& OTHER STORIES Autumn 2019 Try On Haul! ~ Autumn Fashion Edit ~ Freddy My Love

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    Freddy My Love
      & OTHER STORIES Autumn 2019 Try On Haul! ~ Autumn Fashion Edit ~ Freddy My Love

      Day 3 of the Autumn Fashion Edit, and I bring you my first ever And Other Stories haul! Clothes linked below *affiliate links used!* Hope you enjoy, don’t forget to …

      Nicol Burchell

        I love your haul weeks🤩

        Jana H

          I love your Fashion Taste, but I don’t think I will buy a lot if this haul (if anything at all) because those are mostly clothes for spring/summer. So maybe you could also do a haul for warmer clothes ☺️

          Nalle Kalas

            love your videos!

            chloe hammond

              Hair tutorial please!!! xxxx

              Noor Goethals

                A little tip, put the price by the items, that would be amazing.I love your video’s so much and i always love haul week❤️

                Alice Walker

                  love love love

                  Sara Lopez

                    I LOVE YOU saludos desde España 🇪🇸 😘😘

                    Elizabetha k

                      Have you heard there’s a rumor in Freddysburg have you heard there’s a new autumn winter haul week

                      Fancy baby Grande

                        Your so beautiful and girly finally a YouTube I can relate to . Someone who is classy fancy pretty and loves fashion 😍😫💗

                        Kim Youngil

                          i love ur videos freddie. i just wish u would show the entire length of the pants in the try on clips


                            How do you loan bags?

                            Maedla Glasser

                              That burgundy skirt looks amazing on you!

                              Linnea Olsson

                                Where is your pink trench coat (that is hanging on your rail on the left ) from

                                Tokyo Girl

                                  I like that you had H&M yesterday and H&Ms sub brand today haha I love both though 💕

                                  Sabrina Garcia

                                    You are so close to 1 million 😍😍😍😍 hope you hit it before your birthday!

                                    Paris Jane

                                      Love the mock neck jumper ! So cute 💜

                                      Who subscribed me

                                        Living in different time zone I've waited for this today🥺❤️ Now I can go to sleep😆💖 + really looking forward to your topshop haul🥳💛

                                        Nili Zeetara

                                          Is it just me or does she look like wolfiecindy?

                                          gold shimmer

                                            That burberry scarf always looks so good in every video, I am forced to place an order for it.😫Thanks, Freddy for elevating my fashion sense.
                                            Love from germany 💖

                                            Awesome girl

                                              Omg Freddy is so beautiful 😍🥰❤️

                                              Holly Louis

                                                Omg I literally love these videos , but I could never do these kinds of videos , because I seriously end up keeping everything , but I love how you make it like quick and simple 💗

                                                Ava O’Neill

                                                  Omg hiiii

                                                  xopinklife xo

                                                    Freddy what do you watch on YouTube??

                                                    xopinklife xo

                                                      Whoever likes Gabi demartino leave a like

                                                      Bunny Runner

                                                        How tall are you!? Why aren’t you a super model!! You’re classy, beautiful and stylish

                                                        Alice Soundso

                                                          I think the squiggle top looks like an ice skating outfit.

                                                          Bo Hindrikx

                                                            I like you’re videos of everything.
                                                            I have a question which lipstick/lipgloss is you’re favourite ? Our can you do a makeup routine ☺️😘

                                                            xopinklife xo

                                                              You should Collab with Gabi demartino

                                                              xopinklife xo

                                                                Loving the hauls

                                                                xopinklife xo

                                                                  I love Freddy so much !! I mean Freddy is meeeee

                                                                  xopinklife xo

                                                                    Style dresses with beige leggings!!!!


                                                                      You should recreate Margot Robbie from once upon a hollywood. Its he 60s style you love and you look like her

                                                                      Miley Rmah

                                                                        No lie, Freddy looks nice in every outfit she tries on!

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