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    Tara Michelle
      my REALISTIC morning routine

      my REAL freaking morning routine. as authentic as it gets. thanks to bioClarity for partnering with me on this vid! check out my go-to skincare essentials and save …

      Tara Michelle

        what does YOUR morning routine usually look like?!!? LET ME KNOWWWW!!! 🙂

        Lina Bkd

          The coffee on the couch so clooose to your mac gave me anxiety

          Rafaella Tsoukary

            yes yes a night routine ,plsss ..I've been here since fidm haha

            Lucille Babel

              Sneaky fammmm

              Lucille Babel

                I usually combine using glasses and contacts, my vision is soo bad but I will never have the nerve to even think about laser surgery because it sounds scary af, but now I only wear contacts because my dog chewed my glasses up so while at home I rest my eyes and am blind hahaahhaha

                Maria Ştefan

                  Just glasses, im kinda scared of contacts.

                  Katy S

                    I’m 5ft10in (had to Google how to use ft haha) and it’s awful, it’s all the opposite problems like pants being too short plus being looked at weirdly 😅✌🏼

                    trinity smet

                      wearing my glasses right now 🙂

                      Jaelle LaGuerre

                        the realest morning routine iv seen

                        Simona Albanesi

                          Contacts team 🔝

                          Hannah C

                            Wow, who knew the Showering Police were going to be on patrol in the comments today? You do you Tara! xxx

                            Anapaula Castaldi

                              give us the night routineeee i love itttttttt!!! <3<3<3<3<3

                              Lisa Salvatore

                                I’m 5’4 I’m so short! 😂🙄

                                Ari Olivia

                                  You only shower every 2nd day?


                                    Those eggs sound very tasty….

                                    Heng Hui Mei

                                      "legit legit morning" HAHAHA!


                                        5’10. Haha I have the opposite problem. Clothes too short on me, especially when it comes to sleeves 😅

                                        Missy Glitter Vlogs

                                          I wear glasses. Been wearing them since i was 13 i think. I love contacts,ive worn them before so i loved them. I wish i could afford them.

                                          Sabrina P

                                            I got glasses in 4th grade I think, then got contacts in 6th grade! My prescription has progressively come to -7.50 over the years and is still getting worse 🙃

                                            Missy Glitter Vlogs

                                              I'm 5´6" 1/2

                                              Lovee Josy

                                                Love your videos❤️❤️❤️


                                                  um sis what do you mean you don't shower everyday??

                                                  J Rose

                                                    My fav mascara is they’re real by benefit

                                                    Emily –

                                                      i use glasses because one of my eyes has perfect vision but the other eye has terrible vision. it causes me to have headaches but i suck it up most of the time. i don’t normally want to wear glasses

                                                      Matifadza Chikwava

                                                        What about the shower?

                                                        Unicorn Rosie

                                                          "Sneaky fam"

                                                          Jenalle Martinez

                                                            My morning routine can relate to yours in so many ways lmao. And I deffenetly want u to do a night routine so I could see if I relate to that also. Much love xoxo

                                                            Q Schwenk

                                                              Sneaky fam! 😂 my morning routine is get up go to work lol so exciting

                                                              Unicorn Squad

                                                                I feel like a bad person because she uses a metal straw but I use a plastic straw so please tell me if I am a bad human being

                                                                Emily Kerryn

                                                                  more routine vids please!!!


                                                                    ummm…you shower every other day??? 🤔

                                                                    Megan Tholen

                                                                      I wish I could wear contacts! When I was 2 1/2, and then 4, I had to get eye surgeries because my eyes were crossing inward, long story short it turned out to be a psychological issue and I never needed the surgeries, but they left me with a few issues. I’m 24 now, and I have not the best vision, but also have this issue where my eyes will go out of focus and get worse (kind of like a camera) for like half a minute or so, and so if I wore contacts I would constantly have to take them in and out because that’s what I have to do with my glasses. It totally sucks, but what can ya do?!
                                                                      Anyways, I loves the video Tara, and you seem so glowy and happy! I love the realistic morning routine 💕


                                                                        Girl!! You need to a workout video!

                                                                        Madeleine Sienna

                                                                          I use both glasses and contacts. I’m so blind 🥴


                                                                            I’m 5’11” and always been tall so pretty much opposite of you lol also use the exact same iced coffee!

                                                                            Olivia Garcia

                                                                              i have a pimple in the exact spot of yours LMAO

                                                                              Michelle Grant

                                                                                I wear glasses too. I also shower every other day. I saw in the comments that people thought it was so "bad," but it really isn't. Most days I don't really go out anywhere so there is no need to.😊

                                                                                Brittany Carpenter

                                                                                  someone please tell me where the glasses are from, I LOVE them

                                                                                  jackie duran

                                                                                    i’m 5’7 !

                                                                                    Maya Sherwood

                                                                                      Definitely understand height problems I'm 4 10 and the most I'm going to grow is another inch

                                                                                      Zara Degamo

                                                                                        night routineeee

                                                                                        Hillary Nieves

                                                                                          5ft tall problems! Literally a struggle

                                                                                          Bethanie Cline

                                                                                            I'm 5'4, I'm short compared to my family

                                                                                            Miranda K.

                                                                                              I wear contacts/glasses


                                                                                                holy shit those deviled eggs look like a DREAM

                                                                                                Julia Bella

                                                                                                  im 5' 4!!

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