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    Nail Career Education
      Testing DIY OMBRE Polish

      Suzie shares how to create beautiful Ombré Nails using Nail Polish that she purchased from a Grocery Store. Five different Colors are Tested. Would you like to …

      Poppy Pippa

        Do you suggest polygel for a salon as I noticed you didn't recommend it when the lady asked "acrylic or gel?" For starting out. Thanks


          4:22 haha omg 😂

          Joanne Zuniga

            ok, since we talked about greenies, what about those little black lines coming from gel or acrylic on the nail bed?

            valentina carta

              Love youuuu

              Jason Roberts Vlogs

                Hi Suzie, What happened if the nail is black on the inside the skin and the nail will peel off the skin?

                Thanks Jason

                Kristina Cena

                  So what color did you end up choosing at the end? I don’t think you mentioned it

                  fairy lights

                    simplynailogical viewers been knew! 😉
                    thanks for the vid suzie!

                    Johana M

                      My cousin ones got a greenie and said her acrylics gave her fungus so she stopped getting acrylics for yearsss lol

                      Sarah Pittman

                        Suzie would you please consider testing Silcare products 🙂 ?

                        Alex Leatherman

                          Your sound is so good! I thought I had my EQ on a special setting but it was flat. Your sound guy is doing a great job.

                          samantha mann

                            I am just dying here 🤣🤣🤣🤣when she throws stuff over her shoulder it just makes my day! The video was awesome thanks so much

                            Theresa Goin

                              Love this I've been doing this ombre trick for years and years lol

                              Amy E. MacD

                                Oh man, I was going to grab a nude polish & cuticle oil this weekend…but Superstore is going to be picked clean now. Thanks Suzie! Haha 🤗


                                  Does anybody know the Canadian company Susie bought her e file? I’ve found a UK company that sells the saeyan k35, but if anybody knows where can I find this e file in USA or Canada let me know, please 🥺🙏🙏🙏

                                  Merry Kay Milam

                                    Ballet slippers is the color Queen Elizabeth wears.. Someone made the color for her. She likes very soft colors on her nails as well as all her daughters-in-laws and her Grandchildrens wives…

                                    Monet Flores

                                      Where did you purchase the giant bag of sponges?

                                      Xea On aka Bibi On


                                        Jenny Kafer

                                          Could you please do one with bargain prices please! Essie is very expensive here at $8-$15 a pop 😰

                                          Grace Kudla

                                            I’m planning on going to nail school within the next year, any advise on what to look for in a school?

                                            GG Grace

                                              Suzie is like asmr for my soul

                                              Jacqueline Bennett

                                                Hi Suzie, I love your videos and have been watching for quite a while now. I've only been getting my nails done regularly for a few months now, and always go for acrylic; however, I seem to be having issues with polish. The Nail Tech I see always lays down a base coat, followed by two coats, and then a top coat; but it seems that by day two if I even make it that far, that my polish is wearing off of the end of my acrylic nails and rubs off on anything and everything. It seems to happen so easily, like today at work I was filing documents and barely scuffed the nail across the sheets of paper and left colored streaks on the paper from my nails.

                                                Could there be a reason for the polish doing this? Because for it to be doing it so quickly and so often right after an appointment It wouldn't be normal wear down would it? Your insight and expertise would be greatly appreciated.

                                                P.S. Totally off the topic of nails, but Critter is just so stinking cute. I wish I could give the big fluff ball a chin scratch and a belly rub.


                                                  Do a collaboration with simply nailogical! I would love to see what you two would learn from each other !

                                                  Jen Schrock

                                                    Please do what nail shapes works best with certain fingers or beds.

                                                    Taylor Smith

                                                      I needed this video 6 years ago. But better late then never

                                                      Avery Walker

                                                        Can u do a video of you trying press on nails or a video with how to make bitten nails look good without any extension on it


                                                          Essie recently changed their brush in the United States to a wide flat brush, and they've been using the wide flat brush in Europe for quite a while.

                                                          Shanon Mills

                                                            Ballet slippers is the best and it's the only color Queen Elizabeth II wears and allows the princesses to wear.

                                                            Elena Ratkovich

                                                              Have you seen the dipping method using regular acrylic and monomer?? O acrylic and nail glue? Please advise because as a diy person want to know a master’s opinion, I’m a former nail biter and acrylics have saved my hands

                                                              Bernardita Ortega

                                                                Can we have a Holo Taco review???????

                                                                Justine McQ

                                                                  I used to work at that giant grocery store 😁

                                                                  Debra S

                                                                    I'm loving those colors. I find it very soothing to watch you paint your nails, and seeing the sponging technique. That being said, I'm tired of that shape. There are so many shapes available and I'd love to see them. xoxo

                                                                    Jesse George

                                                                      I love your videos what is a hyponychium

                                                                      Megan Sarah

                                                                        As a sidenote I SO highly recommend Essie "the gel setter" topcoat for a drugstore/grocery store topcoat option. It's a super thick super durable gel effect topcoat that literally makes my at home manis last as well or better than a studio done one.👌


                                                                          @Nail Career Education You were using the base coat as a top coat instead of the actual top coat lol

                                                                          Lynanne Poleski

                                                                            Just before my mom passed away, my sisters and I offered to paint her nails. Mom was already non verbal and very near the end of her days on earth. One sister suggested hot pink, my other sister suggested Essie Ballet Slippers. The last word my mom ever spoke was "Ballet Slipper". Unfortunately, my Mother went to be with God a few hours later and we didn't have an opportunity to paint them. We brought the paint to the funeral home a few days later, determined to fufill her last request. When we went to the casket intending to paint them, nail polish bottle in hand, the funeral home had already painted them; in Ballet Slipper!!! We even had to ask to confirm and it was the exact same brand and the exact same color. Thank you Suzie for bringing me this surprise reminder of my mom. God works in mysterious ways.

                                                                            Summer Kroeger

                                                                              Love when u throw the packaging! Wish I could! 😁😁😁😁😁

                                                                              Jenn_Ai Sora

                                                                                This video seems more like you're experimenting with something you've never tried before, rather than "pro tips" as you stated. Sorry, not a fan of that. If you'd done this before, you'd know you need to sponge on at least two or three coats for the best look, should use the short side of the sponge so you can cut off the end and reuse and not waste so many, and would have recommended liquid latex for cuticles. Also you never show your clean up, which I feel is necessary. Just, I know you're an experienced professional, but you can still admit to your viewers if you're not experienced with the method you are teaching


                                                                                  Suzie those sponges work amazing for dabbing off excess alcohol when you're doing gel.

                                                                                  Kip Kippers

                                                                                    So knowledgeable!! I love watching you!! 😘 I notice on my nails gel doesn’t stay they start lifting quick, but acrylic doesn’t… I have oily nail beds would that be the reason why gel doesn’t stay as long?

                                                                                    Jackie Wynoogst

                                                                                      lmao at cameraman saying ouch! that made me laugh so much!! I love when you throw stuff over your shoulder susie! <3

                                                                                      Lauren Nasca

                                                                                        Beautiful! But I do hate Essie’s applicators. The skinny brush causes streaking after a couple applications. And thank you for showing w regular polish ♥️

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