New Nail Art 2020 Fun & Easy Nail Art Designs Using HOUSEHOLD ITEMS!

Main New Nail Art 2020 Fun & Easy Nail Art Designs Using HOUSEHOLD ITEMS!

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      New Nail Art 2023 Fun & Easy Nail Art Designs Using HOUSEHOLD ITEMS!

      SHOP OUR FAVE NAIL PRODUCTS & TOOLS: Hey guys! In today’s video, Erin is bringing you a new instalment of …

      Crescendo Nails by Umama

        I Loved The KIWI one💚

        Bm shanmugam Shanmugam

          I have Question do we have to apply a top coat every time

          Kate Olivia Films

            Aye you musta got the cow print bobby pin idea from my tiktok!!! @kateoliviaa 😉

            mehendi by diya

              So creative nail art

              NailsByMatin طراحی ناخن متین

                So pretty! ❤️

                Melina`s Melody

                  I sadly bite my nails.They are to short for me to do these.


                    the kiwi design might not be suitable for people with trypophobia! xD i cringed a bit ><

                    *- Røse -*

                      The cow print design 💅🏼 was beautiful and my favorite 💕

                      Hriday Krishnan

                        1:24 – don't worry bout this its for my friend

                        leticia machado feliciano


                          Rinki Vishwa

                            Loved the dry bush one ❤definitely gona try these

                            Farhan Mohammed

                              They all are so simple yahoo !!!!!!!

                              Kawaii Gallery

                                I loved these designs!!

                                The Polish Queen

                                  Loved all the designs! So creative 🙌

                                  Deyanira Hernandez

                                    I'm going for it

                                    T B

                                      Hey Sandy & Erin!!!
                                      Cute Nails as Always 🥰


                                        That last one looks more like Covid-19 than a kiwi. 🦠🥝

                                        Ashley tries

                                          So useful !!💗💗💗

                                          Miz Angel

                                            LOVE THE KIWI!!!😍😋


                                              🥰 i love a good half-moon design.
                                              Could we have more “star, moon, planets” designs?

                                              vyomini eri

                                                I wanna try them


                                                  Can boys do these nails tutorials?

                                                  Ivy Girl

                                                    When I don't have the nail polish color needed, I usually just use acrylic paint

                                                    Irma Drozek

                                                      Once u remove the tape how r you cleaning up the edge?

                                                      Alvina Samson

                                                        Is anyone there with all the materials without the nail polish 🤣only me?

                                                        Alvina Samson

                                                          These all are very beautiful designs and very easy but i don't have all the nail polish.. only some colors 😔


                                                            The paw prints are so cute!

                                                            Beautiful Nails by Rose Pearl

                                                              All the designs are so cute and I agree house hold items do work always

                                                              Amelia Foxon

                                                                Omg the abstract one is so beautiful!!! love this video 💕

                                                                TAra Wetzel

                                                                  I use bandaids to do French mani! I thought I was the only one 😂

                                                                  Creative Webbers



                                                                      All of them looks so cute!😍❣💅



                                                                        thats the Rona


                                                                          Nice, I just needed some inspiration to paint my nails 🙂

                                                                          Aiswarya V Nair

                                                                            Nice look

                                                                            Shifa Khan

                                                                              Amazing i always try ur nail art💕😍❤️❤️❤️😘

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