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      NEW SUPER GLOWY Drugstore Highlighters

      Today I’m testing some NEW Super Glowy Drugstore Highlighters that outperform many of their pricier competition! xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before & After PHOTOS …


        After seeing Katie Jane Hughes’ IG, I’m so in love with eye gloss too. It just looks so cool!

        Annie Green

          Tati can you do a video on just skin care!! Drugstore and luxury

          Sarah Ward

            Where can I find the L’Oréal body glow? I’ve looked online at several sites and on amazon….I found one on Poshmark but it’s clearly used ick!

            Cara K.

              Tati, the thing on the Cody airspun thing is a cotton thing I think

              Carey Santiago

                Loose highlighters look nice 👍🏻 I’ll pass on the eye 👁 gloss 🥰

                Bourgeois Barbie

                  It's a turn of the 19th century into the 20th century (Victorian) powder puff.

                  Lucie Mcuddy

                    莱纳精诚奉献 Cadence Park 凯邸恩斯花园,社区所在的尔湾联合学区以教学质量突出,学习风气浓厚而闻名遐迩!目前在售共 9 个户型,可满足不同家庭规模的居住需求。

                    Bertha Simojoki

                      Hey wouldn't it be fun if you made a video where you do full face of clear makeup? Like products with a bit of tint or glow or like totally clear? Love you🥰

                      Carey Santiago

                        I’ve done that too with body glitter ✨😂💕👏🏼🧚🏼‍♀️

                        CARMEN NOVAC

                          I liked it so much when at times you change your mind about some items. It is so natural to do that.
                          Also, if you want to do more different videos I would say that you look so much better without false lashes, maybe you keep it a bit lighter for a while, it looks so good on you.

                          Hrithika Sarvodayan

                            Why does tati's subscriber count keep decreasing though …. 😕🤔

                            Laura Guimarães

                              That L'Oreal thingy made her skin look like glass and that's the vibe I need in my life right now tbh

                              Rachel Roberts

                                Girrrrl hit up @ Samantha Ravndahl or @Raw Beauty Kristys channels! Their glow babies, love creams, not setting an have a glow that radiates all day! Tips gallore!!! Ive been waiting for you to get into this glowy vibe, knew itd happen!!


                                  Actually I want Tati do Insta-glam makeup!!! All those Instagram hype product, cut cease, huge false lash and highlight upon highlight upon highlight upon….. Thumbs up for that!!!

                                  Love Lee Sali

                                    It’s cotton plucked straight off the bush

                                    Charlotte Hall

                                      hollifer_ or something on instagram does glossy eye looks

                                      Rachelle Peters

                                        I wish your videos were longer

                                        Krystlynn Oliver

                                          Tati: Full beat
                                          Me: moisturizer, mascara, and highlighter🙃

                                          Christine Joy Dela Cruz

                                            Hi tati, i would like to know your thoughts on some makeup sold on amazon specifically brand like focallure, ucanbe and beauty glazed brand please.🙏🙏🙏

                                            Melissa Simmonds

                                              I'm SUPER excited to try the Coty Airspun Highlight Powders!!!!

                                              Kathleen Coomans

                                                Tati has had her hair freshly dyed, greys gone….

                                                Marlen Pedroza

                                                  You should try and have Carlene K on your channel and have her so your makeup @carlenk @glamguru @tati

                                                  Freddie Boy Royo

                                                    Is tati did not updating her iphone version??

                                                    Freddie Boy Royo

                                                      Pls dont use “natural” when u have ten thousand product on ur face my tati

                                                      Bahar Motamedi

                                                        a wanna share sth i really like to do.well i don’t wear makeup (heavy makeup)cause i’m only 17 but like on those day that i wanna do sth fun…if u want ur skin to feel and look glowy from inside out after doin ur makeup put some rose water on a pad an just apply every where on ur face or u can spry it before(massage it) and after ur makeup and trust me after a mounth u will thank me😃✨😍😍😍

                                                        Griselda Espinosa

                                                          I like to use the L’Oréal as a highlighter for my cheeks, it’s so pretty!!!


                                                            The eye gloss definitely amplified the eye look 😻😻

                                                            Deette Kearns

                                                              The L’Oreal Bronze Beach Bae BodyGlow isn’t available anywhere, unfortunately. I wonder if they even made it available in the states.

                                                              Karen maldonado

                                                                Love drug store make up😍

                                                                Cyndi valdovinos

                                                                  I actually like it better with out the ring light. Could appreciate the makeup on u better.

                                                                  carlos cespedes montero

                                                                    Tati is a cotton tree

                                                                    Anaïs Edwards

                                                                      The coty powder has a piece of cotton on it!

                                                                      TJordan 21

                                                                        Is that a KVD….. tati 🙃

                                                                        Vivien Xia

                                                                          Dying to see your skin care routine!

                                                                          Brenda Merritt


                                                                            Leslie Smith

                                                                              New makeup routine video!!! Please!!! Your makeup looks so freaking good!

                                                                              Michelle M

                                                                                She soo beautiful… she cam sell things on QVC with her tone

                                                                                Audrey Harris

                                                                                  Honey no. All i can pay a to is your nose

                                                                                  Stacey Noffke

                                                                                    Highlighter always looks awful & stupid on me.

                                                                                    Taylor Bernstein

                                                                                      I love your skin and make up in this video ❤️

                                                                                      Linda Pollot

                                                                                        Love the glowy look. 💖💖💖💖

                                                                                        Brianna Parent

                                                                                          Wait is the eye gloss sticky on the eye?! That sounds absolutely gross to have my eyelids sticking as you try and blink🤢

                                                                                          Naela Ashraf

                                                                                            This L'Oréal body highlighter is BOMB


                                                                                              Tati help me!! I can’t keep cream products on tip and sides of my nose. I love to contour and this issue is my nemesis! Do you have any tips?

                                                                                              Shezus H. Nice

                                                                                                Yep, got sucked into the Birkenstock comeback. I even took it to the extreme and got the extra expensive, expensive ones, but never wore them. My husband won't let me leave the house in them😬.
                                                                                                STRAPY BIRKENSTOCKS FOR SALE!!!!!

                                                                                                Humaira F

                                                                                                  Hi Tati!
                                                                                                  I love how beautiful skin u have.I have little not good skin, last couple years struggling wt my skin white head and black head and breaks out here and there just bought ur Halo supplements hope that will help one of ur video u mentioned that u don’t use SPF what do u use instead of? Thank u!

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