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      Today I’m testing a ton of new Makeup that’s available at Sephora and Ulta … there are some clear winners and a couple duds. xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before & After …

      Vivien Csiszár

        Tati im your biggest fan and been watching you for years love you what you doing but if i can ask you to stop promoting single use plastic coffee cups it would be just wonderful! You are a big influencer it would make a very good impact! Love you xx

        Jade AmirahHmd

          Hey tati, I'm all the way from Singapore.. Have you tried the MKUP Lazy whitening real complexion cream? Just curious how promising it is said to be.

          Anastasia Bell

            ❤️u Tati

            Alex Jones

              I know it was already mentioned but just to bring more attention to it in the hopes you see our comments: the ND Bloom blush & highlight palette, which I own and love!, only has ONE blush and it’s not the shade you used. The dark raspberry cream blush is the only blush in the palette. You used the Duo Glow as a blush which isn’t supposed to be a blush. Just FYI! That may be why your thoughts were swayed a bit on the palette as a whole. 🙂

              Allie Deming

                American idol gives me all the feels this season 😭😭

                jill peterson

                  Please zoom in on the eyes, we can't see what your doing!💜

                  Kelsey Girl

                    I was super excited to see her using the new pur collection……..well…..oh well…..

                    Kelsey Girl

                      Physicians formula use to have the mirror and light for their lip gloss. They had the ph gimmick for the shade.

                      Regina Rajendran

                        The eyeshadow palette with the lights might be handy when doing your makeup in hotels with bad lighting? Perhaps you could try it with really dim/uneven lighting to see if it works?

                        Raquel Diaz

                          I rely on Tati to tell me whether the new makeup is good or not.

                          Rachel Holland

                            I did forsure cried during the compass girl

                            CLAIRRR FAN

                              I am thinking about that pur palette. since u can take single shadows out, does it also means that u can put shadows in that palette as long as the size fits. and because it has that mirror stander with lights that would be great for travel.


                                Why is no one commenting on Baby Shark??

                                stacie shupe

                                  I am obsessed with that watermelon spray, it's that or Elf or nothing else. 😍😍😍

                                  Katrina Campbell

                                    Can you review Milk make up

                                    Courtney Tubbs

                                      What the hell is going on in the makeup community? I cant remember the last time i was super excited about a makeup release😬 i miss that feeling…


                                        The moment Tati started applying the primer, I remembered her video with Scott Barnes where she asked him if he is using the primer and he asked her "What for?". Lol. That was a funny moment.

                                        Chloe Taylor

                                          Skin care routine!? Perhaps

                                          Mary M

                                            Yes i watched it. it was soooo sad i love the new panel of judges too !

                                            Ok Cool

                                              You looked like Bella hadid for a quick second there ???

                                              Glam Byhoda

                                                I looooveeee the smashbox concealer

                                                Ingrid Nunez

                                                  Sabrina, Tatiana? …Those are such good witches NAMES!<3

                                                  maddison young

                                                    I just want to say ever since u started looking into skincare ingredients i think its has added even more value to ur videos just before time 3:32 in this video u said a certain ingredient can effect certain skin tones in an undesirable way which adds a nice nugget of info and transparency to ur video. I really love the direction ur going ive been watching ur videos for a long time ur always so fun to watch and just a positive distraction from the darkness that sometimes surrounds daily life. And i would also like to say thank you for doing what u love and providing good content 😁

                                                    Kayla Schmutzer

                                                      17:19 The girl from idol, Lauren, who wrote the song Compass is from my hometown, the whole town fell apart after the accident. She just released the single on iTunes/Spotify/Apple music!

                                                      Laura Hughes

                                                        I have "baby shark" stuck in my head now. Thanks… lol 🦈🦈🦈


                                                          Great tutorial. Where can I find the Snow White hand held mirror

                                                          Justyna Witek

                                                            Like you Tati!

                                                            Carol Bollman

                                                              It's settled, I'm saying die-nero from now on.

                                                              Aos Si

                                                                Baby Logan giving coming in for the cuteness intermission 💕!!
                                                                Girl get it and have fun, your girl is broke and you’re coming through with the new makeup 💄


                                                                  Tati is a WIZARD with liquid liner!! Holy WOW!

                                                                  Jasmine Haymond

                                                                    I am loving all the cream products – snatural ;)~

                                                                    Jasmine Haymond

                                                                      You and your Baby Shark have been stuck in my head!!! xoxox so funny

                                                                      Selena M

                                                                        can you do a review on the new covergirl exhibitionist mascara😊💘


                                                                          I wonder if tati got the Colourpop's Disney Villains PR box? It's so shiny.

                                                                          Juliana Pérez

                                                                            OMG Tatii… that painting on the wall when you did the check-up! Is it an original Chagall? Soo insanely gorgeousss!! I love you

                                                                            Madi Beauty

                                                                              "This is the shade dinner-o. Wait, did I just say dinner-o? It's dinero, you're such an idiot Tati."

                                                                              I'm actually dead. This was hilarious

                                                                              Monica Mccorkle

                                                                                I want Scott's brushes so bad now.

                                                                                Magda Weszka

                                                                                  15:36 are you wearing extentions?:) I tought you have naturally thicc hair

                                                                                  Monica Mccorkle

                                                                                    Yes I was wanting to know more about that Pur pallet I like the brand.


                                                                                      Niacinamide is basically vitamin B3

                                                                                      Bárbara Teixeira

                                                                                        Tati could you please do a video about brushes? I would love to know whats the best to buy!

                                                                                        tedy_bu kawaii

                                                                                          I have sensitive and red skin, but I like products with niacinamide

                                                                                          Mariah Montoya

                                                                                            Hi tati! Could you try some zero waste makeup brands?? Elate cosmetics especially?

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