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      New Red Lipstick & Chat About Gold Digger

      I don’t know how I managed to get a discussion on BBC’s Gold Digger into a beauty video but there you go! Have a watch if you fancy flawless skin and a very …

      Hunnybunney 1

        Your rant about Golddigger made me chuckle. I couldn’t even bring myself to watch it! FYI, YouTube is where I watch.


          My preference is Youtube. Always love your humour.


            Hi ! I usually watch your content when I'm in a relaxing mood, and so my phone (and ig) is pretty far away from me. I am checking ig in between things, when I often don't have time or the attention span to check more than a few seconds of something.

            laura lee

              I prefer to watch videos on youtube

              Jo Leipold

                I watch both. You're funny there too, but better live.

                Alison Wright

                  I just don’t like IGTV at all. YT all the way for me

                  Camilla Morgan

                    I only watch YouTube 🥰. Thank you for putting this video on here!!

                    Susan Bowen

                      Always youtube – hardly ever igtv – so a big thank you for posting on here. Morning breath – so funny watching you 🙂

                      Aoife Carr

                        I sometimes watch IGTV but still prefer You Tube. I love that Chanel lipstick on you 💋

                        Elizabeth Paredes

                          I just love you😂

                          P Heart

                            Dont watch instagram,or tv! Youtube is what I watch.

                            PK Blondie

                              I do watch IGtv for a few of my favourite people.
                              You and Trinny and a friend of mine Cori. 💚❤

                              Jennie Shively

                                YouTube! Lovely as always!

                                Just me

                                  Watch some insta tv but prefer youtube much more


                                    YT thank you ❤🤗

                                    Mehwish Owais

                                      That lippp

                                      Mehwish Owais

                                        But the thing is you’re not 60 yet. So not as much in need of external validation and not that sexually frustrated. But ya bad breath. And pirate breath like Jack Sparrow. I love him but wouldn’t ever kiss him… eew

                                        Marge Burkell

                                          Prefer it here on YouTube. Pretty much only watch Instagram stories over there. 😘💋

                                          Career Conversations

                                            I personally hate IGTV and I really hope that it is not sticking.

                                            Sara Li

                                              I don’t have Instagram so I appreciate it when stuff get uploaded to YouTube 🙂

                                              Belinda Pemelton

                                                Love you here on YouTube and then IGTV a distant second. You look gorgeous Ruth! Also, I know morning breath is gross, but if it were Tom Hardy, he would definitely be in my bed by accident so I'm going for it while I have the chance.

                                                Anya martin

                                                  I do YouTube for videos, on instagram, I only watch stories and scroll through posts.

                                                  Xaris Dixon

                                                    Our girl Ruth keeping it real while looking gorgeous, what an icon. Love love love your content❤️

                                                    Karen Quintana

                                                      I don’t watch IG tv. Much prefer YouTube.

                                                      B M

                                                        I watch all Youtube videos by creators I follow and occasionally watch their Instagram videos too. So YT = main platform for video watching, also bc saving them to Watch Later seems more practical interface-wise

                                                        Carla P

                                                          😝awesome!! You’re hysterical 🙂

                                                          A L

                                                            YouTube only here as well 🥰

                                                            Holly Stiener

                                                              I never go on instagram tv and appreciate seeing the video on here!

                                                              Tokyo 1964

                                                                I never watch Instagram tv. Actually, I got completely fed up with Instagram, full stop, so I'd appreciate you continuing to do this on youtube xox


                                                                  You tube, please 🙂

                                                                  Briar kiwi

                                                                    All about YouTube! I check out instastories daily but never watch IGTV

                                                                    Barbara Mrozowski

                                                                      Only on YouTube. Love the red lipstick! 💋

                                                                      Elizabeth Romay

                                                                        You look proper gorgeous by the way !

                                                                        Andrea Holliman

                                                                          Very cheeky today! Love it! Also, I prefer You Tube videos

                                                                          Smash Bravo

                                                                            That lipstick looks amazing on you. I too prefer YT, i try to remember to watch on IG but haven't quite gotten used to it.

                                                                            Elizabeth Romay

                                                                              You Tube 👍🏻


                                                                                Haven’t watched you in a while, but this look stopped me in my tracks. Beautiful!

                                                                                N Bain

                                                                                  Another vote for YouTube. I don’t mind IG for quick (5 min or less?) videos but prefer YT for anything longer.

                                                                                  Chanel Fitzgerald

                                                                                    You are so funny, love your videos. Please do more videos on youtube in answer to your question. I am not on instagram. Question: Do you always recommend bronzer? I have never tried it but it looks nice on you so thought instead of blusher I'd give it a try. Thanks ❤👍 Almost forgot anymore news on a video on PMS? You mentioned it in a blog and was interesting, I suffer a lot. Ok that's all.

                                                                                    Elaine Bines

                                                                                      Prefer YouTube – so much better to watch 😙

                                                                                      Becky C.

                                                                                        Beautiful look! I have an Instagram account but prefer YouTube videos. BTW, I love Tom Ford fiber brow. I’m. Or much for luxury makeup but I love that product.

                                                                                        Mónica Santos

                                                                                          7:50 agree 100%! disgusting 🤢😂😂😂

                                                                                          Liz Cademy

                                                                                            YouTube, please, I don't watch IGTV.


                                                                                              I like watching the videos here

                                                                                              Cindy Chambers

                                                                                                Prefer YouTube Ruth xxx

                                                                                                Vulgar Beauty

                                                                                                  Love the bronzer on you 😍

                                                                                                  Liz Fawcett

                                                                                                    I just thought wow, she looks like a model in that make up look 🤣 and then I remembered…duh!!!!

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