New fenty collection…worth it?! FULL FACE OF CREAM MAKEUP!!

Main New fenty collection…worth it?! FULL FACE OF CREAM MAKEUP!!

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      New fenty collection...worth it?! FULL FACE OF CREAM MAKEUP!!

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here’s a video where I try out some new products and give you my thoughts on them! Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy! Xoxo!

      Chanda Chism

        I’m loving your dum dum earrings! Super cute ❤️

        Emilia Klein

          Which shade of the givenchy lip balm are yoou using?

          Rebecca Reed

            That hourglass mist is 50 bucks. No thanks.


              SO fresh! 😍😍😍

              Yutong Huang

                Just realized the earnings she was wearing we're lollipops at the very end of the video😂

                The Style, The Girl and The Wardrobe

                  Your earrings are reminding me of my childhood!! Chupa Chups!!

                  Sussan J Cardona

                    Which brush do you prefer the no 7 or the it for ulta?

                    Beth Crain

                      Who remembers when she burnt off her eyelashes? 😂 Every time she uses an eyelash curler I cringe just a little. Kathleen is so cute and clumsy (she was excited and hit her face with the primer box as proof lol)

                      Eyzzah Maria

                        HAAAA I REALLY LOVE THIS MAKEUP!!!!!!

                        alexandra lazaro

                          Can you post another tutorial with your so jaded palette? Also, you’re awesometastic! heehee 💜

                          Lucia Taylor

                            as someone who got bullied for having freckles seeing kat do faux ones makes me feel a lot cuter about myself!

                            Jennifer Elyse

                              Does anyone remember when limecrime was like a livejournal blog thing, the original makeup that used to be posted before they got well known (like 12+ years ago)

                              Tania Barrios

                                Favorite makeup look on you🤍🧚🏼‍♀️


                                  "not a kiss, but not a slap you know!" hahahaha I love you! you genuinely crack me up!


                                    I LOVE THOSE EARRINGS OMG I WANT ONE 😍😍😍🍭🍭

                                    Airbear !!

                                      idk if anyone else has experienced this but a couple of years ago I got random big charges on my account after purchasing from the tarte website. glad I got some money from the class action lawsuit


                                        kathleen you literally have the most beautiful eyes in every way!!! colour, shape, lashes!!! prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen 😩

                                        Abril Márquez

                                          It took me 5 mins to realize that your earrings were lollypops…

                                          Thalia Lauren

                                            the orange blush was calling my name 😂

                                            Jennifer H.K.

                                              I love that we like the same music 😁 I have the exact same songs on my Spotify playlist. We are getting old girl 😆😁

                                              Hope Adamson

                                                I didn’t know what her earrings were until I took a second glance and omg I love them. Those suckers bring me backkkkkk!! So cute!

                                                Pamela Dandley

                                                  I just love you 😍, glad your in such a good mood today 😬


                                                    Are those Chupachups earrings🥺💖💖


                                                      IM READY FOR U TO LAUNCH WHATEVER POLISH IS ON YOUR NAILS!!

                                                      Karen’s Keepin it real

                                                        There you are. I’ve missed you so much ♥️

                                                        icy storm

                                                          I love how she said niacidamide instead of niacidamide 😂

                                                          Sheyna Sishitharen

                                                            This gives me such e-girl vibes! I loveeee it 🎀🎀🎀

                                                            Jarie Tomada

                                                              I may not be updated, but is she still married? Does she have a kid? I’ve never seen her pregnant

                                                              Kyler Wang

                                                                That NAIL COLOR!!! So gorgeous!!!😍

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