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    Alex Centomo
      Travel Vlog // New York City Road Trip!

      We drove down to NYC for a few days and then did a photoshoot with my sister! Follow me on instagram: ☆ 90s …

      Lainie McCluskey

        Law & order bahhhhh hahaha!!!!!!!!

        Bianca Reyes

          Aww Tricia is so funny and genuine she should be on you channel more! ❤️

          Shreya Gupta

            who's Connor?

            Erin Lavoie

              Omg Trisha is soo funny, you should totally do a challenge video with her ! Also I love new York!!!

              Martha Tran

                The law and order scene HAHAHAH also I love watching u guys!!! Love seeing boo, Alex, Dan and his sister!!!

                Ariel Alena

                  you all look like instagram models omg 😍😍

                  Emily Huynh

                    what's the name of the coffee shop? xo


                      I’m in New York rn !!! So amazing hahaha

                      Carolina A.

                        I need those pink and brown jackets so bad

                        Carolina A.

                          I just realized the ring your grandma gave to you it looks like a vampire ring from tvd

                          Sophie Jayne

                            OH MY GOD YESSSS 🙌🏼🙌🏼 I am heading over from Aus to NY in a few weeks and I’m honestly SO excited for the the vlogs and the Gossip Girl/Sex in the City/Friends inspired videos 😂😂 this made me 10000000x more excited

                            Kassie Burkey

                              Trish is so dang cute!!!!

                              Niamh Mc

                                Oh this makes me miss New York! I need to book a trip back ASAP!!! 😍😍😍

                                Ali B

                                  I actually died at the law and order part😂

                                  Jazzmin Wolf

                                    The law and order part😂😂

                                    Hannah Renee

                                      Love seeing you guys thriving and traveling❤️

                                      Emily Daly – TRACKING ED

                                        I need to go back ASAP 😩🤩

                                        Maura Tomm

                                          Love these vlogs

                                          Maria Silva

                                            I thought she lived in New York 🧐🧐

                                            Angela Milosevic

                                              OMG A VLOG😍😍😍😍been waiting for this

                                              Delaney C

                                                Im going to NY in April and this video made me soo excited!!! 💛

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