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      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) I tested out the NEW Fenty Beauty Hydrating Foundation and WOW!!! Here is my review! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo …


        Hey guys! Hope you enjoy this review!
        Ps- when I said Fenty changed the game with their shades, I mostly meant that they immediately launched 50 Super INCLUSIVE shades off the jump! And that’s pretty rare!
        I know Estée Lauder, MUFE & mac has A TON of shades as well but brands didn’t really starting coming out with a WIDE RANGE until Fenty set the bar…… but of course that’s just my opinion!!! But anywho! I hope you enjoy the videoooooo!

        Samantha Rose

          I needdddd to see a tutorial on that beautiful turmeric yellow you're wearing OMG 💛💛💛💛

          val cornejo

            I’m obsessed with this whole makeup look! Can we get a tutorial? 😍😩

            Lei Lav

              Can you do a makeup tutorial on your eye makeup?! It’s beautiful!

              steph m

                Kathleen! you are literally the only person i believe when it comes to recommendations!!! I swear everyone just lies so they could get $$ from brands & i end up believing them & wasting my money and super crappy makeup products but i could ALWAYS count on you! lol 💓

                Sara Dzierbicki

                  Wow! This foundation makes your skin look like your actual skin. It looks like it’s a light coverage but you said it’s not. I’m impressed 😯


                    Babe… I love your honest feedback, but 5 hour wear test is not realistic… Please review it for 8+ as in reality most folks apply their makeup an hour before work and then work 8 hour days, have life to tend to when home and remove makeup maybe 3-4 hours after they finish work at the earliest… It's that post work window I'm most interested in as that's when I see people I want to see and when I'm likely to socialise or pop to the shop etc…

                    leslie knope

                      I think this is more a first impressions than a full “review.” 😔 I know you said 5 hours is not a lot which it definitely is not, so I don’t want you to change your style but I got excited when I saw you say review when 5 hours is nothing to full time working people. I’m excited to see other reviews though and I hope you update us with how it’s wearing later!! ☺️

                      Tamsyn Louw

                        I think the eye look is from the new Urban Decay Naked Honey palette 🍯💛🐝

                        Ba Yen

                          ur nail color made me crave for avocadooossss

                          Naomi Diaz

                            I understand your weather problems I live in South Texas and it’s been at an average temperature of 102° 😫😫😫 but it feels like 110°

                            Julieta Bravin

                              I love you so much Kathleen! 💕 pero, like, what colour green is that nail polish? 🤭

                              Sweet Marrie

                                Please try the Makeup Revolution hydrating foundation and concealer!

                                Threvi Vacal

                                  I really wanna see a video where someone uses the hydrating primer together with the matte foundation and the mattifying primer with the hyrdating foundation. I'm so curious on the effect! 😣😣😣

                                  Nada Ahmed

                                    So I'm totally loving the mustard and pukey shades Kathleen has on her eyes. I click on the description box to see what she used… and nothing. Do I sense another collab????👀👀👀👀👀

                                    Kirsten Welch

                                      Omg yes a hydrating foundation that can last through the Miami heat 💕🔥

                                      katlyn potato

                                        can you do a full face of testing out makeup obsession products?? they sell them at some targets and also online. i LOVE their peach blush palette and want to try more but i want your opinion first!!!<3

                                        Gracie Cepeda

                                          I'm a combo skin gal, anybody with combo skin tried it?🌚

                                          Genevieve Cardenas

                                            What color is on your nails???

                                            With Love, Emz

                                              Could you try the Supergoop cc cream?! 😊😊😊

                                              Yareliz Molina

                                                I need a makeup tutorial on that look! Plss

                                                Angela To

                                                  Do you like this foundation more or the abh one?

                                                  Taylor Ross

                                                    whats your opinion on Guerlain "Mon Guerlain" perfume??? (you are my perfume go to!!)

                                                    Tai Brittney

                                                      Need a tutorial on that eye look!

                                                      Kayla Valentin

                                                        Esthetician here! "Sodium Hyaluronate" is Hyaluronic Acid!

                                                        Sheila Turner

                                                          The foundation and primer both smell too much like play-doh to me.


                                                            So does this one not oxidize like their first one ?


                                                              the Lava foundation that Tati reviewed looks interesting, why not do a video about it?
                                                              Stila has a new foundation as well

                                                              Abigail Stevens

                                                                This whole review so far I’ve been waiting for a BUT… 😂 but it never came!

                                                                Monica Garcia

                                                                  I love this look! Can we get a tutorial on this look please? Te ves divina!

                                                                  Bichthuy Nguyen

                                                                    The original line breaks me out so I hope this is better. Thanks for sharing 😊

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