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    Wayne Goss

      Looking for the perfect pink palette? cool and warm tones? Or just want that ultra pretty ‘pillow talk’ look. Then this palette is for you! LINK NATASHA DENONA …

      Rachel J

        Revolution has the same childish packaging with falling stars for £5, so no, that packaging isn't almost worth the price.

        Ang Frias

          SUBSCRIBED 💜💜

          Ang Frias

            So greatful i found you!!!
            I love how fast and straight forward you are at swatching! 💜 it! && thank you!!!


              These palettes and their packaging is just SO visually appealing to look at! Thankfully not the tones or colors I wear though lol so I won’t be purchasing.

              ahsd sdgfuyefuygerf

                Pillow talk Palette VS Love Palette, which is better?

                Angela M

                  This palette looks too close to the Sunset palette for me. Its beautiful though.

                  meow meow1961

                    Love ❤ your short and to the point thoughts on Natasha Denona's Love ❤ palette 🎨 collection! Oh no another ND must have!


                      i love natasha denona, but not feeling this one i feel like its too similar to the sunrise palette just with a few pinks and I absolutely love my sunrise palette

                      Frank Gyori

                        Wayne, is there anything I or your subscribers can do to assist in caring for and rescuing Kaolas and other creatures harmed in the wildfires in you beautiful country?

                        Eileen Munoz

                          Just received this palette today in the post from Beautylish along with a few of your brushes. Can’t wait to use the shadows and your brushes.

                          Lhmcd 55

                            Vote for Wayne in The Shorties. Thank you Wayne.

                            Sheryl McCormick

                              I just ordered the Love eyeshadow palette yesterday. I'm really excited to get it after seeing your swatches.

                              MB Kerzman

                                Just ordered the eyeshadow palette and I cant wait. Especially considering your opinions on it. I love the face swatches! (:

                                kimberly armstrong

                                  This is amazing


                                    I do like it!! Thanks a Wayne 💕 💕 💕

                                    Steven Wiratha

                                      Loved the vid ❤️❤️ I’d check out platforms like Vyrill if you’re looking to get in contact with the brands you review!

                                      Ross P C

                                        Hi from mexico City . I love your Chanel . You are very nice and very good make up artist . The best for you in 2020 … kisses 💖💖💖💖💖🙋🏻‍♀️🇲🇽

                                        Lynn Hom

                                          Love your shirt. You look so good in navy blue.

                                          Kim B, that’s me

                                            What is the difference between a warm tone and a cool tone?

                                            garden heart

                                              I'm surprised we don't see you swatch or talk about pat McGrath shadows Wayne.

                                              Jo Drew

                                                Hello Wayne, writing from NYC.

                                                First off, that shirt looks fantastic on you. My second is a question, are those rich colors too much for a party look on someone over 60 with very minimal lines and dark skin? I ask because I'm attending a wedding soon and am loving purples (very eggplant tones), Thanks.

                                                Sallie Ryder

                                                  I LOVE this one! It has all my FAVORITE shades and I am waiting for it to be delivered today. I can’t wait to play with it!!❤️❤️😘😘😘

                                                  Leigh Cromie

                                                    Hi #waynegoss. Have you watched Toxic Beauty? Would love your thoughts on this pls
                                                    Think your fab , by the way!

                                                    Broadcast Neo

                                                      Don’t know why her products are expensive! I hope I don’t get she use the best ingredients as an answer because it doesn’t make sense anymore 😆

                                                      Lisa Karas

                                                        I love that he just stripes his face lol

                                                        Janike Gagnon



                                                            i just ordered the pillow talk palette. I had to choose between this and the ND love palette… sadly i cant afford both!

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