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      Today I’m testing expensive makeup to look like no makeup 🤷 ♀ Perricone MD “No Makeup” collection. xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before & After PHOTOS HERE …

      Cicelly Ruggiero

        I really like the La Roche Posay clear skin sunscreen. If you rub it too much it will kind of ball up a little, but it doesnt irritate my skin or make me break out and it feels completely smooth and matte after it dries.

        Mi Rod


          About lovely

            Hi Tati, I used to have neurodermatitis and can be quite sensitive to sunscreen as well. You habe probably already tried this but the only one that I can wear all of the time is the Hawaiian Tropic (prefer the satin protection over the silky hydration) 🌺

            Purnima Malik

              9.9 million followers 🤷


                try glossier makeup !!!

                kiarra nicole

                  Take a shot every time Tati says, makeup

                  Sarcastic Gesture

                    I don´t know if this is availlable in The States but L´avène dry touch fluid (fragrance free version) spf 50+. It offers great stable protection with tinosorb what is known for not interfering with your hormones and being well toleratered by sensitive skin. Maybe it's something for you!


                      Maybe an updated tanning routine please?


                        The first look is amazing! The second one is too glittery for me and a nice look but not my jam.

                        vicki lopez

                          Tati you look beautiful 🌺

                          Marika Alvarado

                            I use the sunbum face SPF. Works fine for me!

                            Saba Shaikh

                              So happy to see u posting so regularly

                              LuLuTheChiweenie And Mom

                                Tati, my MoM💖💖💖💖💖💖💖's You!! She recently turned 60yo and still loves watching you to see if anything is applicable to her💄 Of course me being a dog and all I don't get too invovled, but I sit right next to MoM when she's watching you. You know, so she doesn't slack off and miss something good!! We started watching you about a year ago and we were hooked☺️🐶 Bless you and your cute family! 💖You're living the dream girl💖💖May you continue to excel and expand💖💖

                                Eali Bali

                                  Affordable version of this video Tats! Eye shadows should always be pigmented or buildable but the lighter approach to skin/base… I am living!!

                                  Jenny Larson

                                    COSRX aloe soothing suncream SPF50!! Does not brake me out, try it!! 🌼

                                    Connie Haun

                                      Your beautiful Tati ❤️

                                      Roblox Gamer girl

                                        KRISTINA BRIGHT

                                          Love how this turned out 😍😍😍
                                          I always try a no make up make up look and it never happens lol
                                          Full face always happens lol


                                            Oh, these look so creamy! I must be somewhere between Ivory and Buff but definitely not Nude. It does not seem neutral at all.


                                              Hi Tati! Love yet another video. I also am very sensitive to spf, they always make me breakout and slide all my make up off but, I found the sunscreen from CosRx (the aloe soothing suncream) to be very good. It does not break me out like crazy and it can be used a a moisturizer ☺️ btw taking and loving Halo beauty vitamins!

                                              Sharon Paul

                                                When it comes to make up, you’re straight up wise !

                                                diane shelton

                                                  That porcelain is about 3 shades darker, than I would need. You talked about the upper end of the shade range but it’s no better at the bottom end

                                                  Claire Bear

                                                    I LOVE natural looking makeup! Would love to see more ‘no makeup makeup’ reviews on your channel.

                                                    k inferno

                                                      She is at 9 million

                                                      Jiamei Chen

                                                        any FFF fans?😂😂

                                                        Casper Shaw

                                                          a Sagging Bag of Money would be good 🙂 lol

                                                          becka lean

                                                            i know so many women including myself that are allergic to spf 😅😩 it’s a hard life to live lol

                                                            Toma Palavenyte

                                                              You should try SPF from Dermalogica. Ir is amazing!:)

                                                              Jaden Bains

                                                                U have to try stellars foundation

                                                                hemali bist

                                                                  U should zoom in while applying any makeup please!


                                                                    Awesome work


                                                                      Piz Buin sunscreen I find to be very good !! 🌞


                                                                        I love the no makeup makeup but makeup look! That’s what I go for every day! But I don’t use cream blush or cream highlighter because they break me out 😢

                                                                        Talisha Lara

                                                                          Tati time is usually the most relaxing part of my day lol

                                                                          Wizardish Owl

                                                                            Sunscreen recommendations:
                                                                            -UV essence by klairs
                                                                            -beet the sun by krave beauty
                                                                            -the sunscreen from glossier

                                                                            Bailey McBride

                                                                              I adore these types of natural makeup looks. I’ve gotten so obsessed with cream and liquid products and they make it so easy to look dewy and natural.

                                                                              Chloe Bruce

                                                                                I like murad spf moisturizers!

                                                                                Seth Team

                                                                                  When you become irrvalent

                                                                                  Maheen Shaiq

                                                                                    The Perricone No Bronzer Bronzer is my Holy Grail bronzer! Mine has a dropper so not sure why yours doesn't… And one drop per use is plenty so it lasts FOREVER. It's definitely worth the price. Mine lasted years…

                                                                                    Eve Louise

                                                                                      You’re so gorgeous 🥰


                                                                                        THANK YOU!!!! I have been waiting forever for this video from you! You look stunningggggggg! I adore this look on you, both versions look so freaking beautiful. I know you mostly have a younger audience, or at least I think you do. But, I am your age, and would loveeee for you to DO A VIDEO WITH LISA LISA + daughter Brooke!!! Xo love you💋💕😇

                                                                                        laura merlin

                                                                                          I feel like that no make up make up makes you look so fresh and youthful (you always look amazing obviously but) I love it, you should do it more often! 😘

                                                                                          Bella Moua

                                                                                            Me doing my lips for graduation: TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP!!!

                                                                                            My family: ….what?


                                                                                              Wonderful, Thanks Tati!❤

                                                                                              Cefalu Cefalu

                                                                                                Will she still get her 10 million subscriber play button?

                                                                                                Jaime K.

                                                                                                  Brown girl SPF recommendation: I love the Missha Sunblock Essence and Sunblock Milk. No white cast and it seems to work well plus Korean sunblock protects from UVA as well. I find it hydrating for oily skin, but my combo dry skin usually applies after rosehip oil or gel moisturizer

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