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    Carli Bybel

      Hope this video is helpful 🙂 XOXO Have you seen my most recent Video? THE BOYFRIEND TAG!

      Sinem Salih

        I’m a small Youtuber and I find I’m not happy with my set up, it might just be me being picky but the lighting you use is something I definitely want to buy to help better my videos. Thank you so much for sharing your equipment! Not a lot of Youtubers do

        Reenas Makeup

          Wish I had known about these lights earlier! 🙁 I recently bought two soft boxes and they are not that great. Thanks for this vid xxx

          cinthia h


            Annette Gutkind

              So kind and generous of you 🥰

              Constance Aguilar

                Carli, you have no idea how helpful this video is! Here I was going to spend tons of money on my setup and didn’t know it could be simpler and still amazing!!! This is perfect!!Going to buy the light and save for the cam ranger! Thank you thank you thank you!! You are the best and will always be my fave YouTuber!! ❤️❤️❤️

                Maddie Hargreaves

                  Love you Carli 💕

                  april williams

                    Really want to know how you even started YouTube. Honestly I’ve always wanted to do it but I don’t understand how the ads and everything come into it? Like the sponsors? Managers? It’s all so confusing to me so if you could do a part two or something that would be appreciated xx


                      Thank you!! for always staying true and humble,💗 as a successful Youtuber, and sharing your secrets with us, your amazing, wish one day I could meet you, I live in Jersey too!! ❤

                      Trell West

                        Aw thank you for sharing!

                        Brianna Stranger

                          Ok but what did you use in the beginning?! Like nobody is going to spend 5000$ to film when they don’t have a decent following 🤔

                          Deborah Rivera

                            You have one of the best quality videos here on YouTube (as far as makeup videos) and yet you use the least of filming equipment. So simple and easy. Not to mention you went into detail about everything. So helpful🤗

                            Laura Kelly

                              This video is amazing. Thank you so much Carli for taking the time to share your setup and make this video. I'm just in the process of buying new equipment to film some videos and this could not have come at a better time. Thank you 🙏🏼💖🦄🌈

                              Samantha St.Croix

                                Thank you so much for sharing. Your heart is made of pure gold 💛…. can I ask where your sweater is from it’s 🔥 🔥… I love zip ups like that without the hoods on them. I need these ASAP. Pls and thank you. And you look so beautiful as always. Xo 🤍

                                Weight Loss Boss

                                  Um hello gorgeous 💓💓💓

                                  Loving Fruit

                                    Thank you for sharing this. This is an awesome setup!


                                      So impressive. I love how streamline you are, Carli. (Less is definitely more! Quality over quantity.)

                                      Laksmy A Sánchez

                                        Thank you soo so much for this video, Carls ! I am definitely going to buy a few items for this video! I currently use 2 Box lights and a Ring light and I mostly film in my living room and setting up and taking down multiple lights gets a bit ughhh! Lol

                                        jodie steinberg

                                          Carli you are the best for sharing this and making us see it doesn't take a lot to be great. Xox

                                          Sana Q

                                            THANK YOU sooooo soooo much for this!!! So grateful that you shared all this!!!

                                            Benitez family

                                              Thanks for the info !!! Just started my channel was def nervous and discouraged at first about my channel .. family wasn’t supported and very critical .. but got the courage to start bc my daughter always wanted a channel. Thank you for it all !! Watch you since the beginning 😊❤️

                                              Georgiana Georgiana

                                                Interesting! Thank you so much!

                                                Yamila Angely

                                                  Wow thank you so much for this! I’ve been trying to get a good lighting set up forever for my Instagram beauty page! 🥰💕

                                                  Karla H Elegance nails

                                                    You didn’t talk about what plug in you use on Final Cut Pro


                                                      Love every part of this! Sad the light is not in stock on Amazon😭
                                                      Love you much girl thanks for all your tips 😊

                                                      mara garcia

                                                        Thank you for sharing! I can't believe how simple and clean your setup is!!

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