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    Lisa Eldridge
      My New Summer Pink Lipsticks

      For all the products that are featured in this film click on the links below: 100% of advertising revenue is donated to charity. Follow me on instagram here: …


        So glad I got them all Lisa! They really do feel like a collector's item, just like your Audrey lipstick ☺️👏 Can't wait to film with them as soon as they arrive! x

        Blue Jay

          Congratulations Lisa! Just ordered the two insanely saturated ones!!! 💜

          Yen momo

            Oh mY … Skyscraper Rose Look so good on you … wow .
            That nude definitely a must have. 🤗


              Wow, these look amazing!


                When I thought I don’t need another lippy till I saw these! I wanna order love of my life. Does it ship to Singapore? I was hoping one of your models is oriental fair skin to be wearing the swap.


                  Love theres no smell, really appreciate it. Also love casual mum conversation. <3

                  Roo Siee

                    Seen the title of the video, didn't even watch the video went straight to the website, brought two of the lipsticks, then clicked on the video and found out I got the gorgeous pouch for free and I was eyeing that one! 😛 That is how much I trust Lisa, congratulations on your launch. They all look so beautiful.

                    The Red Cat

                      Dear Lisa, congratulations to your new collection! You wouldn't believe I had sit glued to PC from 15:00 to 16:00 UK time – as the lipstick launch was late 1 hour – just to ensure I could grab The Rainbow Spill, probably as the 1st customer. There were some technical issues with your website as this shade was not showing the description and the swatches by clicking on it, but I still put it in my cart. I was so afraid it would be gone within minutes :)))))) And I would be so happy if you could make that shade No. 3 – just GORGEOUS !!!

                      Clara Bo

                        Love of My Life and Rainbow Spill ordered, stunning colours. Well done Lisa x

                        sahel ahajani

                          oh my goddddd Lisa recreated the Audrey shade. I knew it. I'm so excited and sad at the same time .i can't buy it from Iran. ; /


                            I find it pretty impossible to say no to this woman. <3


                              So exciting!!!!! 💕

                              Love Peace

                                Thank you for the inclusivity espicially for including a girl with head scarf ❤️ big respect ❤️ very beautiful lipsticks 😍


                                  I just placed my order Lisa, can‘t wait to get the lipsticks 😍 I snoozed on the previous red release because I couldn‘t decide until it was too late, thus am very very glad the red lippies are also coming back ❤️💜

                                  Melanie Saldana

                                    I love that your mother called during filming!

                                    Mrs. Sondra

                                      How cheeky Lisa on the shade "Go Lightly". 😏 I'm pretty sure it was after Audrey Hepburn's lipstick you bought. 🤫 Now, l definitely need to get my hands on it!! 😀

                                      nicole stewart

                                        Woohoooooo! Yaaaaaaaay! I'm so so excited for your lippies. I missed out last time and there is no way I'm gonna miss out this time. I've watched you for many many years and I love you so so much. We are sooooo proud of you Lisa. You are beautiful beyond the universe in every way. Congratulations sweetie 💋😀 can't wait till the Reds are back. I'll be just as happy as you were when you got Audrey's 💄 . Its the same feeling I will have when I get my hands on a lipstick from Lisa. 😍👏


                                          Thank you Lisa! Ordered all 4 and am looking forward to the reds! Is Go Lightly then the colour you created from the Audrey Hepburn lipstick case you bought at auction? Much love from Canada ♥️🇨🇦♥️

                                          k. peck

                                            Lovely colours, but honestly feels a little disingenuous, given the deliberate timing of the videos, and the clear references to Audrey Hepburn, to make no mention of that lipstick at all in relation to this one. The texture is clearly updated, but is the shade meant to be the same?


                                              I bought Go Lightly And Skyskraper Rose. The first is perfect for simpler everyday looks and the other for a night out! Love the fuchsia one so much, I bet it will go well with my red and purple hair 😁

                                              Manuela Ichim

                                                I will save up and buy everything Lisa puts out! She is amazing and she deserves all of our love and support!

                                                Mai Xiong

                                                  I can't believe it! I just ordered GO LIGHTLY and Skyscaper Rose!!! I can't wait for them to arrive!!! So excited to try them.


                                                    I didnt want to watch this video cuz i knew id want all of them 😂😂

                                                    Beauty by Anne-Chris

                                                      Omg omg omg! These are sooo pretty! I just ordered two, Go Lightly and Rainbow Spill. And I am going to watch you like a hawk to get reds as well ❤️😘

                                                      K. AnLeYah

                                                        Lisa, thank you for being 150%. I love your professionalism 😍

                                                        Lei F

                                                          The Australian exchange rate is rubbish right now 🙁

                                                          Katekate Yang

                                                            The texture looks like a Japanese lipstick

                                                            Sarah-Anne Wrap

                                                              Yes! I'm more of a pink girl at this time in my life vs. deeper tones or reds. This is right up my alley, excited to receive my lipstick and treasure it!! Reading the comments- That Audrey Hepburn lipstick is going to haunt all lipstick related videos huh lmao

                                                              Elizabeth Darby

                                                                Fabulous, just bought Go Lightly as that’s perfect for me!

                                                                va m

                                                                  Thank you so much for making these (luxuriously lucent) lipsticks cruelty free and vegan! 💚🌱

                                                                  I just made an order for Go lightly! 🧡

                                                                  Burdzu Burdzu

                                                                    Beautiful lipsticks Lisa.

                                                                    Jessica Bronner

                                                                      This is how you sell a lipstick always so classy and never about numbers $$ jackyn needs to take notes. About to order mine now 😊

                                                                      Funky Monkey

                                                                        No mold or glove fuzzies here hmm 🤔


                                                                          Just placed an order, and I cannot believe that I will soon own a lipstick by Lisa Eldridge 💋
                                                                          I am beyond excited!! 😊


                                                                            Lovely Lisa and also lipsticks. I’d be waiting for the Andrey color!!!

                                                                            claudia austmann

                                                                              Wow , I ordered my first Lisa Eldridge lipsticks, decision made in 5 seconds, could not resist and ordered two, 'go lightly and rainbow spill😍I am soooo excited…🙆‍♀️

                                                                              Michelle Mercil

                                                                                Living. Dying. Rising again. Dying again for the shade and name of Go Lightly.

                                                                                Emma Gustafsson

                                                                                  I've ordered Rainbow Spill and Go Lightly, sooo excited! I love my velvet reds, and these will be a perfect addition to the happy little lipstick family! Well done Lisa, as always!

                                                                                  Belle Bozinoski

                                                                                    Just bought Go Lightly, Skyscraper Rose and Rainbow Spill. Saying I'm extremely excited for my package to arrive in Sydney, Australia is an understatement!

                                                                                    Mariana Groza


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