My Everyday "Blow Dry" Hair- with my new fringe! ~ Freddy My Love

Main My Everyday "Blow Dry" Hair- with my new fringe! ~ Freddy My Love

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    Freddy My Love
      My Everyday "Blow Dry" Hair- with my new fringe! ~ Freddy My Love

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      Ruth Burns

        Anytime somebody says the word classy elegant stylish or fabulous I think of Freddy I love how much work and effort into your videos it really pays of love u xx

        Jacky Hogan

          Love it!!! 😍😍😍

          Katharine Leeder

            The new “do” looks really good!

            michelle France

              Love the fringe x

              Scarlett Crosby

                i love the fringe 🙂 you look really pretty and freddy with it

                Christina Goetz

                  Your hair looks so cute, but I have a question, does the fringe ever get in your eyes or is it less fussy than just all one length hair?

                  Stephanie Susa

                    How come you never embrace your natural hair texture?

                    Carly Medico

                      You look beautiful!!!!

                      Sarah Louise

                        Omg Freddy you’ve inspired me so much I’m going to get my hair cut this afternoon eeeeppp 😆

                        Nina Garcia

                          Her hair looks like Suki Waterhouse's hair in Love, Rosie


                            Freddy you look so gorgeous with you new hair! You look youthful, classy and the fringe totally enhances your dimple. I can’t wait to see how amazing you look with your sixties inspire outfits

                            Liz Lengyel

                              freddy: gets adorable 60s bangs
                              me: suddenly i have to cut my hair

                              Dhanya Evanjerleen

                                Omg freddy.. u look pretty with wet hairtoo…. and love the fringe… 🙂

                                Aaron Bynum

                                  I Love the bangs you look like a 60s Barbie

                                  Lynnette Brezina

                                    How is it that Freddy makes everything glamorous? Even with rollers in her hair she looks so chic


                                      i know this isn’t your style but the messy fringe/bangs unparted and in your face looks good asf on you

                                      Ali Lamb

                                        Amazing loved this so so much


                                          Freddie let her hair air-dry after she washed it. Her own comment on her hair is that it looks crazy… Hunnn you have wavy/curly hair !!!!

                                          Kristine Stocker

                                            "Check yourself and your manners." Yes, the internet needs to be reminded of this!

                                            Beth Hollie

                                              Please can you do a video on how you stay healthy, gym routine and everyday meals ☺️💕 always love your channel Freddy

                                              Susan Mulvey

                                                I knew the fringe would look great on you! And it does!! 😍 (Because I also have a fringe, I need to go in every couple of weeks to the salon to keep it the right length).

                                                Edlyn Rose Acuzar

                                                  I love love your fringe I wish I could pull it off

                                                  Lara Gaffney

                                                    I was one of those people who said no to the fringe when you posted the poll on you instagram stories but I am so glad you got it because it looks so amazing. I love fringes and would 100% get one myself if my hair wasn't so curly! (I tried it when I was about 10 and it was not a look.) Anyway, it suits you and your style so much – I love it!

                                                    Yasmeen Shehri

                                                      Freddy I’m sending you and coco lots of love ❤️ hug her for me and tell her she’s amazing

                                                      miss dior

                                                        ha your so funny It take me so long too I am so tired I always turn my head upside own too ,…


                                                          I literally got a fringe because I was inspired by you

                                                          Mim Costin

                                                            I voted for the fringe because it’s just so YOU, Freddy! Gorgeous as always💕


                                                              11:25 your hair looks perfect here

                                                              Jeneration of Grace

                                                                I get genuinely confused when people ask for my opinion but then say they don’t care about it. Is it just a curiosity of what others would think?

                                                                Madison Herries

                                                                  You look so gorgeous with the fringe.

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