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      GET THE ROXI X REVOLUTION PALETTES HERE: Revolution x Roxxsaurus Colour Burst Shadow Palette – Revolution x Roxxsaurus Ride …


        Hope you guys enjoy today’s video!! Again thank you all for the support you have given me throughout these few weeks! I’m so happy you all love my palettes! 🙈

        Becky Wells

          Clickbait in the title hahaha

          Jess Said

            When you said you didn’t mean to go that dark in the spray tan booth I thought about Ross from Friends when he gets a spray tan hahaha


              Is your pallete available for sale in Asia?

              Abbey Holding

                Would love these palettes but the shipping is $35 AUD 😭 That's more than the palette itself!

                Fire .Phoenix

                  Jesus Christ is The Greatest Friend anyone can have. once He becomes your Lord and Savior, He will be closer than a brother and you'll never be truly alone ever again

                  Makeup by Renee’

                    Yes dedicated video for the colour burst please! I ordered that one as well as the contour and highlight palette and should get here by the end of the week!!😭😍

                    Bethany Lopez

                      Love you Roxi! Just got your palette and i absolutely love it!!❤️❤️

                      Kristell Alexandra Rivera Prieto

                        i dont think the colors are pigmented enough

                        Stil Day

                          I want her Ride or Die palette 🙁

                          Abigail Sian

                            Picking these up today!!

                            ATL S.

                              I was so excited for my palettes… ordered them on launch day from the revolution website. Came home today to find they were taken from my doorstep 😫😫😫
                              I have to wait another 2 weeks now for my next order, but I'm sure it's worth the wait

                              Jocelyn O’Halloran

                                I received mine today!!!! Can’t wait to play with it now ❤️

                                Kavya Jain

                                  You have a PALLETTE I NEED IT NOW ROXX

                                  Breyannalynn Baker

                                    I looovvveeee the ride or die palette..i gotta get one!!!

                                    Tegan Mcintyre

                                      Wish it was in Melbourne Australia 🇦🇺 😍

                                      Jessie Pau

                                        You’re probably the only YouTuber who hasn’t had lip fillers

                                        Harriet Blanchie

                                          I hope it's in the Philippines 😭 but Roxi, a girl from Cebu, Philippines has your back💕 hiiiiiiii

                                          Melissa Huff

                                            Awww it sucks when you think someone is ur friend and then something happens and it shows u they definitely aren’t on the same level as you 😩 these palettes are gorgeous tho! I remember seeing it but wasn’t sure who the collar was. As soon as I can I will purchase to support you !

                                            Victoria FerM

                                              I'm from Argentina too and I can't get your products. I really want that palet!!

                                              Umama Zakir

                                                I really hope they restock!😭

                                                Ja’Liyah Rainer

                                                  Do a wig from the worst star review

                                                  Shubhanjana Das

                                                    Send them to India 🇮🇳

                                                    Karolina Moraes

                                                      You are such a beautiful person… And your videos are so good… I want so bad your palette and I hope I can buy it some day. Congrats for that success.

                                                      Carmen Carlton

                                                        Congratulations you have worked hard does that didn’t have your back you didn’t need you deserve to be where you are at and you have worked hard to get there keep doing what you do so well


                                                          Wtf I didn't even know you released a pallete#?!?!? I saw it on the thumbnail and I LOVE IT !!!!! YOU NEED TO RESTOCK😤😤😤

                                                          Alison Kelly

                                                            i’m happy for you that it sold out that’s such an amazing accomplishment i’m just #sad bc i wanted the palettes for my birthday next month 🙁


                                                              Heyy Roxi
                                                              I'm such a big fan, btw congrats on the makeup!!!
                                                              Why don't you do a celeb video and dress up like BILLIE EILISH?
                                                              Try to challenge yourself a bit, I' SURE THAT IT WOULD BE INTERESTING.

                                                              casey calicdan

                                                                I want to have those palettes but as I've tried to check it online, the shipping fee is almost equal to the price of the palette. I hope your palettes will be available here in PH, soon.💖 I'll definitely buy it.🤩

                                                                Miss Ally

                                                                  I'm actually working on getting my makeup brand started! I just found a supplier! Hopefully its soon.

                                                                  Nikki Bek

                                                                    This was a bit of click bait…. 😕

                                                                    Jazz Rose

                                                                      The pallettes sold out on

                                                                      shy bella

                                                                        Plz use the color burst Platte

                                                                        Lisa Collymore

                                                                          Roxy we wouldn't be mad if you spilled all the tea..the Haters need to be called out lol😂 but I really love all three of your beautiful Palettes😍 Keep on Shining lovely Xo

                                                                          Bryna Thompson

                                                                            Are you using the Spectrum Collections brushes? 😲

                                                                            Dana Evartt

                                                                              In love with my ride or die pallet💕and congrats on everything, really amazing work👏🏼

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