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      New MAKEUP at SEPHORA Try-On Review

      So much NEW at Sephora… I do a full day wear test & I have found a couple new obsessions I think you guys will love! xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before & After …

      Alotta Fachyna

        Boobra's at it again😂

        Magen Hubbard


          dianna avila

            Bring boobra back !!!! 😍

            Kri kri


              Anastasia’s Makeup Land

                Tati real tan is normal:( When you're every day in the beach wearing your sunscreen there's nothing to be afraid of

                Pew Troop

                  How about….,

                  Diamond play button unboxing?

                  Shafaq Hameed

                    You people are blessed to have such beautiful things in PR. cant buy it in my entire life

                    Alicia Gauna

                      Can u please do a review on eye palette Dose of colors Friendication. Beautiful colors

                      Signe K

                        I loooove the butter bronzer by Physicians formula! And the Dark treasure baked bronzer by Kiko Milano❤️❤️ love your videos

                        Victoria Tse

                          i haven't tried a lot of bronzers but i absolutely love the tarte park ave princess matte bronzer!!

                          Beasan Shkoukani

                            I love hikari radiant shimmer bronzer

                            Nicole Vásquez

                              Try the natural bronzer from Rimmel… u can find it in target!! It’s gorgeous

                              Bea Hörmann

                                Of course favourite bronzer is the butter bronzer. That scent…. like I am on vacation.

                                Jessica Agee

                                  I love your hair, but I’m telling you a short bob is absolutely adorable on any face shape! I just did it & lots of compliments! Just do it, you’re always gorgeous 😍

                                  Alexis Parsons

                                    ive actually been using the covergirl vitalist healthy powder for my bronzer for a while now! my shade is medium beige and its so smooth and blends like a dream

                                    Jessica Agee

                                      I’m drooling over this whole look 🤤 but that eyeshadow is my favorite & the things I’d do to own one of her palettes 😉☺️ So gorgeous & Tati you’re just stunning 🥰

                                      Rebecca Ozuna

                                        Try @nikkiajoycosmetics loose powder and sponges. I love them so far.

                                        Steviie Mariie

                                          I JUST got a root canal this past Monday lol on the left-bottom last molar. My jaw is still sore 😣


                                            I am liiiiiving for this lip liner & gloss moment girl


                                              Expecialy primers with demeticone, are more liquidy on bottom if you dont shake it


                                                Primer will never come out the way it shoul if YOU DONT SHAKE IT! I really never see that.

                                                Chase M

                                                  Ooo.. I’m going to try this contour look!

                                                  Iris Odin

                                                    My favourite bronzer is from Guerlin Terracotta Light

                                                    Dawn Wright

                                                      I've been wanting to tell you about this bronzer I have. We have the same skin tone and I also love to bronze my whole face up in spring and summer. I think you will really like this. It's a matte powder bronzer and it's such a creamy silky formula and It blends beautifully. You can build it up too or use it to contour if you want. It's by pretty vulgar. It's bronzed B 113 bronze mannikin. It's a little pricey, $32 at Sephora, but you get a decent amount of product, the packaging is so nice and it really is an amazing formula. It's my favorite…


                                                        Yes ! It’s as if you heard me telepathically aha

                                                        Cris. Hernandez

                                                          Bronzer ruined everything

                                                          Shannon Ollett

                                                            I'm still grasping the whole bronzer thing but I think I might try some of the technics Scott Barns showed you ☺️


                                                              Your forehead contour looks kinda off but idk if thats intentional..

                                                              Fasha Harris

                                                                Any Small youtubers or youtubers that would like to support each other? Comment your socials I’ll make sure to subscribe, follow & interact with your content. My Instagram is Fashkoshbegosh

                                                                Beauty by Anne-Chris

                                                                  Dang Cookie is so pretty! Hopefully they make a single out of that one 😍

                                                                  Jessica c-k

                                                                    Believe it or not, the Ulta Matte Bronzer in Cool is a really good neutral toned bronzer.


                                                                      I've been using the Nip+Fab powder contour pallete

                                                                      Phoenix, About Everything And Nothing

                                                                        Always love your videos. Just started looking for cream blushes two days ago (6112019), so glad you mentioned them today. I will be looking for Honest blushes moving forward!

                                                                        Sadie Anselmo

                                                                          Gosh you’re so stunning

                                                                          Bibi Grill

                                                                            my favourite bronzer is mineral terracota bronzer nr 4 from goldenrose

                                                                            Audrey Ann Fraser

                                                                              Colourpop has great bronzers and blushes. They have wear great on the skin and blend out easily

                                                                              Kyra Sage

                                                                                Benefit Hoola is always great but recently I’ve been loving the NARS Bronzing Powder in Laguna. It’s so good

                                                                                Jennifer Elia

                                                                                  One word to describe this look… STUNNING!!! Now I need to go shopping!! Love you!!

                                                                                  Jay toys

                                                                                    We ❤️ u

                                                                                    Katya Leon

                                                                                      I'm so glad you're slowly going back to your happy self Tati. I truly love and look forward to your content. Keep smiling!

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