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      NEW MAKEUP | how do I keep up?! FULL FACE GLAM

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) So I decided to film a relaxed GRWM today using some new stuff and some not so new stuff as well! I hope you guys enjoy! Thanks …

      Maryam binte Muhammad

        Lol. What a story! I can't stop laughing 🤣

        Bella Jenkins

          Ohhh so glad you tried that eyeshadow palette ! I’ve been curious about it

          Mel 21

            Jessi should have yelled like Squidward 😂

            Brooke Bixler

              Can we just talk about how ABH has been pumping out palettes like every week?! Who do they think they are, Colourpop?! Smh. It's honestly overwhelming.

              Twin Peaks

                Does anybody else get anxious because of the front cover of this pallette. I have to look away and skip sorry Kathleen

                Sibylle White

                  Innisfree is a Korean brand.

                  Sarah Crittenden

                    Up close, your eye look reminds me of a pastel galaxy. 🌌💕

                    theperfume rain

                      Innisfree is a Korean brand, sold in a really low price in China. All I can say is that literally everything doesn’t even worth the price in China

                      Fatimah Ibrahim

                        I wish the ABH Carli Bybel pallet was smaller, a lot of the colours look too similar but the colour story is pretty.. or even just the lid sparkly shade as a single..

                        Nadiyah Mohd

                          Innisfree is rly popular in Asia!

                          Mia Krämer

                            Kat i love „get ready with me“ videos. Don‘t apoligise😂


                              I am really happy that you were able to take some time to have fun and relax on a cruise since your everyday life must be so intense right now with your launch coming up. I can't wait!!! I love the eye look you created it is so beautiful!

                              Geo Kuromi

                                girl…innisfree is one of the most famous korean beauty brands :') how is it possible you dont know them! they have amazing stuff totally check them out!

                                Camila B

                                  Where is that mug from I’m in love

                                  Miss Panda

                                    Kathleen why are you so late on the Korean skincare hype?lol
                                    Definitely check it out, you'll love it

                                    Skye Budge

                                      What brushes is she using on her eyes does anyone know? If not… does anyone have eye brush recommendations?

                                      Fatimah Ibrahim

                                        Am I the only one weirded out by Kathleen constantly doing winged liner nowadays… 2 years ago, this would have been a joke 😂😂

                                        Anna Cruz

                                          Lmao love how you say “haus laboratories” 😂💕

                                          Phạm Nguyễn An Hoà

                                            In Asia Innisfree is one of the most affordable and popular brand 😂

                                            Rana Moharram

                                              I would love to see either a bridal/big event makeup look or a cool toned eye!

                                              Tamsin S

                                                Can u please do more so jaded videos? Ly ❤️

                                                Chrissy T

                                                  Btw, thank you for posting a late vid. I got sunk into a weird Reddit hole talking about disappearances and other weird stories that got me all paranoid and scared. 😅

                                                  Kylie LaCombe

                                                    Innisfree is the bessssttttt! The Green Tea Seed Serum is my fav!

                                                    Meera Khaira

                                                      You should take the clay mousse original instead of 2x … 2x for oily skin

                                                      Christina Homentowski

                                                        Your cruise story has me dyingggg 🤣🤣🤣 #libragang *side note I’m not a Libra, I’m uh you AQUARIUS ♒️

                                                        Chrissy T

                                                          I was literally laughing when you were talking about the fake libra celebration thing idk why. Maybe cuz I’m a Leo. lol no that doesn’t make sense. I’ll leave now…

                                                          Naila m.malek

                                                            Kathleen's eye expression during doing the eyemakeup is the cutest thing😅💜


                                                              Monique heart is a drag queen 😊

                                                              Cassie Quach

                                                                Are you gonna do a review for the new CP Disney collection? Would love to hear your thoughts!

                                                                Amanda Garcia

                                                                  Monday Masks with Mami??? Where they at though? 😂

                                                                  Samantha Ulnick

                                                                    Lol love Kathleen…been watching her forever….
                                                                    I was watching this video and ohmegersh did anyone else notice her eyebrow moving up at 03:09 !!! I have never noticed that before but like now that's the only thing I can see lol

                                                                    grace elders

                                                                      She’s a STUNNA😍😍😍

                                                                      W Bailey

                                                                        Love love love this look! Thank you Kathleen story time was entertaining glad you had a great cruise!


                                                                          Ooouuii look at you going places and shit 🤪❤️

                                                                          Mark M

                                                                            Hi Kathleen! Love the story about your cruise – you’re so funny!! Would you do a tutorial on the new Colourpop Smoke Show palette? I’d love to see that!

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