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      New $13 DRUGSTORE FOUNDATION ... I wanted to love it 🤷‍♀️

      Today I’m testing the new Maybelline $13 Dream Radiant Liquid Hydrating Foundation … is it worth it? xo’s ~ Tati SAVE w/ HALO DISCOUNT BUNDLES …

      nise 52

        Love FitMe Dewey and the BB cream, NOT a fan of this one very cakey on dry skin felt like a mask.

        Carli Horan

          Hi Tati, did I miss the PR winners? Where do you announce it?

          RIKKO KO

            what a mess!!!

            Brittany Harden

              I say maybe try Drug store half face 100%and then only Higher end other half 100% and do a wear test to see the true battle of the market, or maybe battle of primers half and half, skin care routines Hair care,honestly anything you do is always fun and informative! Keep up the amazing work Tati💜💜

              Kristen K

                Whats up with the hair

                Linda – Beauty in Decay Explorations

                  How is Pucha?? How about a video about what you are wearing like you used to do? Thanks for keeping the videos coming!

                  chance almero

                    "freakin… love at first pat."
                    -Tati 2020

                    Jessica R

                      Tati, can you please do a day to night look that includes make-up and fashion then a get unready with you (i.e your night skin care routine)???? basically, a 3-in-1? a know that's a lot >_<, but it would be great to get a feel for a full day routine 😀

                      Jamie Cushard

                        Will you do an everyday eye look video like the eye look you wore in your last P.R. video.. absolutely loved that & been practicing different styles myself instead of my go to.

                        Tessa Roberts

                          I would LOVE to see your review of the Kiss Falscara!! 🤩😍 I hope you choose to make at least a portion of a video that talks about them! 🙂 Travel safe, Tati!!

                          Adrienne Lucky

                            Your Mom’s gift was so thoughtful! She is a beautiful artist


                              ty so much for this!


                                Are you moving to seattle for good??


                                  Okay love you so much Tati but the music in the speeded up portion is THE WORST to me. I literally have to skip through when you use this sound and I feel awful !!! Does anyone feel this?! It’s so choppy and weird to me. I like the second sound she used way better. The first made my ears feel like they were popping or something it’s so weird but I can’t stand it

                                  Cajitas de Pandora


                                    Katie Cull

                                      Love the tip videos… or do foundation by skin type???

                                      Charné Stoffberg

                                        Tati PLEASE do a skin care video ❤❤❤

                                        ca frick

                                          You should check out Robert Welsh's latest videos. He's always using your blender. He's such a sweetheart too!

                                          Kelsey Jay

                                            Do a painting Tati!

                                            Kayla Strozina

                                              I love when you're in a Tati mood. It's when you're most yourself.

                                              Girl’s Guide to the Drugstore

                                                Oooooooo this HAIR 😍😍😍😍

                                                Amanda Bellard

                                                  I'm here for it all!! And wow! The palette portrait is stunning!!

                                                  Kristian Canaday

                                                    I really want to see more reviews of other YouTubers brands.

                                                    Colleen Russell

                                                      Would love to see “how to line your lips” from you!!

                                                      Nicole Mallozzi

                                                        The watercolour your mom painted is beautiful! 💕

                                                        Melissa Borders

                                                          Tati, I want to see beauty tips and tricks, and no fast forwarding while doing your makeup, idc if I’ve seen u do lashes or brows a million times, I want to see it again, upclose!.. I’m ready to learn more Tati tricks!💖🙏🏼 be blessed and stay well 💖

                                                          Brittany Pirl

                                                            I’m with you on the other maybelline dream foundation. I wanted to love it so badly, but it accentuated dryness on my skin so badly 😭 I still haven’t found a foundation that I really really love more than it cosmetics cc cream 🤷‍♀️

                                                            Kate Rossmiller

                                                              Can you do a get ready with me or Q&A and talk more about why your moving to Seattle?

                                                              Lauryn MacDonald

                                                                I would love to see a video about what types of brushes you need and which ones are the best!

                                                                Whittany Kitchen

                                                                  A day in the life video. What your whole day consists of, morning, breakfast, lunch, dinner. What you do for fun?!?

                                                                  Francine Gomez

                                                                    Hi Tati, travel nNecessities, what in your bag, what bags do you reach for on trips, work everyday use 🌸


                                                                      Please please do hair tutorial of all your different styles straight and this style I have requested on Instagram and here before 🥰😘😘

                                                                      Marsha Young

                                                                        Anyone know the black gadget Tati used to apply the shadow in her upper crease that covered her mobile lid and where to purchase? Thanks!

                                                                        Cynthia Cornwell

                                                                          My daughter brought this foundation to my house on my birthday night dinner i used it and honestly its soooo worth it. Mature skin looks younger i swear!!

                                                                          Sandra Cruz

                                                                            How about doing check ins during the day testing your make up and clothing hauls??

                                                                            Baleigh Potter

                                                                              Skin care routine!

                                                                              Stephanie Lopez

                                                                                Omg your moms piece was amazing would love to see more that she does!!

                                                                                Wendy Arias

                                                                                  since you were in seattle , hope your safe from the Covid19

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