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      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Colourpop recently sent me their newest collection of cream Highlights and Blushes & I wanted to give you my thoughts on the trios!


        Taking a moment to talk about how HARD it was for me to film & edit this video. I had the worst anxiety yesterday & I paused filming this video twice just to scream & cry. I had so many racing thoughts I couldn’t even form sentences correctly… I can’t even explain it to you because it came out of no where for no reason. Anxiety will do that sometimes. It took me a lot longer to edit this because I stuttered A LOT more than I usually do. Anyway hahah super random but I just wanted to let you know, we all have days where we just wanna scream and cry & that’s ok. Life is about pushing through them though. I love you guys and I hope you enjoy this video!!! Regardless of all the jump cuts lol

        Addie Musrep

          The fact that Kathleen started editing like those meme channels gives me (in Antonio Garza’s voice) liiiife

          Cassie Bohrer

            Thanks for reviewing!! I've been wanting to try out a creme blush, and these are so beautiful🍑 and affordable at the same time. Might just have to pick me up a set😘

            Jelly Frazier

              Lmaoo “haha nope” 😂😂

              Sydney P

                If you don’t wanna spend the money on the it cosmetic brush, the buffing brush from real techniques is what I use to apply cream brush!

                Brooklyn Phillips

                  Your hair looks so much darker! I like it

                  Alyssa Vaniman

                    Kathleen, as much as we love seeing you. YOU NEED TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST! We will always understand if you miss an upload. We love you, and are here to support you before anything ❤️

                    Belinda Craddock

                      Thank you, Kathleen, for being so open about your anxiety! Your honesty on such a raw level is amazing. And these sticks look beautiful and have you glowing! 😂


                        The editing gets me every time😂


                          That actin up highlight looked so damn good! 😍

                          Gabriella Regina

                            I would LOVE to see your updated dewy, wet, glitterless highlighter!😊😊💛

                            Amanda Fox

                              Pausing it at 7:33 to tell you I have been DYING to know what that brush was!!! I’ve seen you use it before a few times but always wondered!! Thank you!!!! I use a Moda buffing brush for cream brush btw and it is amazing. Saw your comment.. You’re not alone with the anxiety. I’m a disabled veteran and struggle so bad with mental and physical illness. Your videos help me relax and unwind so much. I appreciate you and I hope you know that I’m there with you. 🖤

                              Marguerite Alvarado

                                If you do another collab with Colourpop I hope you make some of these cream stick blushes!!!

                                Amalfy Sanchez

                                  I had to return the video to the “haha nope” Lmaoo 🤣🤣🤣🤣

                                  Melissa Ochoa

                                    What foundation are u wearing for this video it looks so dewy and juicy


                                      "haha NOPE." omg we're the same person 😂 I need to move to Miami


                                        i’ve been so busy watching netflix that i haven’t been watching ur vids🥺🥺 i feel bad bc i’ve been here since u lived in ur old old house and then i ghosted🤕 i’m so sorry kathleen i swear i will catch up luv u

                                        Rachel Herbst

                                          Does anyone else get a boxycharm add of Kathleen on EVERY video that Kathleen posts. I’m not mad, I’ll watch it every time I just think that’s funny if it’s not intentional😂

                                          nakita beauty

                                            HAHA nope 😂😂😂

                                            Nicole Halbert

                                              Btw LOVING you curly hair.


                                                I knew it! I need peony and orchid! 💐 Ugggghhh so pretty!!!! Thanks for your honest and thorough review. Always love your videos and your personality! 💓

                                                Alexandra Gonzalez

                                                  Hiiiiii, jussss a fun fact about the difference between the two brushes is that the black one (exclusive to ULTA) is supposed to be used exclusively with their concealer bye bye under eye (smaller side for product placement & bigger side for blending) & the heavenly #7 brush is meant to be used for their CC Cream. But as artist we use each tool as we please.. Cause we can, Hahah 😜

                                                  Lissa Hernandez

                                                    Try dollar tree skin care

                                                    Milisa Gonzales

                                                      Omg I’m so happy you did this video! I was seriously debating on which set to get 😭 love you so much!

                                                      Chelsea Lynn

                                                        I LOVE your shirt!!!! Where did you get it?!

                                                        Leddy FM

                                                          I’m soooooo flippin happy that I waited on these. This is the review I never knew I needed. None of the other reviews mentioned the glitter in the highlights and that was the one thing I really wanted to know.

                                                          It would’ve been great to get highlighters like Wisp, Lunch Money, On the Cusp (😁👍🏽) or even Flexaterian- that smooth, pearlized glow that you usually get from cream highlighters- in this formula.

                                                          Come on KL, give us a collab with CP for these stick blushes & highlighters. Show them how it’s done 😉

                                                          IDV MELØ

                                                            No one :

                                                            Kathleen : SHEEK BONES

                                                            M Cabang

                                                              PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release a throwback powder pink/blue matching sweatsuit that says “JUITCY” on the butt for lights label 😭 omfg 10/10 would buy

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