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    Alex Centomo

      My personal story with B.P.D. Watch my letter to my younger self video:

      Alex Frisby

        I love your shorter hair! It's so flattering and pretty x

        Isa Manson

          Hey Alex 🙂 Can I recommend you watch some of Infinite Waters videos on youtube. He has a ton of healing tools and a different way of thinking about life. He has helped me tremendously, same with Heather Hoffman (Holistic Heather) Hope you can gain some inspiration from these two.
          much love to you

          GeneLili Zam

            Super proud of you

            Alicia Mauro

              You’re so lucky you have Daniel and that he has stuck by you through all you’ve gone through. My ex recently left me bc he couldn’t handle my depression. It’s heartbreaking

              Manon Van Vliet

                This made me cry, you're so strong Alex. You kinda feel like a big sister and I really want to talk about mental health with you hehe

                ELL MACK

                  I honestly love you so much Alex. I watched this before work which was a bad idea as I was so emotional the whole day haha just so sad to think people are suffering in terms of their mentality. Always here <3


                    I commend you for your honesty and raw and real truth in this video. Its so refreshing to hear your story and reducing the unnecessary stigma! <3


                      I had a pretty great childhood too. Then I got anxiety and depression in 8th-9th grade. Still struggling with it but it’s gotten a LOT better. Thanks for sharing your story alex. Loved hearing it. Letting people know they are not alone is so important.

                      Dorleta Gutiérrez Sanz

                        Omg this vídeo was sooo awesome. Thankyou for this. So much. Honestly, you are just amazing ❤️


                          ♡ thanks for sharing your story and touching this subject, Alex! ♡

                          i've had a beautiful upbringing as well and then fell into a 4 year long depression along with social anxiety, agoraphobia and panic attacks after graduating- hence why nobody (including myself) could understand why i've acted and felt the way i did. also don't have much memory from 2016-2017 since every day felt the same. friends who didn't understand me made it all worse, tbh.

                          BUT!!! therapy saved.. my… life. i don't know where i'd be without it today, honestly. yes, it took 9 months of daily active (and inactive!) work but i've been depression- and social anxiety-free since Septmeber 2018 which is the longest depression-free period i've had since 2014. i'm very happy & even MORE ENCOURAGED to keep going and encourage others that it is possible to overcome your mental illness! we need to TALK about our feelings & problems because the opposite/the solution to depression = EXPRESSION!! talk, write, scream, exercise, dance, run – get your feelings outside of you in a healthy & expressive way and don't ever surpress them! be patient and kind to yourself and be brave – to anyone who needs encouragement. ♡

                          Jaelyn Richter

                            You talked a little about how mental illness can be the result of trauma and I just want to add that “trauma” has no strict definition. We think of it in the extremes, but different things can be perceived by your brain as a “threat” or “trauma” and trigger the same trauma response as these more extreme events we think of when we say “trauma”. It’s really more of a stress response when your brain becomes overloaded with information and can’t cope, it finds a way out. And this is what might trigger something like a personality disorder; it is quite literally a coping mechanism that the brain creates to try and survive. It’s incredible.

                            I’m currently a bachelor social work student working towards licensure as a clinical social worker so I do have some background knowledge about this! I’m not just speaking from my behind lol. 🙃😂

                            Oriana S

                              I find this video great, Alex❤️ On the one hand for the people who suffer from something similar and on the other hand for the ones who know nothing about it…it might make people more understanding😇

                              Sabrina Moss

                                Thank you.

                                Kristin Wenzel

                                  Thank you for this. Love you Alex

                                  Katherine Ackley

                                    Thank you for being so open and honest and helping to remove the mental health/therapy stigma. I would love to hear more about your experiences/journey 💛

                                    Andréa Couillard



                                        Thank you for speaking about such a sensitive and personal subject. I learned so much from this video and you've shed a light on mental health. Lots of love to you Alex <3

                                        Susy Mojena

                                          I absolutely loveed and needed this video! Thank you so much Alex for being so open and honest and making me feel less alone ♥️♥️♥️♥️

                                          Mélodie Landry

                                            Magbe (sayin this like that, my opinion) you develop bpd after being bullied in school, mental illness usually starts from childhood, if your childhood was perfect your teenage wasn’t and it probably all start here!

                                            Pretty Alina

                                              Just wanted 2 say I like you Alex. You are an amazing human being!

                                              Mélodie Landry

                                                I taught I had bpd before after seeing your video talking about your tattoo about wolves. I saw therapists at school and they said that I wasn’t but still today, I feel like «je peux passer de tellement d’émotions en une journée, je peux passer de super heureuse à dépressive en 2 minutes » but im conscious now that I control myself and I’m the only one who can help it 🙂

                                                Mélodie Landry

                                                  Thanks you so much for the sharing alex! It should be so hard! Love you❤️

                                                  Whitney Shepherd

                                                    You’re amazing Alex and it’s beautiful that you are using your platform to speak about something that really isn’t talked about. You’re so strong and such an inspiration ❤️

                                                    Crystal Gutierrez

                                                      Thank you for sharing your story. You’re so incredibly brave! Love you, Alex! 💛💛

                                                      Jamie Anne M.

                                                        This was so brave of you. The fact that you genuinely care about your subscribers (or just other people in general) to help them not feel alone, to help others understand, and to just spread awareness – you are amazing 💕 Thank you for sharing!

                                                        Ali Darwich

                                                          Thank you for sharing your story. We all have inner demons that we deal with but we got this girl. Sending you so much love!!

                                                          Adriana Jabbour

                                                            I love you so proud of you ❤️❤️

                                                            Isabelle Meica

                                                              Dear Alex,
                                                              You are brave, amazing, and living human being. You are so real, and your story has been a journey. Also you are literally an angel, and you are loved! I'm so glad to have found you on youtube a couple years ago! Who knew that what you see on camera is not the same as off camera. That is isn't the complete story. You are a sunshine, and I pray that things will get better for you❤️

                                                              love a friend

                                                              Colleen June

                                                                you’re doing so much good alex, hope you’re doing well<3

                                                                Tabithann _

                                                                  P.S most universities and colleges provide FREE counseling for students (-:

                                                                  I love that you're talking about your experience and breaking the stigma on Mental Health! I'm in my last semester of my graduate degree in becoming a school counselor. Going to the doctor for your brain is JUST as important.

                                                                  Urgurl Ems

                                                                    I’ve been diagnosed with ADD, OCD, Generalized Severe Anxiety, Social Anxiety, and Depression. I struggle every day. I’ve been medicated, I’ve been off meds, I’m medicated now. I feel better for a few days every few months, but most of the time, I’m perpetually miserable. I have been attending Psychodynamic Therapy for a few months once per week. Currently, I’m feeling extremely suicidal. It’s hard for me to hide it. I don’t see any way out.

                                                                    Lilly Heidinger


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