My Evening and Bedtime Routine (Now That I Have Kids)

Main My Evening and Bedtime Routine (Now That I Have Kids)

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      My Evening and Bedtime Routine (Now That I Have Kids)

      This video contains a paid ad for Bensons for Beds – you can find the beautiful Content by Terence Conran range online here: …

      Susan Smith

        Would love to see a room tour, garden, your house is so beautiful and your video's are a pleasure to watch, thank you!!🌺

        Corine Antonis

          I love HBO's Chernobyl, definately recommend!


            New series of the handmaids tale comes out this week. Also good omens is now out (not sure if Netflix) and his dark materials/northern lights this summer on bbc 🙂

            Nancy Barnhill

              Don’t skip Mr. Bear….😻

              Alex Smith

                Great video! So relaxing.

                Amanda g

                  Dead to Me is entertaining! What happened to the green bed head?


                    I already hit the like button at 0.44 seconds!! Hahaha It made me laugh, you only know if you know!!! 😉

                    Jessica Mullens

                      I read my book in the bath! It's the best.

                      Spencer Eckis

                        put an ipad/laptop on the counter= best way to stay entertained during the bath. you just risk staying in there for hours

                        Katie Metcalfe

                          Ruth, you make me laugh…I enjoyed seeing your night time routine. You're doing well girl.


                            Would love house tours and a garden tour once things bloom!

                            Maureen Bouey

                              Loved this 🙂 I get so happy when I see you've posted ❤️

                              Vanessa Moss

                                Totally with you on the bath it’s all in the anticipation of the indulgence; I’ve tried to read in the bath but truth be told bed is just comfier x

                                Tiffany Daniel

                                  Listen to podcasts in the bath!! It’s nice to rest your eyes and just doze off a bit with something interesting to listen to in the background, usually beauty/well being related for me haha

                                  Susie P

                                    Ruth you make me laugh so much and also glad that my boys are now 21 and 16 😂😂🦈 🐬

                                    Ellen Nicholson

                                      Bedroom goals. So pretty. 😍

                                      Teresa Majury

                                        What/If on Netflix with Renée Zellweger assuming the role of Robert Redford in Indecent Proposal. So OTT, so melodramatic but so very compulsive viewing!

                                        Holly Golightly

                                          You could literally make a video of you reading the phone book / eating a bowl of cereal / sorting your sock drawer and I would watch it with pleasure. So keep ‘m coming; pets, plants, kids, house, makeup, whatever – highly appreciated❣️

                                          Carole Treuhaft

                                            Hi Ruth – have you watched Dead To Me on Netflix? I have enjoyed your videos for years! Thank you!


                                              Really enjoyed the video Ruth.

                                              Kerrie Lord

                                                If you’ve watched Fleabag, watch Mum which is on iPlayer and Back to Life. Binge watched my way through both and know you’d love them x

                                                Kin ga

                                                  What a lovely video. A pure pleasure to watch. 🙂

                                                  Swede Potato Pie

                                                    Not #backtotheroots but #backtothefuture I absolutely L.O.V.E. these kind of throwback concepts but what I love EVEN more is the fact that throughout ALL these years, advancements, adaptations and resettlements YOU have ALWAYS remained 💯% true to urself, ur channel and us, as ur audience, so I am beyond proud of the fact that I was there when it all started 🙏🏻 WELL DONE, Ruth, not just in regards to your well managed channel & High End content, but also THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for all ur help/guidance/advice, and for being such an inspiration, not just to me but to MANY young people LIKE ME 🙏🏻 We love u loads ❤️


                                                      Loved this! Night time routines are so calming 🙂
                                                      Yess to any house tours and renovation videos! Would love to know more about the extension and general plans you have for the house, and about buying/owning/living in a period property (absolute dream of mine for the future!) xxx

                                                      nicola offert

                                                        A gorgeous video, night-time viewing that's more comforting than a mug of cocoa ! 😘


                                                          Omg Ruth! Are you pregnant again or is it just the dress? ❤️

                                                          Dean Smith

                                                            Any video would be fab 😋

                                                            Dean Smith

                                                              Try “what if “ Renee Zel. It’s good

                                                              Cheryl Adams

                                                                Have you ever watched Outlander? I watched season 1 it was good. I’m in the USA so I had to get a channel called Starz to watch it though. I think it is on season 4 or something now.
                                                                Ted is so cute.

                                                                Angela Hampson

                                                                  Totally loving the bed linen and the room’s colour palette. Clever you !


                                                                    You are so natural, I love watching you vlogging Ruth. I don't have kids but I thought it was a really interesting take and twist on the nighttime routine. xx

                                                                    Duncan Paton

                                                                      Room tours please

                                                                      Cin-d Marie

                                                                        THE RAIN! It’s Danish. Definitely recommend giving it a go…!
                                                                        Look forward to an extension update…

                                                                        Strawberry 1

                                                                          What a lovely video. Thank you. You live in the most beautiful spot. Reminds me of my Granny's lovely house……hers without all your lovely updates. But that unmistakable country sound of birds and wind…… Heavenly. Since you ask what we would like I must say I love vlogs best. That and a good old fashioned GRWM. :]


                                                                            If you haven't watched Dead To Me, you really need to! Darkly funny and a good bit of mystery.

                                                                            Et La Pluie

                                                                              I love Mr Bear! He's so big, and fluffy and beautiful 😍

                                                                              Razan Saman

                                                                                Can you do a what I'm reading video!!

                                                                                Naomi Bennett

                                                                                  Killing Eve the second series starts next Sat if you haven’t seen the first series you should watch it really good 😊

                                                                                  Razan Saman

                                                                                    Dead to me is very good!!

                                                                                    Naomi Bennett

                                                                                      Love your videos you are a great mum I never had kids but looked after many when I worked in London or some great families 🌸🌸💕

                                                                                      Barbara Mrozowski

                                                                                        Your home is lovely. Love all the fireplaces. And the chickens. Always enjoy your videos about real life. Cheers.

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