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    All Things Adrienne
      My Summer Beauty Must Haves

      Summa Summa Summa-time! That’s right, the warm weather is here and it is time to gear up! Lol. Check out all of my favorite #SummerBeauty products!

      Lacey Deane

        Can you do a wig video ?? Love your videos

        Laura Luis

          Hey babes! You always look so radiant on the real…well anywhere. Could you share how your glam team does your soft waves that look super polished and your glowy peachy makeup….or the bronzed one you're always rocking??

          Azaria Hi’ilani

            “I’m a human GIF” 😆😂

            Yaneisy Hernandez

              Can you do a tutorial on that makeup look? 😍😍

              Tann Smith

                That gloss is nice but what are the glosses you wear on the show? THOSE r juicy! Hahaha cough it up, Queen!:) thx for the summatime tips!:)

                Christina Acosta

                  "OFF" withOUT Deet is best, guys. DEET is toxic.

                  Angela Marcinkevich

                    Adrienne hi what kind of flowers were on your counter in your video , they are beautiful

                    Noreen Muhwati

                      But A we really need someone to put lotion on our legs… girl 😑

                      Danielle Arbelo

                        "It will transform your race" LOL Love your videos!


                          My favorite thing for summer is OIL coconut, jojoba, apricot you name it I rarely use lotions in the summer as they make me hot and sweat, you actually sweat the lotion off but the oil keeps you ash free and helps those thighs glide 🙂 TFS!

                          Barbara Lorenzana

                            I love Tree Hut shea sugar scrub to scrub dead skin in almond& honey and I love facial sprays for my acne i use a tea tree oil at night

                            Marisol Gomez

                              Tell us why are looking sooooo…snatch!!! I'm trying rose water

                              giselle joseph

                                Love the lil bob hair. I need that rose water


                                  I LOVE LOVE LOVE you!!!

                                  Kara Ried

                                    I'm allergic to mosquitoes to 😪

                                    Cici F

                                      Only here to comment about ECOSIA instead of using safari or chrome install this app that plants trees using the money made off our searches let’s save world ok thx bye

                                      Deborah Santana

                                        Never cut the hair, the big chop was regretful I miss my hair!!!! Love the hair Adrian !!!! @AllThingsAdrienne

                                        Aimee Jackson

                                          Omg I LOVE that you use Glossier products! I’m obsessed with them!

                                          Finding Crystal Gail

                                            Please do a wig video how to apply it where to buy it how to fix your hair for a wig does your hair itch when it’s hot?

                                            Ashli Smith

                                              Adrienne, you're always looking flawless!!😍😍😍 you should definitely have your own line in hair, makeup, skin


                                                I hate checking bags too! Can you do a video on how you pack to fit everything in a carry on? Besos !

                                                extrasophia h

                                                  Her eyes look weird in the thumbnail in the photo on the left

                                                  Felicia Galeas

                                                    Love love love the lip combo your voice

                                                    Iraq89 B89

                                                      wow that wig look so natural

                                                      Wendy Moran

                                                        Love Ray!!!!!!!!! And I use Dove also!

                                                        Bebe Rivera Makeup

                                                          Wtf I thought you actually cut your hair!! Wow that wig is fuckin 🔥

                                                          Doris Mejía

                                                            Can you do a vegan video?!


                                                              I want that wig! I want that dress too!


                                                                Hi Adrienne, I love your videos! I appreciate how much detailed these are. It would be nice if you can cover some green beauty brands. I saw in Broadly a documentary on beauty greenwashing and how harmful for the ocean the plastic bottles used in beauty products can be.


                                                                  A good drugstore foot cream is one from Soap & Glory Heel Genius. It’s helped my dry feet.

                                                                  Jackie Wallace

                                                                    Hello Adrian my name Jackie I'm 60 years old and I watch all your YouTube you are amazing I like your energy I like the way you express yourself you have the right job and you have great YouTube videos I have a lung disease everytime I watches you I get so much energy i tell my kids this young woman is and will go a long ways in life you have some such a beautiful approach


                                                                      I like this vid cus the thumbnail was so gorgeous 😍


                                                                        I been using the sally hensen makeup for legs for over 12 yrs. And I love it! Use it everytime I show my legs.

                                                                        Lupe Mora

                                                                          O ma gawd estas hermosa chica!! Xoxo from San Jose California! I'm loving this vid keep them coming!!

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