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      Please watch this entire video and hear what I have to say about this entire situation. It’s time for a change and it starts NOW.

      rosie ansell

        I respect you for admitting that this is a behaviour pattern you want to stop. Good for you

        katelyn anaya

          Being grown is about admitting when you’re wrong, and knowing when it’s not worth it and when to stop. Anger really can cause in the moment reactions. But, You really don’t know until you’re in a mature mindset, that enough is enough. ❤️ u JS

          Alexandra B

            Jeffree, what's wrong with you? you'll never learn and definitely not become a better person. this video is proof of that. "shut the fuck up" like you said yourself…

            mommy and daughter Wilkerson

              No you should not be posting anything. James is a teen and you and Tati are grown adults. Maybe ALL this should have been private. End of story.


                Why bother making the video, your excuse is "you were in a dark place" like we all are! "You know me for keeping it real" girl you attacked a teenager online because you were being narcissistic! Everytime he gets involved in drama he always says hes gonna stay in his own lane and not get involved then he does the same thing again!

                Victoria F

                  Why u all want some tea?? Fucking gossip girls… is nothing better happening in your lifes? Jeffree is right "hate must stop" ✌

                  Denisa Ciunganu

                    This feels healthy I guess


                      Jeffree owning up to his mistakes and being the bigger person by not “exposing” anybody is the Jeffree I appreciate & love seeing. You can see the growth in him and him seeing the overall picture❤️

                      reut ben shimol

                        I still think James is wrong is friends try to help him and open is eyes ! They didn’t do it correctly but they were coming from a good place and in hope to change James’s behavior 🤷🏻‍♀️

                        Dawsen Grimes

                          Here lies the beauty community. It may one day revive when all the lying ass snakes slither away into their own casket. Until then, rest well in the ground, makeup artists.

                          Christina Kaos

                            we all know uncle jeffree dont got the receipts

                            Ocean Waves

                              he admitted to sending those horrible texts and yall are more pissed about him not showing receipts

                              Koji Kaze

                                You got exposed, and NOW you want to hide your hands? Nice try, Jeffree. Lost ALL respect for you.

                                Rock Chan

                                  Oh what happened to Grayson doing a video about James touching him in his sleep lmaoo

                                  Jana Ptackova

                                    OMG why you all want receipts? Just let it go! It went way too far into their lifes. It's discusting! Even if Jeffree has some receipts or don't have it doesn't matter!! It is his decision and he did the right thing and that is to STOP TALKING ABOUT EVERYTHING! so stop talking about it. It's not your business!

                                    Isabelle Sieber

                                      Yep! Perfect video, apologized and ended this mess. People seem to forget that Tati and Jeffrey were sad and angry… if James just did not betray his friend in the first place for a stupid festival, this whole thing would not have happened. 🤷🏼‍♀️ let’s move on

                                      Jeremiah T

                                        Ok… side note

                                        where’s his eyebrows?

                                        jobuscrust a

                                          Guys stop leaving hate comments my fingers are tired liking them all

                                          you wanna know

                                            You made a mistake and you apologised. I think it's very mature of you to do this. And I hope you know that a lot of your fans are really proud of you.

                                            Alex Paige

                                              Honestly, I'm with Jeffree and James, Jeffree messed up, but he was surrounded by a lot of negativity and was misguided, I'm not saying that makes it okay, but he's definitely learned, he doesn't usually do videos like this so I personally think he himself got a wake up call, sadly it happened, but it will get better.

                                              I personally hope Ian is okay, I hope James is okay and I hope Jeffree is okay.

                                              Things can only get better from here. Stay positive.


                                                i think jeffree held it maturely right now. He admitted his mistakes, and refused to show reciepts (whether he had some or not) to stop all the hate and drama.

                                                Amber Honey

                                                  Fuck you you piece of shizza what a waste of timeeee piece of shizza

                                                  Jess Potts

                                                    Have a lot of respect to you for admitting you could’ve done things better. You’ve done the right thing. Lots of love💗💗

                                                    Bebethekween •

                                                      JEFFREE:I’m going to give the people what they want

                                                      Me:AND THATS THE TEA SIS


                                                        I’m convinced all this drama was fabricated just to get us to watch everyone’s videos and give them our views 🙄


                                                          Tati: *draw 4 card*

                                                          James: nO yOu
                                                          *pulls out reverse card*

                                                          Puppet Girl

                                                            Tati and Jeffree: * put James as the bad guy *

                                                            Emma K

                                                              kinda funny how you've accused James of being a predator when we all know who the predator really is… :///////


                                                                I think it’s good that Jeffree to be done with this drama.

                                                                Bre Decker

                                                                  I love Jeffree and James.. I waited for the tea and proof.. I unfollowed and unsubscribed from Jeffree because I was disappointed as someone who’s watched them forever and is trying to get into the beauty community.. I do think he meant what he said and I’m shocked about everything.. tea of 2019 👀

                                                                  Brionna Smith

                                                                    All I gotta say is that Jeffree doesn’t have to show anything it’s his video his life he can post whatever he wants on his channel y’all just want another reason to bash on him keep doing you jeffree I’m proud of you❤️

                                                                    Xaviera Xavier

                                                                      What exactly is Jeffree talk about?

                                                                      Mr. Meeseeks

                                                                        I'm unsubscribing Jeffree. You've shown some truly immature and malicious colors over this event, and now you can't even admit you were wrong and jumped on the hate bangwagon to follow popular opinion. You're not showing receipts because you don't have them. Trying to pretend like you're "bigger" than that is a fucking joke because of your childish behavior online recently. You're nearly 40 years old and you attacked two teenagers online and now you don't even have the balls to apologize to them. Fuck you man.

                                                                        nabeela musa

                                                                          Y’all James and Jeffree is an amazing people shit happens


                                                                            Not gonna watch this entire thing but I’m glad he’s not adding more fuel to fire. Though… he should apologise to James too. The guy is just 19 years old and sure he isn’t the greatest person, no one deserves that. So no proper apology to James from neither Tati or Jeffree looks bad on the ‘adults’ in this.

                                                                            To me everything is so shady. All of them are. No story adds up properly except James’ because he was smarter and used ‘receipts’, but in his video he seems like he’s convincing his audience he’s innocent and just comes off to me so I’m not taking any sides. Tati comes off manipulative and this is like a weird explanation of actions.

                                                                            Ironic how the beauty community has the ugliest side of Youtube…


                                                                              So Jeffree just jumped on the drama bandwagon. Benefits from the drama. Probably made millions off new pallete sales. Gets exposed by James his screenshots. ThEreS TwO sIdEs tO eVerY sToRy. Just so we stay subscribed and wait for proof of claims and why they stand by calling James a predator. Proves nothing and acts like the bigger person.

                                                                              Osmedy Tejeda

                                                                                I love you flaws and all

                                                                                TheHyper Production

                                                                                  You’ve grown so much throughout the last years Jefree, that it’s so incredible to watch! This situation has been both necessary and unnecessary for all the people involved and also for us that hasn’t had anything to do with it! It’s a situation to learn from. Got nothing other than love. ❤️

                                                                                  Few of my favorite things

                                                                                    Like we dont need to hear your THERAPY SESSION JEFFREE, JUST APOLOGIZE TO THE TWO TEENS YOUR BRUTALLY BULLIED AND HARRASSED. JAMES AND IAN.

                                                                                    Julian Horne

                                                                                      These comments I can’t 😂😂😂

                                                                                      Valerie VE

                                                                                        I think this was mature and smart decision to make this video

                                                                                        Tweekin_Trip13 Plays

                                                                                          Jeffree: I’m not in a right state one mind
                                                                                          Jeffree: My dogs are healthy
                                                                                          5 minutes later in the video
                                                                                          Jeffree: I’m in a great state of mind 😂😂🤠
                                                                                          Anyone else think he’s basically restating James video

                                                                                          Ben Doheny

                                                                                            Anyone else not know what “tea” meant till all this drama happened?

                                                                                            Ga Ran

                                                                                              Lol. Ya'll hating. Jeffree apologized and he wants to end this drama. Ya'll just want to continue this drama and you're dissapointed because he didn't show the receipts. Srsly, this has to be stop. They're human too and they've been hurt. It's so dissapointing that people wants to be entertained by other's problem or resentment. 🙅

                                                                                              Weirdo 3.0

                                                                                                People are hating on this video … Bitch why ? Because he doesn't give you the drama you want ?
                                                                                                That's ridiculous…

                                                                                                Shekinah Clark

                                                                                                  i love this jeffree you can tell you’re in a good place right now. respect to you 100%❤️❤️

                                                                                                  Jamie Escalante

                                                                                                    He don't know y'all he gots money

                                                                                                    Rheyna Anissa



                                                                                                        You should apologise for being so evil to your 'friend' publicly and privately, and not be sitting here trying to escape your wrongdoings and what, maintaining any dignity you have left? Sad, you didn't have any in the first place for being such a vile creature.

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