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      Nail Artists Share Their Horror Stories

      “She kept coming to me as her toenails just disintegrated.” Amberlee Loera: Xuan Bui: …

      Nicole Correia

        "she didn't tip me more than 1 or 2 dollars" honey if you are in Europe we don't do that and in my country is RUDE to ask for or even expect one.

        Jezreel Bullock

          These kinds of situations are exactly why I will do nails for friends and family and myself but not professionally. Just gross

          XXX Tentacion

            I think your face is Worse than the foot fungus

            i couldint think of a name

              That second girl was soooooooooo pretty, makeup on point like holy sheet

              Crazy Catten

                Sub to peediepie

                Mei Cha

                  honestly this made me laugh hella

                  Lamont Antwan

                    Haha Nailbandit!!! Toe nail in the EYE!!! So funny! A+

                    Savvy Rey

                      The 2nd nail artists accent is cute. She has really good English and slang terms but had a slight accent that makes me soo happy 😂

                      Alejandra Del Real

                        Can’t stop looking at her mole

                        Toma Alacreu-Cossette
                          Ryan Wheatley

                            I wanna barf.
                            I feel sick

                            Brenda Kelinske

                              When I was in cosmetology school I had to take care of a client that booked a pedicure. I got my station ready and when she sits down I take a look at her feet & they were so crusty I COULD NOT. She tells me “I really need you to scrub all these calluses off & I would prefer no gloves” I apologized and told her that I couldn’t do that due to sanitation reasons and even brought over my instructor to explain it to her. She then was upset & took one of my tools away from me saying “Here give me that!” she started scrubbing her own feet, mind you this was right before I was going on my lunch break 😖

                              Time Frost

                                Second lady got a very low cut shirt, she bolder than I am.
                                Also, yes, clients should tell them any issues they have related to nails.

                                S Williams

                                  My dad was clipping his toe nails on the couch one day and one of them flew and landed in my mom's pop. So gross.

                                  Mamii kushh

                                    Whittier ca whaaaaaaaatttttttttt girl wya

                                    Shana C.

                                      As a "beauty-school dropout" I can totally relate.


                                        Am I the only one wondering why Simply Nailogical aka Cristine is even though she doesn’t have a business?

                                        Jane Louie

                                          Sometimes you need to tell them it’s against federal law to service someone with fungus. :/

                                          Pretty Alina


                                            Katie M

                                              What happened to the first girls lips?

                                              Shooketh To the core

                                                I’m sorry what was on first girls lip

                                                Gwen Jones

                                                  I don’t never usually do my nails, so this one time I went cus I had an event, the lady was nice and everything but I saw everyone tipping them, I was so embarrassed because I forgot about it and I only had card not cash, I felt so bad. Lols I just wanted to say it

                                                  Scarlet Moonlight

                                                    What’s that weird growth on her lip?

                                                    Jane & Nora

                                                      Finally! I was wondering when they were going to do this video!


                                                        So her mouth… what's with that?


                                                          Good job with the double sided tape on the second woman. She didn't pull the edges of her top to off angles and it lay correctly on her.

                                                          Serena Omangi

                                                            Is the first girl okay she has something on her mouth.

                                                            Having Tea With the Devil

                                                              My career goal is to become a nail technician 😍😍😍😍 now i see what i May have to put up with 😭😭😭😭


                                                                Omg not gonna lie when i saw nail bandits make up i was like, "daaaaamn her makeup on point".


                                                                  That girl in a hat is so chill and it makes me laugh 😂

                                                                  Ave Vee

                                                                    The first one is… just wow. Oh jeez.

                                                                    Xx Xx

                                                                      Can someone tell me what’s up with that lady’s lip?

                                                                      Emily Rivera

                                                                        I don't wanna be mean just curious. what is on that first girls face next to her mouth??

                                                                        Cyndie Myers

                                                                          No disrespect at all, but I cant help but to stare at her lip and wonder what's wrong with it. I feel awful even saying anything but I'm just genuinely curious. Birthmark maybe? She's beautiful either way. <3

                                                                          Erin Long

                                                                            Where my holosexuals at??

                                                                            Dominique Does Life

                                                                              Oh God, law of attraction hunbots…be careful she don't try to sell you her DoTerra.

                                                                              Tyler-ann H

                                                                                she should know to hold the nail down with her thumb when she clips them to stop them from flying everywhere

                                                                                Gabrielle Tuttle

                                                                                  They kept changing the camera angle soooo much

                                                                                  470bridgette 982

                                                                                    there's such thing as nail school?


                                                                                      You guys should do this with like eyebrow artists


                                                                                        For that first lady, I totally would've added an anti-fungal cream to the foot bath or something xD

                                                                                        Kaitlin Chau

                                                                                          I’m nail tech and got my license right when I turned 18. And oh the stories I have with my two years of doing this. Shits crazy from rude clients to infected ones like in the video 🤢
                                                                                          Lol wish I could’ve told the gnarlythings I’ve seen to buzzfeed

                                                                                          Gabb Lunz

                                                                                            I shouldn’t have watched this while eating food….

                                                                                            Danielle Shabo

                                                                                              What’s on the first girls lip?

                                                                                              Jimena Cervantes

                                                                                                these girls are gorgeous omg

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