality, vegan, eco-friendly and cost £3.45! I was ecstatic because I was on the brink of ordering some at fifty times the price. Ahh, that middle aisle.


                                    I agree with the Curel it’s like no other foaming wash it’s so moisturising! Also their essence it’s beautiful both I recommend on the skin freaks group on Facebook. Love your vids x


                                      During this lockdown my skin broke out like crazy. It was years since I had such a bad skin.

                                      Margaret Kelly

                                        I come for the waffle 🥞🥞🥞, probably pancake emojis but what the hell! 😋

                                        Chanel Fitzgerald

                                          I never noticed Lumene before and wondered what their moisturiser is like, thanks for this video, always puts a smile on my face.

                                          Jill Morris

                                            Here after briefing about Cummings, thank the goddess for you “most of us” meant NHS heroes. ❤️

                                            Ashlynn Kaplan

                                              Your skin is so healthy and radiant! I bought the La Roche Posay Toleriane serum (SO happy they finally made a fragrance free Toleriane serum!!!) even though I’m US, I found it on a website that shipped inexpensively internationally… but they don’t have the serum anymore 😭 anyway, so lovely! I hope they make a larger size available like they have for the Hyla B5. It’s actually soothing and very Hydrating which I haven’t really found in a serum yet. I use the Vichy Mineral 89 which I really like, but it’s just a basic hydrator. The LRP serum adds in the soothing factor which I just really appreciate!

                                              Naz ASMR

                                                Thanks Ruth.. your skin looking flawless as always.. Q, What do you think of La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 anti-wrinkle care repairing replumping face cream as well as Hyalu B5 Serum? Xx

                                                Mara BL

                                                  Ruth you look amazing 😍 so much love from Rome 🇮🇹 😘 and thank you for posting!

                                                  Michelle B

                                                    Your skin is looking amazing 👏💖

                                                    Tina Garcia

                                                      Thankyou brilliant information

                                                      Janet Walker

                                                        The r-Retinoate Intense is 50ml which is a great size – so although it's expensive it's not quite so bad when you think of price per ml. I've been using it every other night for a couple of months and love it 😁

                                                        Emily Sheffield

                                                          I love the waffle Haha

                                                          unicorn love unicorn Land

                                                            Wahoo first

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