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      Getting A BOY Ready For PROM! | NikkieTutorials

      I hope you enjoy the first episode of NIKKIE TO THE RESCUE! To create your own professional website go to …


        WANT TO GET RESCUED TOO? ☎️✨ enter the giveaway to receive PERSONAL MAKEUP ADVICE from me + receive the products I recommend to you! Subscribe to my channel, like the video and comment down below where I can contact you!!!

        Angharad Hicks

          I have to agree with the majority here and say this was very messy and a little cheesy!
          It could be great with some better editing and script writing but this episode is very confusing.

          Blessed Us

            Guys wearing heels… What World we live in…

            Katherine Guevara

              Well I would not be saying the same that this is. Not focus enough etc.. I really think that there is a lot of people that really appreciate the fact that she is taking this time to do this and helping people the best way she can. I love it. 😍😍🥰🥰♥️♥️.

              Daisy Gonzalez

                kinda confusing… sadly to say I was expecting more 😕

                Carolyn Knierim

                  Yasss! More, more, more! So much fun, thanks for all the hard work!

                  Catherine Meredith

                    I wanted to like it. I just don’t get it.

                    kenzie !!

                      I enjoy this concept and everything about this but I truly think that you should focus on one team/person at a time to keep it organized and focused.


                        You shine when you make content other than piling highlighter on yourself

                        chei marie

                          I love the concept Nikkie! but it would be better to maybe have more focused episodes, like on case or two per episode.

                          Ramon Tragedy

                            Never seen a makeup case with light bulbs in it before.

                            maddie hurrell

                              Would love to be rescued ❤️ insta – mhurrell_

                              gabriel A

                                Although I didn't like the set up, a lot of hard work still went Into it, and the way he felt in the end made my heart melt.


                                  Omg I‘m already LIVING for this show 😍😍😍

                                  Katariina Kivistö

                                    I loved the new consept and I can really see the work that has been put in. 😍

                                    kenzie !!

                                      I’m only 5 minutes in and she’s all over the world—

                                      Sabrina imas



                                          Jenna marbles collab pleaseeee

                                          Sarah Buhren

                                            This is so awesome Nikkie! 😱♥️
                                            My IG is sarah.buhren ♥️

                                            Lauryn Cobb

                                              I actually like the format of the video. It definitely reminded me of watching an actual tv show. I say good job for such a new concept! Early congrats to the person who wins the giveaway! But my IG is: lauryn_cobb and my Twitter is : lauryncobb13 in case I win which would be awesome!


                                                OMG! Did he just say male lawyar in a full beat? I AM SO HERE FOR IT🤩🥳 best co-workers comin thruuuu thankyou LORD❤️🙏🏼

                                                IG: @evelinalovgren

                                                Sola_ Me

                                                  What is even going on ?

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