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    Lisa Eldridge
      My Watercolour Blush Technique

      Follow me on instagram here: For all the products that are featured in this film click on the links below: 100% of …

      candice bergstrom

        You're such a class act. I've learned so much helpful & useful info from you, over the years. You're a wonderful teacher & gifted artist. Thank you for taking the time to film, edit, & share your wisdom!

        FCappy loves…

          Artistry-pure artistry! No gimmicks yet so on trend, fresh and inspiring. You don’t have to do this (YouTube) anymore and yet you continue to share and encourage us to go outside our own thoughts. LOL – one of the colors you used is already sold out on Sephora…I am so grateful to you Lisa!!!

          Heybeexh Hsy

            This is so beautiful 😢 I wanna do this!!!

            Julia Gulia

              Hello, does this technique work combined with red lips?


                May we have a tour of your studio, please Lisa? I’d love to see your stash and inspiration!

                Yael Bolender

                  It’s beautiful! But I definitely must do that in my bathroom because in my bedroom where my vanity is, I don’t have enough light and I will look like a clown… 🙂
                  I was wondering what you have on your lips, it’s nice too.

                  SUNNY ELIZABETH

                    great look for spring! thank you..curious, I have a mole on my face almost same size and exactly in the same spot as yours however mine is skin tone. What can I use on it for color that stays on and looks natural like yours..??? Thanks!!

                    Julia Brylak

                      please show your skincare routine!!! <3 you look amazing


                        You’re so good. 👍🏽👍🏽

                        Karen Quintana

                          Such an artist at work. A little bit of this and a touch of that. You make it look easy. But we all know it’s not. I will try it just for giggles. 😘

                          Alexis Aguirre

                            i loove this Lisa!!! I also love and allways use blush to highlight my browbone, there is something about blush there that make it pop even more that a shimer, it's work in a natural look and in an intense one and it's effortless.

                            The Matadore

                              I’m really into this

                              Angela Adlish

                                What a delightful tutorial Lisa! I love the idea of melding artistic inspiration and practical use of all these blushes I'll never get through. You inspire EVERY time!💕Angela

                                Jamie Quick

                                  Please do a 70’s costume like look using this method.

                                  Meg Collins

                                    Call me obsessed, but I'd really love to see you do this on a deeper skin tone too. I know you described how one could make adjustments, but there's nothing like seeing you do it.

                                    Miss Sunny Dee

                                      I actually have been using my products on places where it wasn't intended: bronzer and blush as eyeshadow, lipstick as blush etc.. Simply because 1. I don't have the highest budget 2. Sometimes you buy shades that are too dark for your cheeks, but not on the eye. 3. You can hardly get cream blush products in my country, hence the lippy on the cheeks.
                                      BUT… THIS?! I couldn't have thought up this myself! Different blushes on my cheeks and eyes on an instinctual base… wonderful! No idea if it'll look okay on me with my super dry skin and lack of makeup artistry. But I'm definitely going to try this!

                                      I've just recommended you on another channel as a true makeup artist that actually teaches us and always makes people prettier. (Seriously 15min ago). And you prove that here once again!

                                      Mir Silva

                                        I love it!

                                        Christa Ohia

                                          Gorgeous look very editorial yet wearable. What lip color are you wearing? Thank you for this video!

                                          Marwa Kiki

                                            love this look, love this technique.. And love you lisa❤️

                                            Katie Frewin

                                              truly the queen, nay the /empress/ of beautiful & natural makeup


                                                Gorgeous as always! I love the faint sounds ur rings make. It's like a little touch of asmr. ☺️❤️

                                                Sara Jane Haven

                                                  Fantastic artistry… love it!

                                                  Kelsey Boller

                                                    This is lovely, can’t wait to try this

                                                    Noah Venkatarangam

                                                      i know it wasn't to be a period look, but some of these elements feel like 80's barbara daly! another exquisite video, Lisa 🙂


                                                        ALL THE BLUSH! EVERYWHERE! 🙂

                                                        Brittany Doss

                                                          I cannot wait to try this!! Watching your videos over the years have made me see the importance of blush!! Thanks for the consistent amazing content Lisa!!!

                                                          Helena O.T

                                                            Love it! 😍

                                                            Saleika Wilson

                                                              I just love this. Thank you Lisa for giving us even more techniques for this water colour blush.

                                                              Ashley Anderson

                                                                Oh my gosh this technique is so beautiful. Definitely going to give it a go tomorrow!


                                                                  I love using two blushes together- a peach and a lilac pink, gives a beautiful effect. Lisa how is it you never seem to age btw, do you have a portrait in your attic? 🙂


                                                                    So ethereal!!!!

                                                                    k. peck

                                                                      Wow, so brilliant! Lisa, what were you wearing on your lips here? It is the perfect no-makeup lip!!


                                                                        This seems like so much fun, even if you do it and DON'T leave the house hajaha🤣🤣

                                                                        Hannah Harrelson

                                                                          Love love love!!

                                                                          Mila Karr

                                                                            Lisa love- please do an updated favorite foundation routine!! (If you have enough new favorites to do so.) Thank you!


                                                                              The Queen! You are just the best 💕💕💕💕💕

                                                                              Adriana MacLennan

                                                                                I just love your videos so much. I want to try this look tomorrow. So absolutely beautiful


                                                                                  I love this blouse Lisa, where is it from? xx


                                                                                    Thank you, Lisa for this wonderful video. You are top-notch class. I love how creative and fresh your content always is❤️

                                                                                    R J

                                                                                      Amen!!! I never ever ever have finished a blush! This is gorgeous on you.

                                                                                      Jessica Ariño

                                                                                        I love the creativity of this but is it safe to use blush in the eye area?

                                                                                        Megan Lewis

                                                                                          I LOVE watching a true artist work. I always try to soak up all the knowledge from Lisa's videos!!! So stunning!!

                                                                                          Natalia Barquet

                                                                                            “Just a simple, quick tutorial…”

                                                                                            Creates beauty and magic.

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