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      I N S T A G R A M: @Lisette ♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty This is how I get my nails done! Are you team natural or team acrylic?

      Lydia Bashford

        I’m a nail technician and I find soaking off the acrylic is so satisfying however, the thumb is always thicker and a bigger surface area so it is longer to take off. I find it also depends on the type of acrylic you use that makes the process easier or harder. For example most nail shops use cheap acrylic and liquid monomers which contain MMA those are damaging to the nail, but more expensive experienced technicians use expensive acrylic and liquid monomers which are better for the nail and also come of easier . MMA is extremely sticky when soaking off and non MMA products kind of crumble off.

        Ραφαελλα Γιουνη

          I love you

          Fatma K

            Thanks for the nail inspo💞❤️

            Fatma K

              You and ur nails look amazing❤️❤️❤️😤😤

              Genevieve Inez

                I think it’s so satisfying

                Nancy Sky

                  I get my nails done with this technique too, love it! Gluing nails on to your actual nails is so unbelievable unhealthy and damaging!


                    your nails are ALWAYS on point, just saying ✨

                    Zakia Chanell

                      Watching her use the drill to take the acrylic off was definitely satisfying 😩

                      ML BB

                        I like the design! But it s way too long is it possible to have that but with a normal long length? Love your videos always well edited!


                          Your nails are giving me mermaid vibes their too cute


                            Yes getting my acrylic filed off is Soo therapeutic ..loved the video ❤️

                            Tia Perry

                              i’m so curious on how much all this cost 😂

                              Sumaya Abdi

                                0:06 what color is that? and what type

                                Bri Bri

                                  Where do you get your nails done


                                    Can you do a foot care routine because it’s spring and summer is right around the corner

                                    Robs Booysen

                                      Hey Lisette, my nail tech does the exact same method and she says that getting them done with the forms is much healthier than doing them with tips so it’s better for your nails ! Love this video ❤️.


                                        Do vlogs

                                        Kaylynn Brown

                                          I was literally about to say that the removal of the acrylics is so satisfying and then you said it… glad to know I'm not the only one

                                          Kara Morgan

                                            I have my notifs turned on but I didn’t get one for this video😭 I found out about this vid on the home page. I hate missing your videos!!!

                                            Mariah Burns

                                              Your nails look bomb ❤️❤️💯🌎🔥😍🥰

                                              Topaz Brown

                                                10:56 the peach spray smells so freaking good

                                                Patricia Darby

                                                  Love the nailsssss

                                                  Deanna Matos

                                                    So satisfying

                                                    The Life of Stacie J.

                                                      I love how your nail tech is taking her time. I can’t stand nail techs who rush and cut your skin!


                                                        I got acrylic on my nails one time and my nails were ruined! I had to nurse my nails back to health and now I’m going back to the nail salon, but I’ll be getting the dip. My sister gets acrylic on her natural nails. Thick long nails run in my genes. I hate nails all together, so gurl u can have mine. 😘

                                                        Elizabeth Ealy

                                                          No I love watching the acrylic come off ❤️

                                                          Pretty Marie

                                                            I was waiting for you to do a video like this! Loveeee

                                                            Anonymous A

                                                              they are so cute ❤️

                                                              Ori Pulu

                                                                this whole video was satisfying 😍

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