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    Wayne Goss

      This video contains a paid for promotion by The INKEY List MY GO-TO PRODUCTS FOR FLAWLESS SKIN INKEY Innovation exclusively at Cult Beauty: …


        Can’t really try these I think. Have to check if they’re available in Australia. Thanks for the review.

        Jesse Meyer

          I get excited when 1. You speak about skincare and 2. The skincare you recommend and review are incredibly affordable. Yes!!

          Mya Girl

            These sound so amazing. Gosh I wish these were available to purchase in store where I live. I hope I can at least order online although the currency conversion and shipping might make it a bit of a splurge for me. But still omg the skin care stuff sounds amazing.

            Genius Nature

              Nice skin! Nice hair!


                I reckon that B on your t-shirt stands for buff because that's how your looking, Mr Goss! Emma x

                zahra nesan

                  ILove IT

                  Terese Powell

                    I love your energy and excitement in how you speak about these products! You're selling it, mister! Much love and big hugs!

                    Kara Denise


                      S T

                        I LOVE your brushes.Would be nice to be able to buy it somewhere else than beautylish.Even though I love them,I hate paying customs that much.

                        shireen Ibdah

                          I don't have these products in my country..but thanks for sharing this

                          Cindy Scott

                            Can’t find The Inkey product in the US 🙁

                            Gretchen Isasquirrel

                              Gasp wait a minute, Wink?

                              Samantha Pandolph

                                I need to try those palettes. I love a dewy look but want it to stay put and look natural. 💗💗. Jus love your videos…so soothing your a rockstar

                                Faradilla Mirzana

                                  Thank you for your review! I live in Indonesia, and i really neeedd that kind of foundation! Love you!

                                  The Merz

                                    Nice! That skin care looks amazing. I wonder if they sell in the states? Better google it. Oh that beautiful foundation. Far beyond my skills I think. I can always dream!!! TY!

                                    Jacqueline Kane

                                      I was waiting for this….Thank you Wayne:) I have to say, listening to you is super relaxing. I love your repertoire, it’s always a great learning experience whenever you do tutorials. You have made such a difference on how I look at makeup and skincare. When you get hyped for a product your enthusiasm spreads. Thanks for sharing!! Hope your feeling better:)

                                      Jenz BeautyStyle

                                        I need to try these! Thanks!

                                        Barb Ferrer

                                          I am WILDLY intrigued by the Sian Richards palettes. I do competitive ballroom dance and my biggest challenge is always to have a smooth, flawless foundation that won't move and won't slide off my face at the slightest provocation.

                                          Mel Thompson

                                            Inkey sounds promising… but I mean, blurring… smoothing? Automatically sold 😝

                                            BlingBea Dowdy

                                              Awe you have my name on your shirt, love that.😘

                                              kristine zielinski

                                                Since taking better care of my skin with your advice I've had more compliments from others on how great my skin looks. I'm 46. Thanks again and continued success!❤💅

                                                Lily Ramsey

                                                  You sell me on EVERYTHING Wayne😁. Your expressions tell me everything and your reviews are always spot on.. I know because I've tried them 😊

                                                  Carolin Vincent

                                                    Thank you Wayne for always thinking on dark skin people, you alway gives options I hope you bring deep colors on your makeup line because I would love to buy it.

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