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    All Things Adrienne

      My Nighttime Skincare Routine

      Let’s keep it real, people. We’re all guilty of falling asleep in our makeup from time to time. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized just how important it is to take the time …


        Damn….you’re just SO naturally pretty!

        Maha Al-Bisher

          Before being fooled by the discount code, there is no discount. The real price of the electronic brush is actually $38 on Amazon. You should never believe anyone in this industry although l love love love her videos 🌻

          Stephanie Mendez

            I use witch hazel toner to remove my very last impurities from my skin then I use maracuja oil for my face 🤗 And to remove my makeup I been using DHC oil and clean my face with a warm washcloth..

            Grace Aneni

              Love love love

              maritza alcindor

                Susan yara please review this! 💕

                Terri T

                  Love the beauty regimen you do. You had said you suffer from rosacea. I to use to suffer from it. But i learned to use vinegar on it and it went away. Of course ot was the organic Braggs vinegar. Just saturate a cotton ball and put on ur face. Its helps tremendously.

                  Lydia Ferdin

                    Why do people cover up flawless skin…..lord, her skin without the caky make up is so much prettier, like why would anyone want to cover that up? I can understand eyeliners, lipcolor, eyebrows etc. but please don’t cover up gorgeous skin like that.

                    Alexandra K

                      please watch susan yara's skin care. I'm cringing just looking at you taking off your washes and using make up wipe

                      Gabriella Moye

                        Still such a queen. I use a ton of products
                        1. Sea breeze and witch hazel
                        2. Terminator 10 acne cream
                        3. Cera ve moisturizing cream with coconut oil
                        4. Neutrogena hydro boost
                        5. Rose water
                        6. Miracle 2

                        Nina Nani

                          OMG when she started reading the French explanation 😭😭

                          Derrick Davis

                            She's gotten her face tweaked.

                            Irish Claddagh

                              If products are not organic or chemically free….taking care of the skin with these products its pointless….you want healthy skin stop putting toxins in it…simple…Adrienne you are naturally beautiful and your skin is still too young to be applying all the amount of make up you do and all the chemicals you use to remove it…skin to be healthy NEEDS TO BREATHE 💜

                              Laquita Tv

                                You look good, could you do a morning routine please

                                Rosa Serrano

                                  Watch DR DRAY here, on YouTube and save your money 💰✨

                                  Penina Lafoga

                                    GIRL! That vanity planet spa set was like over $100 😭 Thank you for your code!!! Spent less than $50 🙏🏽

                                    Lana Pear

                                      Just ordered the skin spa facial massager, thanks for sharing the code! Just saved over $90 Aus whoop!
                                      Yes I HATE the whole water to elbows thing too, no matter what angle I try, it still gets everywhere and on the floor while soaking my pjs 🤦‍♀️seriously there needs to be some kind of gravity water invention 🤣😂


                                        Mine is Soap & Water! Why? Cause I DON’T USE MAKEUP! Still age my 25! #TOMA

                                        Crystal Gallardo

                                          Omg I love her but her hands are so pale compared to her face ugh bothers me so much hahahaha

                                          Jennifer Aguirre

                                            Apply moisturizer and serums with middle and ring finger .. and for eye creams apply with pinky finger!!! Great tip learned from a beauty class

                                            Ryhanna Rivera

                                              Your still so pretty some Latina’s be cat fish but no you are beautiful


                                                Hiiii! You need to try Tatcha Indigo cream as your moisturizer. It’s for eczema or delicate skin. It’s amazing ! Also their vitamin c mask is everything. All of their products. Please give hem a try. It won’t disappoint!


                                                  A, anyone whos been watching youtube for a minute or has two braincells can tell this is 100% a sponsored post. Then you straight up said it isnt an ad. Like wow, why lie? That is so lame. Theres nothing wrong with sponsors, just say it is. Lost respect for you, and what you say isnt trustworthy now.


                                                    That pout is cringe AF

                                                    Sherlyn Pearl

                                                      woah… u look more beautiful without makeup on….

                                                      Sanchari Mondal

                                                        You seriously don't need makeup.

                                                        Jordyn K. Davidson

                                                          @11:33 the cutest thing ever


                                                            You should do your fav fragrances, high and low end and how you switch fragrances as the seasons change

                                                            Craig Morgan

                                                              Adrienne, u so pretty without makeup..

                                                              Angela M

                                                                4:55 water down the neck into the shirt is just like down the arms !!😱😱

                                                                Vanessa Herrera

                                                                  I love love her and her videos but does she ever interact or respond to comments?

                                                                  Angela M

                                                                    I love all the videos you are just so real with us..but i have a question would u or could you make a night time bedroom relaxing or like tips and suggestions in the love department video if you could if not i understand .

                                                                    x ssry

                                                                      I love the process, natural beauty

                                                                      Will Lopez

                                                                        I cant go to sleep all greasy like that lol

                                                                        DeJa Love

                                                                          Literally washed my face with you tonight! Love your videos! 😘

                                                                          Tatyanna Hayward

                                                                            My face skin routine is crazy. I don’t have a morning routine because I sweat product off trying to run to class. And I’m a broke college student so I just use Olay water activating cleansing wipes and a moisturizing cream. But my hair routine is extensive 😭

                                                                            Misty Bazan

                                                                              I’ve been feeling you robes. Where can we get them.

                                                                              Haley K Washington

                                                                                Also my pet peeve too omg !!

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