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      I N S T A G R A M: @Lisette ♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty This is my skincare routine for acne prone sensitive skin! Whats your skin type?

      Leddie The Verified Prince

        Wow when you upload I get so excited like stupid excited…all I do for my face is soap face cloth and water… but I might just start a skincare routine for my channel please check it out yall

        Sree Chakraborty

          Use clinique makeup remover balm for heavy makeup

          Ellie Brooks

            Those spin brush don’t work for me.. whenever i use it my face gets bumps.

            coldplay 999

              I wan't cerave💕

              Jagmohansingh Jojo

                Thanks you for everything you give us❤️ for a girl you have a great heart you take time to tell us ❤️hygiene etc… You are amazing thanks you so muchh❤️❤️❤️

                venessa okorie

                  I needed this

                  Nicole Booysen

                    Hi babe ❤️ I love your videos so much
                    When are you doing a phone giveaway because I really need an upgrade from my iPhone5s😩😩

                    Mirrored ForYou

                      I recommend to use sunscreen in de morning!

                      Abir ReinaLee

                        I just subscribed to your channel and I enjoyed it a lot your so cool and down to eart…I'm thinking to continue watching until I've looked at alllllll your previous videos some like all episodes all seasons lol so I'm in the new season and this was episode2 for me 🤣. But yeah damn girl you are priiiiTee you don't need no make up…..stay blesses beauty 🇹🇹

                        Natalie Celis

                          Paul Rudd taught me that you're supposed to use your fourth finger to rub the lotion in cuz it's the weakest

                          Angelina Jacobs

                            A little tip is to not wash your face in the morning because when u do that your washing all the natural oils of your skin and your skin starts producing more oil

                            african barbhie

                              She looks like cardi b


                                Watching you wash your face is so satisfying for some reason

                                Katie bitch xo Xo

                                  You are so gorgeous and sweet ! Xx

                                  h a n n a

                                    If i where you id never wear makeup


                                      fiiiinally a youtuber who doesn’t have a 28 step skincare routine 😫🙌🏽

                                      Mia Gonzalez

                                        I am just starting to get acne and I feel your video really helped

                                        Lauren Denise

                                          sunscreen girl, SUNSCREEN.

                                          Shila Robinson

                                            I literally love you so much! You encouraged me to transition back to curls after about 2 years. Your skin is literally FLAWLESS and PERFECT TO THE PEAK HONEY! I love you hun 😘

                                            Ari Domonique

                                              Omgggg Girl you are my favorite you’re so helpful with all your tips and are soooo sweet I love all of your Videos and how open you are with us one of the best things you helped me with is you helped me relize that my freindsship was soooo toxic and my life is so much better with those people out of it I loveee youu💜💛💕💓

                                              Allison Mendrala

                                                i'm on accutane until november and it's literal hell ;( hope it's worth it though haha

                                                Ashayla Thomas

                                                  I want a clarisonic SO BAD!!

                                                  TOWANDA the STYLIST

                                                    You have Flawless skin! Thank you for your tips & for sharing with us ❤️💗

                                                    Tellys Thoughts

                                                      Girl I use Retin A too and I've always wondered why my face is so damn light. Now I know🤦‍♀️

                                                      Devanshi S.Ravindra

                                                        You’re amazing Lisette, but I think we should all avoid using plastic straws and plastic cups, we will be contributing a lot towards society, if we start acting now!

                                                        sassys. 1

                                                          Your voice is so soothing. ❤️

                                                          Samiha Ahmed

                                                            How the hell didy you know that i wanted a skin care routine!? 😦

                                                            Jalila Razaqi

                                                              How do u keep your face so clear especially during summer time

                                                              Jalila Razaqi

                                                                Could u make a healthy fave summer snacks recipes or mukbang please reply 🌞🍦☀️

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