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      My ZARA Haul & Try-On

      CLICK HERE FOR MAKEUP VIDEO: I ordered a load of crazy-sleeved stuff from Zara and here I am trying it on! Pretty much what it …

      Nuala Ryan

        Too funny 😂

        Elisabeth Kaiser

          Loved this, but mind: You can´t wear a coat over the fabulous jacket. And I wonder what it looks like after cleaning. The grey shirt look so good and the colour on you is amazing!

          Viktoria Kadetova

            Great Video 😍

            L Booker

              The grey ruffle top looked amazing on you (I have similar hair and skin tone to you and I find grey a flattering colour, especially in winter..)..hope you find a matching high waist item for it! The black tops and red lipstick seem harsh both together (although you always look great anyway)


                The blue top is perfect for your colouring! And the ruffles are fun. Everything doesn't have to be a white t-shirt…

                mnk tfn

                  It was hilarious to watch!! And very heart warming to see that a model also has to deal with I'll fitting clothes. It happens to everyone! 🙂 Why you want ruffled sleeves for filming is beyond my understanding. I love your cashmere pullovers and the clothes are not the reason I watch your videos anyway. But if you feel like wearing something a bit different, by all means go for it. I'd try a Boden top with a funky print rather than distracting ruffles… But the ones you are keeping are actually my favourite ones by far.

                  Maria Jarvis

                    It's official Ruth, you're fantastic! This video was truly one of my favourites 🥰. And that purple ruffled top is stunning on you!

                    Thaeru Whisper

                      You should have kept the jacket dont be a push over. I mean that in the kindest way possible!

                      Gemmer Snappie

                        Ruth, you’re amazing.


                          These all have Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek vibes!! 👌❤️👍


                            I like the jacket on you !

                            Lea Jacobson

                              If you like giant shoulder furbelows, girl, I salute you. LOL. Tudor bard or circus dog.

                              Lea Jacobson

                                Please, please do this again. The more the ridiculous clothes the better. I laughed my head off.

                                Shannon Zuniga

                                  I love you LOL!! You’re so real and hilarious and charming. The clothes though, ehhhh. 👏🏻🥰


                                    Your honesty is so refreshing! What you expressed is how so many of us feel when trying on some of the fun fashions that are out there these days! I swear I’m a medium, only to find I can’t get the skirt or pants up around my darn hips😫 And the tops…my tummy sticks out like I’ve got gas build up….so disgusting! I’m tired of wearing tunics! I really liked the jacket and the item you’ve decided to keep as a prop! They’re fun and unique! You inspire all of us and for that, we are grateful!

                                    Nflower Celik-Alvis

                                      Love your humour 😊

                                      Bronia K

                                        Best try on video ever! Also if you are a zara large no wonder i can never find anything that fits in there.

                                        A Woman of a Certain Age

                                          Cut the black velvet dress and make it into a top. The sleeves and back are gorgeous!

                                          The Grown Woman’s Guide

                                            I love everything about this. Ruth, I appreciate you! And I love your ruffles. 💕

                                            Lil P

                                              Mr Bear is more interesting than Zara

                                              Invisibly Crowned

                                                BEST HAUL VIDEO EVER! Please do more!

                                                Sharlene McQuaid

                                                  Best haul had a great laugh ❤️

                                                  Desiree Osterman Makeup

                                                    You’re brilliant! Funny as funny .. I actually jumped with fright 😳

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