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      MY INSANE SNEAKER COLLECTION + Lights Label Rebrand

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is a video where I show you my sneaker collection and talk to you about the new Lights Label rebrand! I hope you enjoy!


        Hi my beautiful people!!!!!!
        Is my title too click baity? Lmao I tried to get spicy! Hahahah thank you for all the love you guys show me every day!!! I appreciate you !!!!! Xoxo !


          Love the new stuff and rebranding of Lights Label. That tote bag is really cool. Everything is simple and cool ❤️

          Hanna Wennberg

            Well hi there sneakertwin! I LOVE my air force sage low in mustard!! Been living in them for the last year. XO


              11:45 i think those are the nmd’s haha :)) in case anyone was looking for them online

              Cynthia Macias

                I can watch any video you post and be so interested in it ahah ❤️

                Jahnna Licudo

                  Please bring MIAMI here in the Philippines💋

                  Ashley Tee

                    Lmao Hugsy thought bubble. 🤣

                    Misty Parsons

                      Wow, you have quite an impressive sneaker collection!!😱🤯😍👍🏻👟💯 And, I think this was such a fun video request..I really enjoyed it!! Also, super pumped for the Lights Label Miami rebrand..cannot wait to see where you take the brand. Hope you have an amazing weekend. Love you, Kathleen!!💖😘 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ⚡️✨⚡️

                      Catherine Camacho

                        Two minutes in and I barley noticed the dogs

                        Julia K

                          KATHLEEN where did you get huggsy?? (joey's penguin in friends) I must knoww so cute!

                          also, I was waiting for this video since I watched your favourites and you mentioned your air force 1's with blue butterflies!

                          V L

                            I saw one of your shirts that says "brujita" on it is love own with just BRUJA across the front.

                            Mrs moiz

                              love you for what you are, you are true amazing spicy juitsy hehehe love u

                              Erica V

                                so excited to see the miami culture in your brand, the midwest is so bland, i’d love to see more about places i’ve never been to and wish i could be part of!!! love you <3


                                  Love you Stan you! Out here making content. Everyone loves content. And you’re so honest and real. Soo so many people could never try to be as good as you. ♥️


                                    kathleen what's going on with your content nowadays. what happened to drugstore reviews and collections and dupes and all that. also if u need content inspiration pls pls look at allie glines. i miss watching u do your og content.


                                      Kathleen has the shame shoe in 30 different colors

                                      Julie Guerrero

                                        What do you clean your sneakers with???

                                        Rouge Wagner

                                          I think the braids look cute!

                                          lUlU Oni

                                            Paid international shipping fee to Canada!!! Really like the tote bag and the T-shirt <3 Being sad that sweater shirts are sold out!!

                                            Siddhi Garud

                                              Love you kathleen so much…big hug to you…💗💗💗💗💗💞💞😅💗

                                              andrea crua

                                                I love you🥺

                                                Jeanette H.

                                                  Would love a tutorial on this makeup look–please? You mentioned Alamar bronzers (plural).

                                                  Carole Williamson

                                                    I NEED ALL the air forces!!!

                                                    Cory Hart Cruz

                                                      I wish people would stop moving to LA.. lol. There’s so many people that grew up & are actually from LA that get misrepresented because of the people that move here that aren’t from here..

                                                      Alma Varela

                                                        KATHLEEN WE WILL LITERALLY WATCH ANYTHING THAT YOU PUT OUT

                                                        Amber Gedeon

                                                          I can’t look at the highlighter yellow ones without squinting, they’re so bright!!

                                                          Lara B.

                                                            I freaking LOVE Miami. Such a magical, fun, multicultural city. You are Miami, Kathleen, and I'm so happy that you decide everyday to stick to your true self, to your identity, to your story. Super excited about the rebrand!!!

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