My Starting Body Update & Healthy Eating / Project Comeback EP.1 Part 2.

Main My Starting Body Update & Healthy Eating / Project Comeback EP.1 Part 2.

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    Sarahs Day
      My Starting Body Update & Healthy Eating / Project Comeback EP.1 Part 2.

      SWEAT IT TO SHRED IT EBOOK FITNESS GUIDES!! Also check out my website for secret blog posts, stories, tips and more!

      Maria Luisa Eschenbach

        I literally binge watched all videos ! Love your channel Sarah

        Emma Carter

          by the sounds of it, you are doing a low FODMAP diet without even knowing it haha! I would suggest looking into it and see if that helps 🙂

          Anna Beth

            I've really been needing your motivation!


              Where did you get your pink drink bottle from ?? Xx always I am loving these videos as I am getting into my own healthy project of going to the gym and eating healthy x

              Natalie N

                I can't believe how fast your channel has grown since I started subscribing…I hit that button in between 600-700k, which didn't feel that long ago… And it's doubled since!!!

                Wiktoria Siudowska

                  I love your videos Sarah!!! I always can't wait for them !!! ur awesome Sezzy !

                  Emily K

                    Where’s your gym top from?

                    Laura Bora123

                      Sezzy pleaseeeeee get a partnership with Boost, so we can taste your lovely drinks xXxxxx LOVE YOU SO MUCH

                      Daisy Ruth

                        Hi sezzy. Are you actually coeliac or just trying to use coeliac foods? It's Interesting as it's my allergy people don't take my seriously with it because people use it as a 'trend' for "health" foods. Xx


                          It’s ridiculous how happy I get when I see new video! Killing it! One thing I find really hard is making healthy meals flavourful-could we get a sneak peek into your spices and condiments rack? 🙈

                          Sophie M

                            You’ve really motivated me…thank you…#weddingdressfitting 🙈

                            juanita maher

                              I'm sure lots of people ask this question but what blender do you use? it looks so great! 😘


                                I need that grub life jumper though lol


                                  Must be nice to be jobless and go to the gym FREAKING 5x TIMES A WEEK

                                  Yadira Ortiz Alvarez

                                    Thank you so much for being YOU, I’m a health freak so I absolutely love how I can relate to you so much. Greatful. 💞💞💞

                                    Yadira Ortiz Alvarez

                                      Love love love your videos, please make longer ones. We absolutely love it when your videos are super long. 💞💞💞💞

                                      Brooke Seigert

                                        does anyone know where to get the glasses she used for her smoothies? thanks x

                                        Natalie lakh

                                          Due my 2nd boy in August u are so motivated newbie here🙋‍♀️😘 u look amazing love all ur tips 😘

                                          Meg Abercromby

                                            @sarahsday where is your water bottle from?? looks like a great size. Great vid as always xxx

                                            Amy Fenton

                                              Fox is like 10x more tanned than me and I’m so jealous 😂 he is so cute though 😍😍😍😍😍


                                                I love your content so much. Omg a vlog of 30 minutes would be bomb. So excited about your project comeback. I’m doing one too. Love u sezzy 💜💜

                                                Yvonne Dreyer

                                                  Wish we found all these products for the smoothies in Sout Africa
                                                  Great channel🤗

                                                  Anastasia Xoxo

                                                    Honestly it’s not about the looks when you work out but how you feel afterwards 😌

                                                    Eline Sønsteng Johansen

                                                      Anyone know where her "grublife"-jumper is from? I NEED IT!

                                                      Jean Stump

                                                        Hey Sarah !! WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR CLEAR SMOOTHIE STRAWS FROM LOVE YOUUUU


                                                          ugh Fox is TOO cute 😭💕

                                                          Living This Life

                                                            Definitely don’t mind the super long videos! Thanks for the massive effort you’re putting in with a new family – it’s not unnoticed.

                                                            Inger Heimen

                                                              Yaaas project comeback is my favorite kind of videos! 😻


                                                                Yummmm you always make me craving delicious and healthy food

                                                                Tash Mackay

                                                                  Sezzy even if you uploaded an hour vlog we wouldn’t think it’s too long!! Love a long vlog 💕

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