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      Olivia Culpo Inspired Makeup Look | Glitter Liner

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is MY ATTEMPT at recreating Olivia Culpo’s Super glamorous glitter cut crease! I hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for watching!


        Ok so I WAS NOT gonna post this video lol. I didn’t realize how crooked things were until I was editing the video Hahahah but I had so many ppl asking me to post it!!! Here is for the 40 of you who requested this lmao. The rest of you… I’m sorry Lolololol.

        Freda Zhang

          PLZ update your 2019 Colourpop favs!!!!! plz

          hayley ortega

            I love Kathleen like so so much…. she literally makes everything look beautiful and I 100% trust her opinion but I I really don’t like this look 😩 (I hope she never see’s this post) I think this look would look so beautiful on her if she drew a different liner shape above her crease instead of following her natural eye shape…. kinda like anythingforselenasssss style.

            Lucy Ramirez

              You HAVE to try the essence lash primer!! I swear it is soooo goood!! If you try it let us know how it compares to the Marc Jacobs one!! Love uuuuu Kathleen


                Thank you for always staying true to yourself!!! I love you!

                Laura Perez

                  Love the look!

                  Olga Lopez

                    We Need swatches of the new colourpop collections i want all of it lol 🌼


                      JLo’s comin! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

                      Michelle Robles

                        Yes! The lashes on my left eye always looks better! I thought I was the only one 😂

                        Annah Niram

                          You gorgeous angel

                          J Jadot

                            I apply my eyelash primer at night as the last step of my skincare routine and remove it in the morning while cleansing my face. Such a noticeable difference in the quality of my lashes w or w/o mascara ✨😍✨

                            Yesenia Solis

                              Well atleast you didnt do your usual copper eye .

                              Morgan King

                                This look is 🔥🔥🔥

                                Janelle H

                                  Kat, you've been my only beautuber for years, but I've finally discovered another who I LOVE. Please check out Alicia at Kinkysweat. I think you'll love her. She's AMAZING. Also, she's been a big fan of KL Polish, so she knows where it's at! I just love her so much, I think she needs more love, and I wish I cld help her get it. Her eye tutorials are so next level, and she's fun and adorable, much like you.

                                  Tiffany Rhodes

                                    The "foundcealer" looks like your exact shade on camera. Very pretty!

                                    Tiffany Rhodes

                                      You're so good at using eyeshadow as liner 😮 so precise

                                      Tiffany Rhodes

                                        They look pretty even to me!!

                                        Emily Chodhary

                                          Could you do a Jeffree Star cosmetics makeup review? Because that would be amazing 😍

                                          Amie Siyavong

                                            I feel like it's too round for your eye shape? but love how you're trying out something new and different! Giving me 60's mod look vibes

                                            Elizabeth Liz

                                              Don't be sorry!


                                                I personally would never be able to rock a look like this but Kathleen pulls this off! Love you Kathleen! ❤️


                                                  I love any sort of liner makeup!!!

                                                  Mary Hefferman

                                                    Love the look.

                                                    Allison Alcorn

                                                      Should be titled "TWIGGY inspired makeup look". Beesh, she was doing this waaay back when!

                                                      Alejandra Martinez

                                                        Not a fan of this look for myself, but looks great on you!


                                                          I LOVE how your brushes match your shirt so aesthetically pleasing 🤩

                                                          Patrice Bailey

                                                            This look is so cool!!! And my right eyelashes suck too 😑

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