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      New $6 DRUGSTORE FOUNDATION ... Worth The Hype?

      Today I’m testing the new Revamped version of one of my favorite Wet N Wild Foundations … is it as good as the original? xo’s ~ Tati HALO BEAUTY …

      Emma Lynn


        Brock Riser

          Dude ummm I thought years ago you already reviewed this? Am I crazy or like ?…

          Jes Ng

            I know many ppl don’t want to wash their sponge and brush or blendiful too much or too often, but I feel I cannot use it when it’s dirty. Blendiful is a cool concept; however, I don’t like using it for everything. Sometimes foundation, bronzer, blush and power area may mess up if you are not careful. I would like blendiful has multiple sizes. But I understand that may be too much work for you.

            Jill Southworth

              lovely, silly perfection!!!

              Evangelina Templin

                I love how personal and real you were in the intro to this video. It honestly made me adore you more than I already did.

                maren s

                  needs more shades

                  Kasey Leeann

                    Drug store foundation on top of super expensive other products doesn't really count, you should use all drug store products if your doing a drugstore foundation video

                    Julia P

                      the first minute and a half was a hilarious rollar coaster

                      Lynn Rose

                        That foundation is beautiful.

                        Jessica Rowell

                          Can you do a skincare routine video where we see morning and nighttime what you do and use?

                          heehee mefunny

                            I think you should publicly apologise for that stupid, false mess you made last year.

                            Anne Bowen

                              I recently purchased a Jade roller and it is amazing for the lymphatic system

                              Chrisonthia All Things Glam

                                How fast is the Blendiful ? Very! I take half the time! Love it thank you!

                                Katie Trefethen

                                  Had such a bad experience with the original version of this foundation. It had a horrible strong chemical smell, was very drying, highlighted any and all texture in my skin. I promptly washed it off and threw it away. :c

                                  Brianna Saenz

                                    Tati, I know this is really personal and you probably already know this.. but celiac disease can affect fertility? At least in my cousin’s case.. she was warned many times from her doctor to be cautious of what she was putting into her body/on top of of her skin because she’d have issues.

                                    Cristina Rojas

                                      How is Tati’s hair always perfect?

                                      Alissa Mangiacapre

                                        I’m in your age category, and loved TGIF! 🙂 But, I wonder if anyone else noticed that a photo of “Six” (Jenna Von Oy) popped up when Tati said “I wanted to be Blossom.” 😂❤️

                                        tawnya Rasmussen

                                          Thank you for zooming in so much!! Great review!

                                          SugarCain 360

                                            I think you look absolutely gorgeous in that foundation! I never had any luck with the original, it always broke apart really quickly. I keep having this feeling that I need to buy it again and give it another shot because of your review, but I don't know!!! It probably isn't right for my skin type, but I just don't want to give up on it.

                                            Beauty Babe

                                              I am so glad I found your channel Tati! I have learned so much from you 😊

                                              Alicia Wistrand

                                                Snitchery has the same voice as you I swear but she talks super fast lol

                                                Victoria Portelle

                                                  Tati, please keep zooming in when you do makeup. I know you dont really like doing this (I can tell because no matter how many times we ask you only do it every once in a while), but the fact is that we need to see the way makeup looks on your skin, and the only way we can really see it is CLOSE UP.

                                                  Victoria Portelle

                                                    I HATED the OG formula of this foundation. It stank and oxidized like crazy, picked up on dry patches I didn't even know I had, made my pores look huge and crusted around my nose.
                                                    HOWEVER I just tried this foundation today & I love it. It looks beautiful, it gave me an airbrushed finish and it had surprisingly great coverage. I had to mix two shades but it made my perfect match. I love it almost as much as my new UD foundation, and it's way cheaper too!💜💜

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