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      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is MY GIANT PERFUME COLLECTION! you’re welcome lmao! I hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo! THE LIST: …


        Ignore that giant spot of dry shampoo on the back of my head. LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Xoxo enjoy this movie length video

        M G


          Roxanna Meyers

            Amazing video. Thank u dear🌸🎀🌷⭐️💕 I'm pieces (Mar 3) n I cannot tolerate any strong musk or wood or amber in y perfumes. Floral and light powder only. So, florals: Dior – Blooming Bouquet, Faberlic – Fruity Story (Escada copied it later in Cherry) Estée Lauder – Very Estee, Elie Saab – Le Perfume, Mary Kay – Bella Belara. Powder: Oriflame – Volare and Avon – Little Black Dress (original). For the stronger ones: Chanel – Chanel #5.

            Margarida M

              Kathleen have you TAURUS in your chart? My Venus in Taurus makes me CRAZY about perfumes 😌

              Tiffany Aranda

                Im dying at the 5th grade talent show 😂

                Leah Moore

                  Arizona by Proenza Schouler
                  Top Notes – Bergamot, Mandarin, Orange
                  Middle Notes – Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Rose, Strawberry, Solar Notes
                  Base Notes – Orris, Musk, Cashmere, Vanilla

                  Tiffany Aranda

                    Ive been so interested in nest fragrances! thanks kathleen 💕

                    Dovile Strikauskyte

                      I have few favorites: Elizabeth Arden summer bloom, Dior Jadore and Cerruti 1881! ;D


                        Love these vids😍😍😍

                        Nur Syakirah

                          TRYYYY TAYLOR SWIFT – INCREDIBLE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!! ISTG ITS MY FAVVGV

                          Tiffany Kuo

                            Try some perfume from miumiu

                            Jessika Hobbs

                              I think it’s funny that all of the Chanel’s give you a headache except those two, because for my mom, the ONLY perfume that doesn’t give her a headache is Chanel No. 5.


                                Perfume expires..I don’t understand why people collect can’t possibly wear that many. Why not have 2 or 3 to use and when you are done by different ones to try…anyway that’s my opinion love your videos!!

                                Elina Lundberg

                                  I loooove Aqua Paradisi from Le Couvent 😍 such a gorgeous scent! Trying to buy only CF and mostly vegan products, so that sadly removes some gorgeous perfumes… love the smell of D&G Light blue so hopefully they will go CF in the future!


                                    I don’t wear perfume or have any interest in it but I’m going to thoroughly enjoy all 35 minutes of this video

                                    Rhiana Craig

                                      'idk, let me just shut up and talk' me spilling tea but getting distracted easily and then getting back to the topic

                                      penelope yanez

                                        My love affair with perfumes started with a scent called Tigress. That was my middle school favorite. It came in a gift set with a beautiful black and orange tiger stripe velvet box. I kept all my favorite love notes and ID bracelets and movie and concert date ticket stubs in that box. Currently, I am wearing and loving YSL Mon Paris. I also enjoy Marc Jacob is it called The Woman Classic? When I was a younger woman I just loved Red Door. It reminded me of Tigress perfume from my youth. Kathleen, I just want to say thank you so much for this video! I wish you had 30 more perfumes to talk about. I didn't want it to end. Please don't let 4 more years go by before you do an update!

                                        Leah Moore

                                          Love this video! It's pronounced No-Mad though 😂


                                            We literally have the exact opposite taste in perfumes (I HATE patchouli and amber 😂) but gurl I watched the entire video 💓

                                            Anna Miko

                                              I looove perfume videos so much!! Always on a hunt for new perfumes

                                              XZELIA GSX

                                                literally one second in "HEY GUYYYYS" omg the sleeves!! so beautiful


                                                  My favourite scent is Ari by ariana grande, i dont like celebrity perfumes either but this one lasts crazy long on me!! I think my signature scent is prada candy, i absolutely love it, sorry Kathleen 😂💕💕

                                                  Chloe Anne

                                                    please do a tutorial on the eye look !! it so so so pretty <3

                                                    Jiarui Zhao

                                                      how come you use your perfumes so fast????


                                                        How do you decide in the morning? 😍

                                                        Gladys Kennedy

                                                          Oohhh!! I love Versace bright crystal and have a few bottles of that plus a back up. DKNY be delicious is fabulous too. I just love perfume !!!

                                                          Stephanie Milbocker

                                                            My signature scents are Abercrombie 8 and Clinique Happy. 😍


                                                              Dior Hypnotic Poison is my signature scent since age 17.

                                                              Nawal Baswedan

                                                                Sometimes i have difficulty disposing perfume bottles (although its finished) cuz the bottles are just too pretty..

                                                                Nicole S

                                                                  Omg, you gave me such a scare when you dropped the lancome perfume and it felt so long before hearing if it was okay lol

                                                                  Marina Arias

                                                                    My signature scent was replaced and is nowhere near as beautiful anymore. Lol. Loved this video!!


                                                                      Maybe try black opium intense, it's a new-ish version, and I find it lasts forever xx

                                                                      Nicole Van Herwynen

                                                                        I don't have a signature scent but whenever I smell Obsession by Calvin Klein I think of my dad. It's the only cologne he wears and he only wears it on special occasions. So it just makes me think of my childhood and going to weddings or fancier parties with my parents. I don't think I will ever not think of him when I smell it.


                                                                          Am i the only one who is not a perfume kinda gal but when kathleen posted this she made me want to buy atleast 2 from her collection? or maybe 3? I don’t know.. is it just me?

                                                                          Theodora Stoykova

                                                                            I love Bright Crystal and La Vie Es Belle too! Also love Bulgari perfumes, there's a few amazing ones!

                                                                            Mathilde Alexandre

                                                                              My signature scent has to be Flower by Kenzo, so delicious and it smells juste like the hair oil my mom used to put in my hair when I was younger!!

                                                                              Brooke Bixler

                                                                                I love your recollection of the smell of Barbie's, because I can still remember the scent of my Lettuce Patch Kid!

                                                                                Eunice Audian

                                                                                  MAKEUP COLLECTION NEXT!

                                                                                  onelastjulie julie

                                                                                    WOW NOW I WANNA BUY ALL OF THESE ARE U KIDDING ME

                                                                                    v e r a

                                                                                      Dang gurl, das expensive collection 😍 Perfumes are so powerful they have this power to remind you of someone or some certain moment in your life, I love perfumes so much!! I feel like Sí is going bad after a while so it's better to get the small bottle because I have the big one and honestly smells like rancio , I mean not that bad but definitely doesn't smells as good as when I bought it LOL and I have L'Impératrice and that doesn't lasts on me AT ALL like the second I spritz that on me is gone and it's sad because it smells so nice .. I wish someday I can afford at least half on your collection LOL cuz I'm a sucker for perfumes 😅


                                                                                        have you tried code satin by armani (not the original code but the code SATIN). we have similar taste in perfume and it's one of the scent out there in my opinion!

                                                                                        Lavinia Aleliandra

                                                                                          You stopped loving bath and body works dark kiss?

                                                                                          Saleika Wilson

                                                                                            I’m like you I have a large collection of perfumes. My signature sent used to be Burberry Brit. I love and adore roses in my fragrance. However it’s not a deal breaker.
                                                                                            My favorite cents at the moment are Jo Malone: Red Roses Wild Bluebell and Jasmine Sambac and Marigold.
                                                                                            Baccarat Rouge. Most fragrances by Creed. I love several of the Lancôme Maison fragrances. They are much pricer then there mass market fragrances. However it’s worth it. I like a few by Byredo. ROJA.
                                                                                            We have very similar tastes in fragrances.

                                                                                            Gladys Kennedy

                                                                                              I love, love,love perfume. I've will spend the money if I love the scent….My favorite perfume is Club de Nuit by Armaf…I have back up bottles just in case and I love True Religion…which they stopped making it recently so I had to rush to ebay to get a last backup bottle!!!!

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