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    Alex Centomo

      Let’s start this important conversation about mental health. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 …

      Kenzie Grant

        How do you help someone with a mental illness who won’t help themselves?


          Dan is amazing in explaining! Love the video, thanks guys

          Ayesha Abdulla

            Hey Alex, this is my first time commenting on one of your video's. Thank you for doing this, I know it can be hard sometimes to share these kind of information. However its really important to share experiences and talk about mental health! I want to ask if you could talk about toxic/abusive relationships with close family members for example: (Sisters & mother/daughter) Would love to hear your input.

            Lior Moshe

              Thank you for opening up and speaking up about something as important as mental health. Thank you for letting people know that it's not something to be ashamed of or something you need to hide. I have been dealing with mental health issues for a long time and felt like i need to hide it so people won't think i am crazy but after watching your videos discussing this matter i feel i can be more open and there is hope and safe space for people like us.
              So really from the buttom of my heart THANK YOU. ❤

              Leigh Baris

                Absolutely love the idea of MHM, you are the best Alex

                Sarah Réville

                  Vraiment intéressant!! Merci pour vos conseils 💜

                  Rea Kariz

                    It's really nice to see how far you are both willing to go in order to make your life better and to make your relationship work. Every relationship demands hard work but I feel like often we are either not willing to compromise at all or one partner is doing everything and the other one is just chilling. I feel like you found a nice balance, thanks for the video!

                    Sara Sofie

                      Thank you for opening up and being so vulnerable Alex, you are sooo brave for sharing. And it warms my heart so much to see how understanding and supportive Dan is, what a great guy. Thank you for being the role models that you are ❤️

                      milena bejko

                        Hey Alex,
                        Maybe you could talk about selflove and selfcare. I know its a ‚basic‘ topic meaning everybody knows about ist and talks about it. but i think youre a very inspiring person and you dont talk shit like others. Im going throug a rough time right now and i just dont know how to help myself. Im constantly unhappy with myself and compare myself to others and other lifes and feel so useless like im never going to reach anything. I know its stupid but i just dont know how to turn this Off to stop. I dont know how to stop this Kind of thougts and better myself and ne happy with what i have but it just seems like i dont know like im never gonna be there you know. Never gonna stop doubting myself and never stop thinking others might be better than me. Even in my relationship i just always think my significant other searches for something better even tho we talked and he tries to tell me that im wrong but you just cant stop feelings and thoughts. I dont know maybe you could do a Video about it how you possibly handle this Kind of things, you just always seem to find the right words that uplift me and i just look up to you so much, thats why im writing this


                          Thankyou for sharing this & giving such great advice 💛 P.S, love the fall aesthetic 😍🍁


                            loved this one! it helped me a lot and i think i might contact a therapist for my anxiety & panic attacks as I have no idea how to deal with it just yet.

                            S F

                              This was so helpful, not only for people who deal with BPD in a relationship but also familywise. Love videos like this. Thank you ❤

                              Also 18:34 was too sweet you guys deserve the best 🥰

                              Mariela Munoz

                                What if the friend that you opened up to shows no interest in helping you? I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety and depression, and she thinks its all in my head and doesn’t even acknowledge it. Makes me feel like I’m not being taken seriously?🙁

                                Mnera Latif

                                  Such a heartwarming open talk ❤️, but like Alex what do you do to feel better especially on your down time? Like legit things you do that makes u feel less down? Because i think thats the hardest part for me.

                                  Amber Blair

                                    I love this! Thank you all for opening up about how to deal with anxiety depression in a relationship. For me, I’m the one who suffers with anxiety and depression. And sometimes I get panicked and “blow up” or lash out. I sent my boyfriend this video so maybe your explanation/advice can help him to better understand how to help me deal with my emotions during those frustrating moments! Thank you 😊

                                    About a girl&the world

                                      this somehow was so calming

                                      Manon Van Vliet

                                        I love this video and I'm so glad you're talking about it so openly ❤ but I learned that the thing with a personality disorder is that there's not a cure to completely get rid of it, because unfortunately it's part of your personality. But you can do the best you can to deal with all your feeling and emotions properly and you're doing so good! I love you Alex, I don't want to discourage you, but just wanted to get this of off my chest

                                        Tasnim Neffati

                                          I've always heard about quality content and now I'm finally seeing one

                                          Gisela Vargas

                                            Great video!

                                            Silvia Manocchio

                                              I love this new series! Thank you for sharing ❤️

                                              Gabby Lopez

                                                I love this new MHM series and how open you are about your mental health. Your videos have really been helping me a lot with my anxiety.

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