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    Freddy My Love
      My Shoe Collection! ~ Freddy My Love

      My long awaited… shoe collection! Clothes linked below! *affiliate links used, and some items were either gifted or bought with a press discount/gift card!


        talk about materialism lmao

        Laura Speirs

          Could you do a video about how you clean your shoes?

          Ps. Love your channel, I have been watching it for more than three years now.

          Lauren Jane

            Keep the ones without the peep toe!

            irma Lopez

              can you get more affordable clothing

              akira 6x

                definetely go for the pointy one tho

                Rowena Petrova

                  Random question: but what are your top places to get your sweaters/turtlenecks???:))❤️❤️❤️

                  Grace Taylor

                    pointy toe!

                    soy tu daddy

                      keep the pointy toe ones for sure

                      Amandine Bouchet

                        For your Louboutin's I do not know if you can find something to protect the sole, but you can "resole" it when the red is too shred off (sorry for my english). I know that some shoemaker workshop have an official license to resole your Louboutin's with the official red sole (around 50 euros). Apparently it is quite common for those who are often wearing Louboutin's shoes.

                        Mari Taub

                          Team Peep-Toe! They're really beautifully done — the closed-toes just look like there's a butterfly slapped on, but the peep-toes really work with the butterfly shape.

                          Tessa Harrison

                            I much prefer the first pair of pink heels

                            Love you Freddy!!

                            Natalia Gutiérrez

                              The handmade sandals were from Spain! They are one of our most typical shoes. They are called "alpargatas"

                              Desiree P

                                Pointy toe shoes are beautiful but if they hurt your feet I would keep the other pair. They are both superpretty but think about your toes!!

                                Baber Shahzad

                                  Can you do a house tour video

                                  Mimishoo mimishoo

                                    Go for pointy!!!

                                    nina swinkels

                                      the pointed shoes, defintly

                                      Morgan Britt Butler

                                        The brand irregular choice (boutique in soho) sells clear sole protectors you can cut to size to protect the Louboutin soles

                                        Catarina Castanheira

                                          There are (those people who fix shoes) that can put a red sole in the shoes, I think some are even specialized in louboutins.

                                          Sammi L

                                            pink floooood

                                            Izzy Xx

                                              Pointy toe

                                              Lana Del Slay

                                                I dont have many shoes cus i have sensitive feet so i cant wear anything unless theres an elastic band, or if it's super soft leather, which sucks :/


                                                  Peep toe

                                                  Grace Yocum

                                                    By the way, those lace up Zara boots I bought for a Victorian play I was in! I saw them on your channel and thought they were perfect

                                                    Grace Yocum

                                                      I love the disclaimer at the beginning of the video, that was very sweet

                                                      armywife9596 L

                                                        Freddy, I’m your age and for some reason I feel like peep toe is outdated! I remember wearing them to prom and never since! Maybe this is just me, but I love a good pointy toe! Much love 💕

                                                        ilovetosew andsew

                                                          Straight away I can see 3 Pairs of Pink Loafers? lol x Have you watched Theresa Roamer? she has Alledgedly? the Worlds Largest Closet with about 55,000 Pairs of Shoes and 2 Million Chanel Bags's, not even joking 😉 You in the Future ?xxx

                                                          Elena drc

                                                            17:21 she said converse although they where vans😂. Love you though❤️😂

                                                            Lucija Ručigaj

                                                              Pointy toe def😍

                                                              Nancy Osman

                                                                CLV has a re-soling service or company that they refer to people. It's safe to use your gift.
                                                                As for the shoes that need repair there is a leather worker named Bedos. Bedo's Leather Work He is in Alexandria, VA in the U.S. he does great work. He has a YouTube channel. You can see his magic.

                                                                Lana Daks

                                                                  pointy toe

                                                                  Lorna’s Style

                                                                    Please don’t buy stickers for the loubs, they look ridiculous. Go to minut moins in London and get the red rubber sole put on, makes it easier to walk in too x


                                                                      Oh shit I love you. I love those shoes.


                                                                        You had a pair of pink moon boots , where are they?


                                                                          You don’t have that much , believe me , I am 13 and I have 65 pairs of shoes

                                                                          Yasmin Xxx

                                                                            When I scroll down the list to find you it’s so easy because your ones the only pretty pink one!

                                                                            Natalye Sayuri

                                                                              What JJ does for living?


                                                                                I recon sole stickers are pretty good at protecting the Louboutins.

                                                                                Lulu Farah

                                                                                  Pls do ur shoe collection!

                                                                                  Isabelle Maria Charun

                                                                                    U can get ur louboutin fixed at the louboutin store. u gotta wear them until the soul comes off a little and than they take of the bottm part and glue a nuce rubber sole one it ! it looks amazing and you can‘t tell from far. also it makes the shoe a little more confy

                                                                                    Jessica Andrus

                                                                                      For the Louboutin you can take them to a good shoe cobbler and they should be able to add a red sole on

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