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      MY FAMILY PICKS MY Makeup Challenge! | NikkieTutorials

      It’s time for a brand new makeup challenge! In today’s video, I’ll be doing the One Call Away Makeup Challenge. I call my friends and family and ask them …


        MAKE SURE YOU ENTER TODAY'S GIVEAWAY…. you can win a makeup palette and $200 over at if you post a comment with the DUTCH WORD OF THE DAY: "Uitdaging" (Challenge). 😏🏆✨

        Kirshys marie Cividanes

          Hi! I think that i invoke a demon trying to say “Uitdaging”, how can I return it?😂

          Like is a uitdaging say that word

          Tiffany Paull

            I uitdaging my friend to a drag contest to see who could do it better and when they tried to block there brows that put to much glue and it looked like cake batter on there face 😂😂 I had to help them and after that i put one of my wigs on them and o my god they looked like Beyoncé 😐 and I looked like a hobo

            Terminator -941

              Nikkie with her amazing uitdaging one day will be likee guess what!? Today we r on moon doing makeup uitdaging😂 Loveyouu💯

              cecilia mattingly

                my brother is very uitdaging when it comes to picking clothes

                Amari Love

                  I Uitdaging you to let Dylan do your makeup in the dark 😂

                  Priyasha Panda

                    That word makes me feel happy


                      your uitdagiging videos are my favorite to watch with my cousins and how i found your channel!

                      Mattie Specht

                        Having 2 Christmas' must be "uitdaging"

                        Melanie Paden

                          I uitdaging president Trump to change his hairstyle 😊

                          Lexie Travaglione

                            I uitdaging you to pick me🤷‍♀️😂 Sorry I couldn’t think of anything funny to say😬, but I love this makeup look!💕✨

                            Adora Adora Gore

                              Getting up 3 hours before school to do my makeup is an Uitdaging.🥺 But worth🥰


                                i typed Uitdaging and autocorrect changes it to outstanding, Nikkie something you need to tell me?

                                E .W

                                  Omg making this video is a verry hard uitdaging! Oh my God autocorrection

                                  Julie Risum

                                    Being danish and learning Dutch sure is a uitdaging

                                    Megan Ann

                                      i can’t even Uitdaging myself to spell it without looking at another comment😣

                                      Bob Lee

                                        EVER TIME I WANNA WATCH SOMETHING ELSE U SHOW UP LEAVE ME ALONE!!

                                        Gaby García

                                          Stop uitdaging me into making funny comments please

                                          Ashley F

                                            2020 uitdaging: Do it like Nikki🔥🔥

                                            Stephanie Busch

                                              Uitdaging yourself to be the best that you can be!! Never give up, Dreams do come true!!

                                              Valeria Hdz. Garcia

                                                In Mexico we have día de reyes which is basically Christmas 2.0 but it's celebrated on january 6th :v

                                                Laura Betetto

                                                  I love your uitdaging videos! 💄❤️

                                                  Angelica Anaid Jaramillo Barajas

                                                    Win a giveaway is a hard uitdaging 🤨
                                                    I hope to win this one
                                                    IG: angie.jaba_

                                                    Camendy Oris

                                                      Omg!!! House tour please!

                                                      Kayla B

                                                        You inspired me again ,im defiantly doing this uitdaging

                                                        Madison Wild

                                                          Girl you knocked it out of the park with this utidaging!! I just love how the lips went so well with the eyes. Love you Nikkie💗😊💗

                                                          Christina LaMarco

                                                            We don't celebrate a 2nd day of Christmas in the US, but I definitely uitdaging myself to make that a thing ❤ Sounds lovely!

                                                            Detzareh Chirinos

                                                              Let’s kill this … Uitdaging yeah yeah yeah yeah yeaaaah!!! Hahahahaha ok no.. I hope at least this makes you smile like a did! 😛😊

                                                              Cristin Sanders

                                                                I uitdaging myself to use this word in a sentence lol..I really hope to win this giveaway! I never win anything and this would make my year!! Thanks for the chance! Love watching ur videos! U do such a fantastic job!!!!

                                                                Kurie gamer 77

                                                                  Can you speak German Nickie? 😘💋😀😜

                                                                  Rebecca Lake

                                                                    This is almost as much of a Uitdaging as it was to use kip in a clever way 😂😂😂

                                                                    Natalia Borunda

                                                                      Uitdaging that’s what I am to my therapist 😂😂 jk
                                                                      Greetings from Mexico!


                                                                        I need that eyeliner 🔥🧡What Liner did you use?

                                                                        I also make CONTENT 🧡


                                                                          Uitdaging accepted!

                                                                          Michelle Smith

                                                                            Girl…..are you just linking the ones you wanna use to things you know they're gonna choose? Nikkie…for shame.

                                                                            Sara Campbell

                                                                              was this really a Uitdaging tho??? EZ

                                                                              Hope Durossette

                                                                                The “Yoo-hoo” moments made my day

                                                                                Shelby Stuckey

                                                                                  It has been uitdaging to find a dress for my cousins wedding be the weather wont stay cold or hot.

                                                                                  Lee Hetet

                                                                                    The best Uitdaging ever done 🥰🥰🥰💜💜💜

                                                                                    Afonso Falcão

                                                                                      Spelling "uitdaging" sure is an uitdaging

                                                                                      Jade Welch

                                                                                        Other people pick your makeup and you still look STUNNING Nikkie! I hope you, your fiancé, your family & loved ones in general had a lovely Christmas!🎄.

                                                                                        Jade Welch

                                                                                          Other people pick your makeup and you still look STUNNING Nikkie! I hope you, your fiancé, your family & loved ones in general had a lovely Christmas!🎄.

                                                                                          JENNIFER K. BERTONCINI

                                                                                            I Love/ uitdagings all your tutorials sweetie. God bless you & your family & love ones this holiday & New year! I could truly use this gift from you. Been fighting breast & ovarian cancer & now have kidney problems & more health issues. Love you xo From Tampa,Florida

                                                                                            K S

                                                                                              Biggest uitdaging for Nikki is doing something other than a glossy nude lip

                                                                                              Jade Welch

                                                                                                How her friend answered the phone by just calling her “Tutorials?!” Lol.

                                                                                                Jade Welch

                                                                                                  Please get your fiancé on a video one day, so he can do your makeup in a way that HE wants to see it. Like maybe he wants to see your foundation as not full coverage. Or your makeup more natural. But him actually knowing what he’s choosing this time!!

                                                                                                  Jade Welch

                                                                                                    When your house is so big you need walky talkies to speak to your partner! But you worked hard for it girl, enjoy!! It made me laugh when you called him “baby” and he replied “mummy” lol 😂.

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