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      I’m Shocked that I’m so in love with some of these products, of course, there are a few duds, but I hope you enjoy getting ready with me. xo’s ~ Tati #Glam …

      Michaela Stacy

        Watch tiger king, that train wreck happened an hour from my house😂😂😂

        Tik Tok Fanatic

          The circle is really good

          Caroline de Koninck

            I love the coordinated green look! And your hair in a braid is beautiful!

            Kelly W.

              Can you do a video talking about your favorite makeup removers 🙏

              Alexandria Salazar

                I work at a online bank.

                Erica Branch

                  Tati or anyone who knows! Did you see the contour that went out under her eyes that had a cleopatra vibe? What does that do?! I love contouring but I have never seen that and want to explore!!!!

                  Samantha Minnie

                    Please make a video of you setting up your beauty room

                    Stevi Incremona

                      is that a Nord? okayyy low key pro!

                      Karinne Crete

                        Please do a satisfying makeup cleaning video where you clean that contour palette 🥺👉🏻👈🏻

                        PERLA TRANA

                          90 day fiancé is a MUST! But I think it’s on Hulu

                          Elise Vorpahl

                            When she was doing her cream contour I was like wow her facial structure is unmatched

                            Audrey Sirois

                              WATCH TIMELESS ON NETFLIX. IT'S SO GOOD!!

                              Heather M

                                Have you watched Euphoria?

                                BrittAny Gallegos

                                  Your welcome 🙏 I do home healthcare for my beautiful mom and I own a tire shop

                                  Rachel Cooney

                                    Love the more personal feel of this video ❤️

                                    Sierra Spencer

                                      My favorite background you have had yet and I’ve been watching since 2016!

                                      Meagen Griffin

                                        What is that makeup brush you used to to cut the crease??? Please do a video of your favorite booshie makeup brushes please?????

                                        Keely Paigie

                                          Would you test Milk Makeup products?

                                          Sevil Sukjurova

                                            omg i just love your make-up! You just look amazing and beautiful. Also i can see how much you have learned from Scott and it works so well for you. Love your videos 🙂


                                              You should watch ‘Money Heist’ on Netflix

                                              Lauren Michelle

                                                Would love a video about the makeup you had to move first! Also, are you taking your bad bin with you??

                                                Mimi Kenyon

                                                  You should watch The Spanish Princess… good and another season is coming out this year.

                                                  Veronica Romano

                                                    The Nars lip liner name is written left of made in Germany it is called Porquerolles. I work for Nars and clients always have trouble finding the names haha but it's there ❤️

                                                    bonnie castellanos

                                                      Can you please do some makeup suggestions for mature skin thank you. I enjoy watching your channel. 😇 like the best concealer and setting powder for under the eyes… and Foundation please full coverage…

                                                      Dawn Carnell

                                                        Love the new makeup studio! You slayed the green eyeshadow! Can’t wait to watch all your changes 🤗💜

                                                        Zuleika Alcantara

                                                          Flawless love it

                                                          Amy S

                                                            Two series on Netflix that I have discovered…. All-American and Virgin River. Both are very good (no shootem’ up)!
                                                            Hope you are doing well. Are you closer to family now that you are in WA?

                                                            Veronica Romano

                                                              I recommend The Circle and if you're into some action filled shows definitely Money Heist "Casa Del Papel" it's amazing

                                                              Max Shrapnel

                                                                you could donate something like jefree did

                                                                Emily Atwood

                                                                  Giving me big Angelina Jolie vibes

                                                                  Geraldine Davidson

                                                                    You are so damn beautiful 😍

                                                                    Geraldine Davidson

                                                                      I would love to see you do the dances you are the cutest !

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