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      Oscars 2019 Controversy Got Out Of Control

      Spilling The Tea On All The Oscars 2019 Controversy Subscribe to our channel: …

      Deonshay Merritt

        Kevin Hart's mom died years ago! How tf would she have been "reportedly smiling about the offer"? The one they didn't mention until last year? Your channel is horrible with facts!


          Stop this woman narrating videos until she can start pronouncing things correctly!

          Paitoon Khemapanon

            Thanks pretty awesome


              Doesn't everything end up in a lawsuit with you Americans tho? 😂😂😂


                just invite BTS

                Salina Ramirez

                  When precious was a meme before meme existed. :'(

                  Just Ask Tamii

                    Im subbing to anyone who sub to me we all wanna grow our channel and reach 4000 watch hours …like if you agree👍

                    Lisa Smith

                      Kevin Harts mother died in 2007. So unless you did a seance not sure you know how she was happy. Mentioned at 6.32

                      S h

                        Wendy predicted it.

                        Josh Duda

                          I don’t care about the Oscars or any award show for that matter, it’s like watching someone I don’t know graduate high school. Absolutely a waste of time.


                            If the Roma previews are a hint, it is the most boring movie ever made.

                            adhi kwok

                              malik will winning the oscar

                              Brian Morris

                                death of the fabricated boozyeee

                                Ripley wright

                                  Jeez. I fucking hate this channel

                                  The hype over k-pop is overwhelming me

                                    Please say mean things to me. Thanks.


                                      I WILL HOST IT!

                                      Shiaowei Zurlo

                                        7:59 EDDDDDDDDIEEEEEEEEEEE REDMMAAAYYYNNEEEEEEE

                                        Tricia Bellasario

                                          Well, I am chanting for Rami Malek and will only be watching the Oscars because of him. Besides that, those who wish to watch Oscars live globally, here's a way they can:

                                          – Get a VPN like Ivacy

                                          – Download an run the app

                                          – Connect to any Australian server

                                          – Download 9Now app or go to 9Now website

                                          – Register on 9Now for free using Facebook or email ID

                                          – Live stream the Academy Awards on 5 p.m. PST on February 24 2019

                                          Shiaowei Zurlo

                                            how can no one host (im commeting before finishing the video) how??

                                            Martin Bilbao La Vieja

                                              Hi Talko 😍

                                              The book of logic logic

                                                Am I reall going to watch 31 minutes of the talko yup😁😁

                                                Juliann Castillo

                                                  Best video this channel has ever posted

                                                  Angava 819ers

                                                    Oscars are for tranny lovers.😝

                                                    jayne shiro

                                                      Wow her hair is plain love….. I mean am obsessed.. Dont get me wrong its what am duin in my young channel and is duin greattttt

                                                      Emperor Vulpecula

                                                        i think we all kno anime needs to b recognized alot, howver for the 2020 oscars i guarantee u frozen probably wins that category unfairly

                                                        John Hall

                                                          Insanely rich, self-adulatory, hypocritical, liberals spewing pea-brained leftist platitudes ad nauseam.

                                                          Jia Kang

                                                            Why is Constance Wu in the thumbnail?

                                                            Jarren Lumpkin


                                                              Irene Lijosh

                                                                You guys he apologized again in Ellen show and explain everything..

                                                                Liyahs Life

                                                                  Yes I'm here 24th lol

                                                                  Santoro Aquatics

                                                                    I love watching the Oscar

                                                                    Fateenah Soneye

                                                                      Early Bird Special

                                                                      Tinashe Katiyo

                                                                        I ain't gonna try think of a funny comment can I just have likes like straight up thanks


                                                                          my channel deserves an Oscar

                                                                          Alexis Hickling


                                                                            Fateenah Soneye

                                                                              I never get likes …..

                                                                              Ridwaanah Urselita

                                                                                This video is hellaaa long.

                                                                                Holly Welch

                                                                                  13 views, 18 likes, good job YouTube, thanks.

                                                                                  Sophia GaRcIa HerNandEz


                                                                                    Cameron Jackson


                                                                                      Jacqueline Hsiao


                                                                                        Bubba Riffle


                                                                                          U- X


                                                                                            WhatAboutAGirl ?

                                                                                              No views 4 likes

                                                                                              eva adventure gameing


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