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      My Stuck at Home Routine!

      I N S T A G R A M: @Lisette ♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty Right now, we should all be staying inside! This has been my #Routine lately, and I hope this motivates …

      Ayanna Taylor


        Ayanna Taylor

          Please make a video on your top hair care products!!!!!

          alia bereka

            I am amazed girl!!
            And yes plzzz for the pedicure tutorial

            Hanouna Snoussi

              So you don't eat food or what

              Ruth Mapazu

                I enjoyed watching this ❤️

                Le Ravenous

                  That all I’ve been listening too as well The Weeknds album on a loop

                  Parker Makendra

                    The only thing I could relate to in this video is when she got her hand stuck in the Pringle’s can at the end.😂
                    I still enjoyed it tho! 🥰

                    Charlese Norman

                      Pleaseeee do a diy pedicure vid🥺

                      Ava Dobbins

                        i love your video

                        Better Things



                            YASS LOVE ISLAND !!

                            mina K

                              I went and cleaned the bathroom too lol

                              Pari Singh

                                I would love a diy pedicure

                                Lexi Emerson

                                  Just wondering, do u still use the Nug Beauty products?? Btw love u so much xx

                                  Eeman Fatima

                                    Please do an in-depth pedicure
                                    My feet kinda lookin crusty

                                    Lhbeacon 111

                                      I’ve never used a hair mask, like ever

                                      Kayla There

                                        Anyone know what the instrumental playing at the end is?


                                          the DIY pedicure is definitely a must!! 🙏🏽

                                          Natalie Wood

                                            Can you do a updated house tour please

                                            Em T

                                              yes for the pedicure !

                                              gracie brown

                                                Diy pedicure


                                                  Please do a pedi video


                                                    yes for the DIY Pedicure

                                                    Sundus Abdi

                                                      Thanks for sharing that😍

                                                      KYESHA KNOWS SKIN

                                                        8:539:00 l live for moments like that! Got everything done and now it's time to just chill, scroll & relax!!

                                                        Tanya Coleman

                                                          Please show us how to do toes yes


                                                            My routine is just really either making YouTube videos or watching YouTube videos 😂!!! It’s really boring .

                                                            love you.


                                                              Kaitlyn Simpson

                                                                Could you please try to link the nail items you have I’ve been looking for some good ones !

                                                                Cynthia Deviyani Chand

                                                                  The video is good but you need to be a bit realistic and honest with your viewers. You literally had put on make up before you showed that you had just woken up looking so pretty. Secondly, you applied so much of concealer and/or foundation between getting out of the shower and being in your towel. Please go back and see the colour of your face and compare it to the rest of your body. Try to be realistic.

                                                                  Country: Fiji 🌴❤


                                                                    Hi love your name we are on lockdown in the uk

                                                                    ashley vallandingham

                                                                      how do your lashes still look awesome?

                                                                      Hannah Gibson

                                                                        What LED light did you use? I am thinking about buying one

                                                                        Mónica Santana Naranjo

                                                                          Where did you by your nails kit? I rally need one

                                                                          Alexandria Hopkins

                                                                            I have the same spray bottle it’s bomb!

                                                                            Deborah Christel

                                                                              Hahah I loved this video! This looks a lot like my days sometimes. Your nails & hair are getting so much prettier, specially now that your hair color is different. Looks really nice on you. Stay safe, God bless 🦋💕

                                                                              Josephine Shoyisa

                                                                                Please do a diy pedicure😊

                                                                                Natalie Dill

                                                                                  Why are your feet so cute😭☺️💞

                                                                                  meagan mal

                                                                                    wowww. this vid was REALLY helpful.

                                                                                    C B

                                                                                      Omg I love that nightstand! So pretty.

                                                                                      Asif Butt

                                                                                        Girl you always motivated me to get out of bed

                                                                                        Liza E. Rufinò

                                                                                          Please please show a PED tutorial soon 👍😄 thx so much for the video super gave me more beneficial ideas.

                                                                                          Savina Giannoulaki


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