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    Cute Girls Hairstyles

      NO-HEAT Waves… Will They Work? | Fab or Fail Hairstyles

      It’s time for another#FabOrFail! Today we’re trying out the wave formers on Paisley’s hair. Will they work, and will the hairstyle be a FAB or FAIL ?

      Cute Girls Hairstyles

        What are some other heatless hairstyles that you guys love?? Comment below! 💋's -Mindy

        Sharna Jaide

          Would love to see this in brooklyn!

          Abi’s life

            awwwww the hair turned out so cute in the end !

            Diala Saud


              Coolcatx 16


                Diala Saud


                  Piper Calnon

                    Lol I’ve been watching y’all for so long but only just realized that I’m not subscribed Soz

                    Leah’s Life

                      Love you guys!!!! Xxxxx

                      Bailey Kohler

                        TRY THEM ON YOUR HAIR!!!!!!

                        kamara smith

                          Wow she is cute great job mom!!!

                          N C

                            Paisley is so cute with those waves ❤️

                            Sunila Chand

                              Passliey looks soo cute in these waves💟💟💟.. My favorite heatless hairstyle is half up bun from a heatlesss curl from a French braid

                              Myla Doughty

                                Those are beautiful curls

                                living krisha

                                  i was looking at only paisley in the thumbnail. MINDY LOOKED LIKE BAILEY!!!!

                                  Leslee White

                                    Paisley looks so pretty!

                                    Jenna Cosmos

                                      You should totally try it on your hair! Not only to see if it works on straighter hair, but to also see how to do it diy style!

                                      Tameka Best

                                        She REALLY knows ALOT about our hair, I’m impressed 👌🏾👌🏾😁😁😁😁😁😁😁….. Representing for Us Black Girls


                                          Your daughter is so cute!! <3


                                            I really appreciate how you do her natural hair. Paisley loves herself and her natural hair. Good job Mom! Self love is the best love.

                                            Whitney-Grae panzavecchia

                                              Omggg. She’s so precious 😩😩😩😩😭😭😭😭. Please, stay small 😩😩

                                              Whitney-Grae panzavecchia

                                                Omggg. She’s so precious 😩😩😩😩😭😭😭😭

                                                Tessa Rowell

                                                  She is just sooo stinkin' cute!!! Also, I was told the pink is a tighter wave and the orange is a loose wave.

                                                  marina c-g

                                                    awe paisley is so cute in the beginning ❤️ love you guys :))


                                                      She’s so beautiful!

                                                      Sarah White

                                                        Yes! I'd like to see how they turn out on you.

                                                        Michael Barcus-Gray

                                                          That’s adorable!!!! She looks like a grownup!!

                                                          Zakiya McDowell

                                                            Shout out to Mindy for continuing to grow in this hair game!! I love it! Paisley hair is beautiful … I would Lotta Body hair mousse to pair with the gel!!

                                                            Liliana Bolanos

                                                              This hairstily looks so good on pasliy

                                                              Parker Elise

                                                                She is so beautiful!!🌞💛

                                                                Cami Ambros

                                                                  Try it!(: then let us know how you kept it and how many days you can leave it in(:

                                                                  Evelyn S.

                                                                    Super adorable and yes you should try it on your hair

                                                                    Sylvie Barger

                                                                      Yes try them on your hair or Brooklyn’s hair!!!

                                                                      Aljawharah Alghannam

                                                                        Paisley is adorable i have always respected you as a mom

                                                                        Cec Tai

                                                                          I'very got the same type of hair as paisley and those wave makers look really cool so I'm gonna buy them

                                                                          Mona saad

                                                                            So cute 😩❤️


                                                                              So cute!😍

                                                                              Karen Paola

                                                                                Please don’t show the hairstyle in the beginning of the video. It kinda defeats the purpose of the video. 😭

                                                                                Kendall Sutton

                                                                                  Please make Bailey try these on her hair so we can see it with different hair texture. I think it would be funny if she walked around campus with them in!

                                                                                  KIKI A.

                                                                                    Beautiful paisley

                                                                                    Alex Tandy

                                                                                      does anyone know where to get these?

                                                                                      Nikki Marie

                                                                                        Yes please try them on your hair, I've been wanting to try this style for awhile. We have the curl former, but we've been wanting the wave ones.

                                                                                        Essence Allen



                                                                                            Yes on Mindy’s hair, please. LOVED them on Paisley’s hair. 👍👍

                                                                                            natalie maguire

                                                                                              How many did you use on her hair? And YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY DO IT ON YOUR HAIR!

                                                                                              Miranda JRP

                                                                                                You should definitely try them in your hair too Mindy!

                                                                                                Genesis Palacios


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