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      I am in a mood today and these products suck! xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before & After PHOTOS HERE » » » SILICONE …

      Litzulli Fig

        Lemme just say an up and up Target sponge has been working for me for months. It’s soft and blends my makeup really well.

        Alissa Westling

          I can't get over the game of thrones Queen with the beauty blender head piece 😂😂😂 still laughing!!!

          billie webb

            I had a nice pinstripe blazer by Worthington petite. I've also liked some of the balman blazers

            hanny jo

              We both have some neon green nails😊💚

              Srijan Keshri

                Love u Tati😘


                  ARITZIA BLAZER! Thank me later. Tati please try one. So soft and classy and clean yet casual

                  Boots N Pants

                    i wake up and my eyes are all swollen and i have to blow my nose like 10 billion times
                    and i also sneeze 🤧 about 77 times in a row
                    its literal garbage

                    Emma Gustafsson

                      Cersei in the Beautyblender crown had me wheezing, lmfao

                      Daim Chughtai

                        Tutorial on this look please! Love the eyeshadow.


                          I’m such a fan I’ll listen to you when I fall asleep, I’ll put you on auto play and play thru the ads and just want you to get your coin girl! Plus your videos are my favorite ❤️ sabbby__ two underscores on Instagram if you’d like to answer some private (I’m a little self conscious) questions I have for you!


                            Love the video, highly entertaining. Have to say I love videos that tell the down sides of products as they keep things balanced. This is especially important when products are so expensive. I agree with you about By Terry – can't use many of her products because of the smell! Gives me a horrid headache. I used to love the foundation that came in a jar but everytime I used it my skin looked great but had to wash it off as my sinuses would react. Those products are super expensive as well. Had to laugh about the beautyblender. Back in the day we used damp sea sponges so really don't think beautyblenders are really all that innovative – way too expensive as well.


                              I never used the original BB, but I have used RT and I swear by it. I can buy a 2-pack RT blender for $9.00. I'm not going to go out of my way to pay $20 for one sponge if I can get more for less…

                              Michael Gonzales

                                We miss you Tati ❤️

                                Madison Sparkman

                                  Everyone's allergies are way worse than normal in CA! The pollen levels are the highest they have been in 10 years! CRAZY!!

                                  BNMBOYS BPNWMJ

                                    Beauty Blender should chill lol I use 2$ sponge and it works just like BB. Over priced little cushion. no thank you.

                                    kris california

                                      I love Stila’s putty highlighter, I’d love to be able to use Fenty, but every product breaks me out I will never wear anything from Fenty it’s just not worth it.

                                      Candy Morgan

                                        Don't feel bad. Can't hear right. So i sound funny. Way worse than years past.

                                        Melina Botton

                                          You are, bar none, the best of the best. I’ve been a subscriber since you started and I’m so impressed and proud of how far you’ve come in the most ethical, committed, honest, generous, and kind way. THANK YOU 🙏 for all you do. I truly appreciate and adore you. Wishing you all the very best. 😘

                                          sarah bailey

                                            Could you please do some vids on rimmel please xx

                                            Maya R

                                              Thanks for the nail color inspiration! Best blazers of all times…pricey but worth the splurge as they are investment pieces: Rick Owens and YSL:)

                                              victoria mokelke

                                                YAS Tati GO Tati HELL YEAH Tatii

                                                I K

                                                  Cersei with a beauty blender crown 😂😂😂


                                                    Tbh I love my blazer from H&M

                                                    J Jadot

                                                      I love everything about this video ✨💯✨

                                                      Marija Mikulić

                                                        random time with Tati should be an official segment in every video ❤️

                                                        BtsArmy MonstaxMonbebe

                                                          Yes girl my allergies have made me feel so horrible! This spring has been the worst due to my allergies!😢

                                                          David Mota

                                                            I use a $1.5 sponge and it does the trick
                                                            btw I have terrible allergy too

                                                            Blair Stiles

                                                              Target has one of the best sponges. It’s like $5. Does exactly what it’s supposed to do and come in different colors. Plus it’s Target! It’s the experience lol. Like hell am I gonna spend $20 on a sponge when I could spend $5 for the same thing and get some stuff at Target with the difference 🤷🏼‍♀️ Beauty Blender need to chill.

                                                              sarah bailey

                                                                I got a sponge on line 2 pound 50 it's brilliant

                                                                Stina! C

                                                                  Loving the nail polish Tati 🤩

                                                                  Live Laugh Love

                                                                    I think beauty blender are having a panic attack realizing that other brands are stealing their light. There are better and cheaper sponges out there than Beauty Blender.

                                                                    Fiona Hope

                                                                      I love you Tati! You are the true YT queen 👑

                                                                      Isshan’s Gaming

                                                                        Hi, what did she recommend for scalp scrub? Couldn’t properly hear it.

                                                                        Faith White

                                                                          Boycotting beauty blender 😂

                                                                          Cassie Johnson

                                                                            Girl…my allergies are horrific this season! 🤧


                                                                              I am dying when Tati said the game of sponge lol

                                                                              kyra jo

                                                                                INC at Macy's has really nice blazers

                                                                                Jane I am

                                                                                  Video idea 💡, how to tell what undertone your skin is , to match foundation.

                                                                                  Fionna Cissell

                                                                                    Tati you should try the kristen ess scalp scrub

                                                                                    Nellie Pisani

                                                                                      wow the comments today are tense!

                                                                                      Ariely Contreras

                                                                                        Can you review the black teach kombucha toner from fresh cosmetics? I really want to try it but it's pricey and I rather know before I buy 😅

                                                                                        Maris vdV

                                                                                          The moment I saw the beautyblender meme I paused the video to like & say: I LOVE YOU TATI😂😭😭


                                                                                            After a cleansing shampoo like this you need to use a different one!
                                                                                            You should try Kevin Murphy Maxi.Wash and Angel.Wash after 😊 best cleansing stuff 🥰

                                                                                            Griselda Espinosa

                                                                                              I would take a nasally voice over the eczema that I developed last month! All of March, my skin was irritated, red blotchy, itching so bad, my eyes looked like I had been punched. My neck looked like I had a rope burn, which it’s better now, still reddish but better 😩 face/eyes it’s going away 🙌🏼

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